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The Book of New Mutants #1
Post by Roxanne "Madrock" Madison on Nov 30, 2006, 1:53pm

The Book of New Mutants #1
What Doesn’t Kill You…

Cover Description: A beaten, bruised and battered Carmen, standing in the middle of a massive Infinite horde. Lots of pain taken, lots to come.


I hate Canada.

Okay, that's not totally fair; the way Canada is today pretty much all has to do with Apocalypse’s rise, and I hear it all used to be beautiful country before then. Even the way it is now, with the bombed out forests and bombed out cities and bombed out plains and skeletons all over the countryside and burned-out cars all over the roads; even with all that crap, it still looks ten times better than anything I’ve seen in North America, Central America is kind of underwater so it’s not in the contest, and I can’t talk much about South America without getting the urge to vomit. All things considered, Canada’s looking really nice.

See, it’s this snow. This damn snow. It was pretty for the first fifty days after I decided to hide out up North. Made snowmen. Snow angels. Pretended that a mutant nutjob leading an army of other mutant nutjobs wasn’t messing up the world. I actually had fun; closest thing to a vacation since…ever.

But the more you see the snow, the less you care about it, and it’s not so pretty when I’m trying to, I don’t know, go somewhere, specifically back into what’s left of the States. My motorcycle’s great for traveling – fast as hell, easy to maneuver around all the cars sitting around in the road, plus I think it looks badass – but snow? Not happening.

So here I sit, in this cozy little bar in this cozy little human hideout in cozy Ontario where the cozy people living there look they’re ready to kick me out. Here I wait, looking outside, hoping the snow might stop falling and go into the much more convenient melting phase. Here I drink, chugging down the what has got to be the worst tasting beer I’ve ever had. I’m not even 100% sure it is beer; I’ve only had the stuff a few times, and I’m not feeling the least bit drunk. But, hey, it was free. Can’t complain.

“Where you riding from, stranger?” The bartender breaks the weird silence that’s been hanging around since I came in; guess he finally felt like talking to one of the four people in the room.

“It’s Carmen.” I dare to take another swig, wishing I hadn’t the second after. “Coming from down south.”

“Yeah, we get a lot of refugees up this way. Name’s Ronald, by the way.” I smile a little at that; not like his name really matters in the long run, but it’s nice to have a conversation. Most of the time I just get grunts out of people. “Sorry the place isn’t better on the eyes, we don’t stay down long enough to break out decorations.” Not sure, but I think he’s making a joke, so I snicker just to be sure. Bad joke, though; this is about the nicest shanty-town I’ve been in. It’s all on wheels and trailers, so they can move out when they need to…smart. They’ve got heaters and indoor plumbing…comfortable. They even had a guest trailer for me to bum out in over the night; had to move a few of their houses around to earn the favor, but a little labor’s a small price to pay if it means sleeping on a bed. With springs. And covers. Very nice. “So, you’re heading up further North, I’m guessing.”

“Nah.” I stare outside, spot a few kids staring around my bike; not a problem so long as they don’t touch. “Heading back down, need to tie up a few things.” That’s a mild way to put it, but no a point in stretching out details. Not like he’d care. “Waiting for this damn storm to pass over…”

Ronald rolls up his sleeves and goes to the sink, cleaning off dishes and giving me a wry look the whole time. “Don’t take offense, but if that’s the way you’re going, we’re going to have to part ways. After we get some gas in the tanks, we’re taking the road up north a few hundred miles.”

I glance over to a group of guys over in the corner, whispering to each other; this entire town’s been edgy today, but this is the first time anyone’s given me a hint on why. “Infinites coming?”

“Yeah.” He stares into the pile of dishes, like he wishes there were a few more. “Got word on the CB, spotted a convoy about fifty miles from here. Storm’s got them slugged, but once it lets up, they’ll be on the move again.”

“And you guys don’t want to be anywhere near here when that happens?”


“Smart thinking.”

“I’ll tell you what, though.” I finish drinking the Drink That Wanted to Be Beer and pass it down to Ronald, adding to the pile. “You follow this road, take the second turn you see, go for about ten miles, and you’ll come to this old ghost town. Probably nothing in there that’ll do you good, but there’s this mall, big megamall, forget the name of it. Anyway, the way the place is set, you can’t really see the mall unless you drive right by it. Good hiding spot.”

