Real Name – None
Code Name – Zephyr
Sex - Male
Age (11-18) – 15

Mutations/Powers – Zephyr can control air. Typically he uses this ability is obvious ways, like blowing wind at people and high-speed flying. He can also use it in more creative and effective ways, like sucking all the air out of an opponents lungs and smothering a group of enemies by removing the air from an area, but he’s typically not this vicious.

At the top of his power, Zephyr can create a massive and highly destructive tornado, but there are a few limits. First of all, creating a tornado requires very high concentration on Zephyr’s part, and, as such, he can’t focus on discriminating from others; if he makes one, everybody is getting sucked up in it, including Zephyr. To avoid getting killed by his own power, Zephyr has to generate the tornado around himself and position himself in the eye.

Zephyr’s can also manipulate the air around him to enhance his agility.

Look – Compared to his brother, Poseidon, and sister, Roxanne, Zephyr looks relatively normal; he has pale skin, but he could pass for being albino, and while his hair is white, it’s nothing that a little dye couldn’t fix. The only real hitches are his eyes; his pupils are a faint gray, hard to notice unless you’re looking right into them. All told, he can easily pass for a human, albeit an odd one.

He’s fairly short for his age, about 5”5’, and his slimness makes him seems somewhat shorter. While he used to wear a suit that resembled a downgraded version of Apocalypse’s, but he always thought it looked dumb, and will take it off as soon as possible.

Personality – In understanding Zephyr, it’s important to note that his entire personality is shaped by the ridiculous amounts of television he watched growing. It shapes his entire view of the world; as far as he knows, there’s nothing in life that can’t be resolved through in thirty minutes…sixty minutes if there’s a to-be-continued. All women are curvaceous, bad guys always lose and good guys always win, and Clint Eastwood is a god. He has an idyllic view of the world outside Ship, and is, most likely, in for a big surprise when reality slams him in the face.

Zephyr has attention deficit disorder, and is prone to flights of fancy; if left to his own devices, curiosity will get the best of him and he’ll start tinkering in places he shouldn’t be messing. Easily distracted even in the most serious situation, it sometimes seems like he doesn’t take anything to heart. That’s not necessarily the case; with the proper motivation and guidance, Zephyr can focus and pull his own weight. He often lacks that motivation and guidance, is all.

Though it’s not always easy to tell, Zephyr does love his brother, Poseidon; aside from growing up together, they, unlike Madrock, actually are based on a similar genetic structure, making them ‘true’ brothers. The main drift between them is Apocalypse, who Poseidon worships fervently and Zephyr finds to be extremely boring.

History: Zephyr was created, raised, and trained by Apocalypse alongside his brother. While Poseidon fully embraced Apocalypse’s credo, Zephyr found himself drifting away, a drift that happened even faster when he used Ship to hack TV. He learned about the outside world through the screens, and while he still ran through Apocalypse’s simulations and pretended like he cared, he was mostly going through the motions. He couldn’t have cared less.

That was why when he was sent to fight the New Mutants and Marisol made the offer to switch sides, he leaped over with little thought, much to his brother’s chagrin. After they defeated Apocalypse – or…something happened, the jury’s still out on that – he took up residence at the X-Mansion, filling in for Madrock while she helps clean up New York City and looks for a way to save Gerald from the Legacy Virus.

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