Real Name - Jason (last name unknown)
Code Name - Wreck
Sex - Male
Age (11-18) - 16

**Mutations/Powers - ** Wreck is completely immortal, able to survive any sort of injury inflicted. He possesses an exceptionally fast healing factor, but it only kicks in when Wreck passes the point where otherwise he would "die". As a result of the obvious side effects of this power, Jason has developed a very high threshold for pain, able to ignore what should be crippling injuries.

Wreck also has displayed an ability to summon a field of localized entropy, which will gradually break down and destroy anything within it at a molecular level. He has manifested this through force fields surrounding himself, or through direct physical contact. However, the use of this power takes a great mental toll on Jason, and excessive use will cause him to lose any coherent thought. He describes the feeling as "maggots" swarming from behind his eyes, and has gone into homicidal rages when in such a state, only to remember none of it upon awakening.

He possesses no eyeballs, but rather sharp, gnashing teeth where they should be. This seems to be a physical mutation and nothing more.

Look – Jason is 6'1, with a good deal of scars from his injuries (which never seem to heal completely, as he is always adding new ones to replace his old). He has long brown hair, and of course possesses very long, sharp and pointed teeth in place of eyes. He constantly wears dark sunglasses to hide it, only removing them when he wishes to frighten someone.

Personality – Jason is a bitter sort, his mutations having long since left him isolated. He lashes at the world through sarcasm, and while beneath it all he may wish to be accepted, he maintains an aura of being above everyone around him.

His mental state has been described as "not quite there," which would seem to be accurate. The nature of both of his mutations has taken an obvious toll on Wreck's psyche.

History- Jason never knew his parents, having literally been found as a child in a dumpster. His mutation was evident very early, as the horrible mutation of his eyes was there even as a baby. Jason bounced from foster home to foster home, through no real fault of his own, but rather due to others around him being unable to deal with what he was. His life came to another turn sometime around puberty, as upon losing his sunglasses, a group of fearful mutant haters surrounded and beat him to a pulp.

It was then that his other mutation became evident, as he rose with what should have been fatal injuries. Standing upon broken bones, he cried out at his attackers to come and get him. At that point his assailants were the ones to cry out in pain, as they fell to the ground in agony. Later reports would find that their own bones had simply disintegrated in their bodies, but Jason did not stick around to answer questions.

A bit later, broken thoroughly within and without, Jason would attempt suicide by leaping from a bridge. However, this proved incapable of killing him either and only furthered his injuries. Underneath the bridge, Jason rebroke and set his own bones. From there he lived a life on the street, quickly learning the uses of his ability to destroy his own body with no permanent repercussions and becoming something of an urban legend, as a thief who would die in the act of his crimes, only to appear again and again.

The consequences of such self abuse quickly caught up with Wreck, though. One of his final escapades led to the death of a civilian and a police officer who investigated the crime. While attempting to escape, Wreck "died" yet again. This time however, rather than simply awakening, he found himself in the realm of the demon Mephisto. Narrowly escaping his clutches (in what would prove to be a repeated action over the years, much to the chagrin of Mephisto), Wreck woke with no memory of what had happened.

A short time after that, Wreck drew the wrath of Frank Castle, aka the Punisher. The reasons for this are unknown, but it is assumed to be related to Wreck's history of murder, however unintentional. After a chase ended with Wreck facing several deaths in a short period of time, an advertisement for the Xavier Institute landed beside him as he laid bleeding in the street. He finally decided to reconsider his choices, and sought out the mansion a short time later.

Recent events have thrown into question just how far Jason's sanity has deteriorated, as upon an intentional self-murder, Mephisto claimed that he wasn't in fact the "real" Mephisto. Rather, he said that he was a figment of Wreck's brain, conjured to punish him for his own self loathing and actions. Whether this is the case or is a trick of the demon is unknown, and as Wreck has been hesitant to even bring up the matter with anyone, little help seems to be forthcoming.

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