That’s actually a big help if he’s not jerking me around; I wasn’t looking forward to another night with Mother Nature, especially one where I wake up and see a dog gnawing on my foot. Might even be able to pick up a mattress, find some gas if I look hard enough, maybe luck out and find some food. “Thanks, that’s a big help.” I take my jacket off the chair and put it on, figuring I might as well head out and get to the mall before dark. Before I go, though, I give Ronald the expected farewell. “Stay alive, Ronald.”

He gives me the expected response. “Can’t make any promises. Later.”


I kind of wish money was worth a damn so I could give Ronald a tip.

It takes me a couple of hours, but I finally find the mall; sure enough, it’s set off the side of the road and blocked by this forest; the trees are bare, but they still do a good job as camouflage. Really didn’t see the mall until I was right up on it, and that’s a great addition to the plus list: I get to sleep inside, there’s a few undestroyed cars in the lot so I’m good for fuel, and I can rest without having to worry so much about ambush. Perfect.

I have to clear out some wild dogs hanging around inside, but that’s easy enough; they break some teeth biting me, I smack them a few times, they get the picture and scamper off. Can’t find a mattress, but there’s a sleeping bag in the Sports Center that does just fine, and all these spare newspapers around with ‘END OF THE WORLD’ in the headline gets a great fire going. Can I stand the cold? Yeah. Do I like it? No.

And then I go to sleep. Or try to.

And I try.

Still trying.

Try counting sheep. Get to #21, and then I feel real silly and stop.

“Would you like to swing on a star…carry moonbeams home in a jar…and be better off than you are…or would you rather be a…a…damn.” Can’t remember the words to that stupid song, and making myself remember just keeps me awake.

Just think about something pleasant, like…my brothers. Or just my family in general. Wasn’t a perfect family, argued a lot. Too much, now that I think about it, and over dumb stuff. But family was family. Nice belonging. Miss that.

Just don’t think about her, don’t even let her name cross your mind. Never get any sleep if I-

I’m interrupted by a lot of barking and a lot of screaming, and while my first thought is that the screaming’s coming from one really unlucky cat – because it really sounds like a cat, no lie – the words ‘Stupid dogs!’ make me think different. Helping out whoever it is would be the nice thing to do, but it’s the smart thing, too; if there are any Infinites around, all that screaming will draw them right here.

I walk over to the mall entrance and peer out; sky’s cleared up a bit, snow’s stopped, so I can see what’s going on. And what’s going on is…well, there’s a girl in a tree with those same dogs I beat up earlier barking at her. If I wasn’t a tough, renegade mutant living in a post apocalyptic future, I’d think it was funny.

Eh, screw it, I still think it’s funny. I’m tempted to go back and see if I can find one of those disposable cameras, but, yeah, I’ve got to do the whole hero bit. Besides, it’s not like there’s anywhere I could develop the film, anyway.

“Hey!” I walk out towards the trees, wishing I’d brought my jacket when a strong gust blows past. “Here dumb-doggies, dumb-doggies, dumb-doggies! Come on, come to mama.” And they do come, but only so far; they get a good look, they get a good sniff, they realize who I am and remember what I did, and off they go in the opposite direction. Yelping all the way. “Smart dogs.” I glance up the tree, see the woman clinging to top. Hard to make her out, but I can see she’s really hanging on up there. “You can come down now.”


“Why’s that? You climbed up, just climb down.”

“Well, I climbed up because of the dogs, but that was an adrenaline rush or something.” The leaves shake a bit as she tries to reach down, but no luck. She really is stuck up there. “Oh, man…”

“Well, you can’t just stay up there, and it’s not like I can just call for help or anything.” I shrug and hold out my hands, hoping I can end this and get back to bed. “Jump.”

“I’m not jumping, that’s a 27.4 feet drop!”

A little weird that she’d break out the decimals, but whatever. “I’ll catch you. Just jump.”


“Lady, I’m trying to help you here. Either jump, climb down, or spend the rest of your life in the stupid tree. Not a whole lot of options.” I hold out my hands a little further, hoping the point sinks in. “I’m a mutant, I’ve got superstrength, I’ll catch you easy.”

She takes a moment to think this over, but she doesn’t come up with the best choice. “I’ll climb down. One second…” The sound of rustling branches. The sound of those branches snapping. Her scream again. “Okay, okay, okay, not so fast, just-”

And there goes the last bit of my patience. “For Christ’s sake…hold on tight.” I walk over to the tree, give it a nice hug and lifted it clean out of the ground, roots and all. I lowered it down straight, putting the tip as close the ground as I can manage, 27.4 feet to three…and she’s still hanging on. “Will you get out of the damn tree?”

“Sorry.” She lets go, lands on her back, and I toss the tree away in a huff, making a flock of birds leave the forest on impact. “Thanks for helping me. I was just searching some of the houses around here and these dogs came out nowhere. Crazy. Lucky thing running into you.”

“Yeah, lucky thing.” She stands up and knocks off some snow, giving me the first real look; she’s blonde, she’s small, she’s skinny, and she’s wearing one of those weird fur hats I always see Russian wear in the movies. Basically the last person who should be out in a place like this by herself. “You alone?”

“Uh-huh.” She shrugs as her backpack starts to slide down her bony shoulder, hefting it back up. “I’m a wanderer. Going from town to town, finding what I need, surviving.” Just one of far too many. “Need a place to stay tonight, though. Someplace warm, secure…” She glances over at the mall, losing more and more subtlety every second. “With some company, maybe. Company would be really nice…”

“You could just ask to come in, if that’s what you want.” Another gust reminds me I’d rather be inside myself, so I start heading back. “It’s a free country, more or less.”

“Ah, good, great, perfect.” She runs ahead of me, turns around, starts walking backward and holds out her hand for a shake. “I’m Rochelle Lockhart, by the way.”

“Carmen Rosewell.”

I shake her hand. “I’m from America, just like you.” Can’t help but wondering how she knows I come from America. Also wondering why we’re still shaking hands. “Massachusetts, to be exact. Good country.” And we’re still with the hand shaking. Getting creepy.

Rochelle finally breaks it off when we get inside, running over to the fire with opened hands and leaving dropping her backpack at the front. “You need any food, there’s this ice cream place around the Food Court that’s still working.” I pick up her backpack and toss it next to my stuff as I walk over to my sleeping bag. “Me, I’m going back to bed.”

And I almost make it, too. Feet were inside, was pulling up the zipper and everything. “Ice cream?”

“Yes, ice cream.” I zip up the rest of the sleeping bag and turn over, thinking she’ll ease up now that that’s straightened up.

“Well, I mean, I’d rather not be eating old ice cream, if it’s all right.” She grabs her backpack and starts to rummage. “Got a campfire going, I could fix Smores…”

“Then fix Smores, I don’t care.”

“It’ll smell, is all, and you might want some, so-”

I sigh and unzip the bag, resisting the urge to just kick Rochelle out and get back to trying sleep. “Fine, I’ll have one.” Which brings up an interesting question. “What’re Smores, anyway?”

She looks at me like I’m the crazy one. “Smores. You’ve never heard of Smores?”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t bother asking.”

“Behold.” She pulls out what looks like two little blocks of wood. “Graham Crackers.” She brings out what I think are marshmallows, but this is my first time seeing them outside of a comic book. “Marshmallows.” She breaks out a piece of chocolate. “Hershey’s.” She smushes it all together sandwich style, places it in a frying pan, holds it over the flame and… “Done. Eat.” I do, and it hits me hard; it tastes sort of nasty, but I haven’t had any sugar in a long time. Eyes widen, teeth clench, a little sweat breaks; the whole deal. “You like?”

“Yeah, hell yeah.” Three more bites and all I can do is lick my fingers, let the taste do its job. I’m just about to ask for a second help when a light passes overheard, flashing through the skylight and scanning right over us. I hear some hovercraft landing from above, some vehicles pulling out from the front, some soldiers barking order and some feet getting into single file. Infinites. “Cut the light.”

“How’d they find us?” Rochelle’s voice gets panicked as she stomps out the fire, and I don’t blame her; sounds like there’s a big group out there.

“Had to guess? You’re screaming and my knocking a tree over.” Not the best moves for either of us, but what’s done is done. I put my jacket on and strap up; I’ve handled Infinites before, but I’ve gotten stomped a few times, too. Got to keep my guard up, and that means no distraction. “Go to a bathroom or something, stay there until it’s over.”

“Until it’s over? You can’t fight the Infinites!” Where she gets that sort of battle expertise from, I have no clue; she looks she’d faint from a hard stare.

“Sure I can.” Gloves strapped, jacket’ tight, boots are laced, ready to go. “Watch.”

First Rule of Kicking Infinite Ass: Surprise them.

I rush out, don’t even bother with the door and go straight through the glass, punch on Infinite in the face and keep going. Not a single shot fired, they’re trying to pick up on what’s going on, and I use the time to grab the nearest one by the head and slam his face in my raised knee.

Now they start firing.

Second Rule of Kicking Infinite Ass: Take away their travel options.

One of their hovering transports is too high for me to reach, but there’s another one of the ground and terrain loader right next to it, both with a few unloaded soldiers for that extra bonus.

I plow through the hail of fire with my arms raised; the shots don’t pierce, no, but they sting like mad for some reason; bastards must be getting bred better. Worry about it later. Right now I’m all about tearing my way through.

I get a good running start and tackle the terrain loader, ripping into it; don’t go straight through, but I tug, I pull, I punch, and I make my way to the other side. The hovercraft starts to gain height, but it’s already too late to get away; I reach under the terrain loader with both hands, time the throw right, give it the right tug at the right time and the two vehicles collide in the air, making a nice lightshow, putting an incredibly small pockmark in Apocalypse’s budget, and making me feel a lot better.

Final Rule of Kicking Infinite Ass: Hit them more than they hit you.

Now comes the fun part.

One of them gets lucky and clocks me from behind; doesn’t hurt much, and I make him pay for it when I reach behind and grab him by the leg, swinging him around like the baseball bat I wish I had right now. Knock one down, knock two down, knock three down and tossed the first one away as all the others get smart and start pelting me from behind; just a big annoyance on a typical day, but these guns will probably do more than just sting if I let them hit too long.

Moving target, Carmen. Moving target.

They start to move as I dash into the crowd full speed, but a handful of them just aren’t fast enough; I grabbed one by the neck, another by chest, run towards the mall and slam both of them through the wall, making a new entrance and leaping in. Toss what’s left of one into the horde to keep them mad, kick what’s left of the other one like a soccerball just for fun, motion out to the others so they’ll get the idea. “Come on!” They do.

I run out towards the center of the mall as a few of them come through the front and more of them come through the hole, shooting the whole way; tables get blasted apart, glass shatters, this statue of a Canadian guy I’ve never heard of gets thrashed, and I’m right in the middle. The shots seem to hurt more and more every time, and it’s like these guys never read the rule about henchmen being bad shots.

I leap high and come slam into the crowd from above, crashing my fist into ground for a classic shockwave and working my way out from there. Punch to the face knocks the sense out of one, I finish him off with a kick in the chest that sends him into some of his buddies, two of them grab from behind and try to wrestle me down by the arms, but I kick off and we all go flying into the clothing department, crashing through the last unbroken glass window on the planet. I throw my two new friends back outside the second I get to my feet, grab a conveniently placed naked mannequin, and break it half across the first Infinite that comes in after me.

Yeah, really getting my rhythm now. Can’t help smiling a little.

A backhand makes one spin the air like a top, a side kick knocks one over to the other side of the mall; another Infinite has the sense to sneak me from behind and blast at point blank range, but I charged straight through the beam and plant my foot in his chest for the effort, pin him to the ground and give him a few stomps to remember me by. Crowding them up’s really working so far; they’re biggest advantage are those energy blasts, but it’s too small a space with too big a chance of hitting each other. Still, I know from experience they’ll make me regret it if I let them get me from all sides, so I retreat the only way, I can: Straight up.

I leap through the roof and wind up in the Sports Center, as the sound of the Infinites’ flight packs echoes throughout the mall; got about three seconds before we start this thing up again on the second floor. All the time I need to run out, grab a cricket bat on my way and smash it to pieces on the first Infinite that makes it up. He loses control and starts to spiral upward, but I hold tight, trying to steer and use him as a shield as the blast start to fly. Doesn’t work, so I leap off and crash into another one, leap off him and crash into another, leap off him and crash into another one; working my way down until I’m back on solid ground and eight Infinites are out cold behind me.

Ranks are thinning out, got them down to about ten, but they’re pressing the flight advantage now and, chances are, they’ll have a lot more buddies than I can handle coming around soon. Time to wrap it up.

The blasts come down and I take off, ducking into a JCPenny…or what’s left of a JCPenny, anyway. Clothes lying everywhere, the corpse of what I’m guessing was a dog, and, most importantly, some of the walls are bombed out. ‘Structurally unsound’, I think’s the word for it. Perfect.

I raise my hands and stand off to the side of the entrance, out of sight…wait for it.

They’re getting closer.

Ball my fists, tense my muscles, take a deep breath…wait for it.

They’re landing, walking inside, slow and cautious.

See them walk inside and scan around, one of them spots me…now

I bring my fists crashing down, full strength, the biggest shockwave I can muster. The Infinites get knocked back, but that’s not the effect I’m looking forward to; that happens when the stores starts crashing down around us, ceiling and all. They get flattened, I get flattened, three stories fall straight down on us, for a second there’s just silence and darkness.

Then I pop out of the rubble, shrugging off a half of a bathroom stall as I do. The Infinites do, too, but they’re much slower about it, giving me plenty of time to just walk over and kick their heads in as they rise.

“Always a pleasure, guys” I pause and let my breath catch up, but that’s all I have time to do; there’s still a few stragglers left. That hovercraft transport I missed from earlier is floating over the skylight, looking down, just begging me to go up and say hi. Can’t disappoint.

I get a running start and time my jump just right, sailing through the skylight and grabbing hold of the transport as it starts to fly off. “Nah, don’t run away now!” Rip off the door, take a peek inside at my new playmates. “We’re just-”

Re: The Book of New Mutants #1
Post by Roxanne "Madrock" Madison on Nov 30, 2006, 1:54pm

It’s Moonstar. “Small world, huh?” An energy arrow in the chest and I fall, screaming as that all-too familiar pain takes over again. Every wound, every thought, every ounce of pain comes flooding back, and the only thing that even begins to relieve it is the mound of snow I land in.

The cold numbs out some of the pain. Not nearly enough.

I try to fight it, try to make my body get over it, but this is happened to me a dozen times and it doesn’t look like #13’s going to be any different. I crawl into a little ball, gasping for air, sweating, and I’m only vaguely aware of Moonstar landing her craft and walking over to me. She fixes that.

“You have no idea how much song and dance I had to go through before Damask let me come out here.” She kneels behind me, holds up my head and shows me that sick smile of hers, and all I want to do is spit in her face. I can’t. “Had to lie a bit, falsify some things…you’re worth it, though. It’s been, what? Five months since you went off the radar? Was starting to think you didn’t care about me anymore.”

“Off…get off me, or I swear-”

She dumps my head in the snow and stands up, those beady little eyes darting about. “Carmen, remember that time I stuck you in the ribs and all that blood came out? Refresh my memory. Was it this side?” She digs her heel in the left side of me chest; hurts, but it barely registers over all the other pain. “Or was it this side?” She does the same to the right side and hits the exact spot, doubling up on the old pain. I scream, I scratch, I cry, and I know she’s enjoying every second of it. “Yes, I thought so.”

I start to rise, focus enough to plant my palms on the ground and push, but she grinds her heel into my back and pushes down, digging hard. “Sorry to say, though, I didn’t have much foresight; forgot to bring my tools. You remember the tools, right?” I start to crawl away, but she just digs the hell in harder and makes me stay. “Well, don’t worry. I’m sure I can improvise.”

“That’s enough.” I hear Rochelle’s voice, but I have to crane my head around to believe it; sure enough, she’s standing there beside Moonstar’s transport, looking way more confident than a girl who can’t weigh more than eighty pounds should.

Moonstar scoffs, not impressed. Can’t say I blame her. “Carmen, don’t tell me you actually managed to make a friend out here? Nice.” She kicks me off and starts walking Rochelle’s way. “So, what? You want to join us? You’re more than welcome.”

“Stay back, I’m warning you.” Rochelle puts her hands up in the most pathetic fighting stance I’ve ever seen, and I start the hard struggle back to my feet; haven’t known her for too long, but I wouldn’t wish the things I know Moonstar’s about to do on anyone except Moonstar herself.

“Warning me?” Moonstar closes the gap between them; got to give Rochelle credit, she’s holding her ground, but I’m having hard time telling if she’s being brave or outright stupid. “You’re going to fight me, is that it?” On my knees now, setting up for a tackle, if I can get Moonstar from behind I might be able to keep her busy for a while before she zaps me again… “Go on, try it. I’m right here.”

It turns out I don’t even have to bother with the sneak attack. Rochelle kicks Moonstar’s ass.

Rochelle punches her in the face; a little faster than I would’ve thought, but it doesn’t do much and Moonstar just shrugs it off, throwing a punch of her own, a vicious haymaker. Rochelle ducks it. Moonstar throws another one. Rochelle ducks that one, too, and lays a few punches of her own in the stomach. Moonstar tries a jab; Rochelle parries it and chops her in the neck. Moonstar tries to grab her; Rochelle bobs out of the way and comes back with a headbutt. A straight gets dodged and returned with a palm in the face, a hook gets blocked and earns a slap in the face, an uppercut misses and gets Moonstar a sharp kick in the shins.

“Damn bitch!” Moonstar hops back, nursing her legs one second and leaping at Rochelle the next, and the hits keep coming; Rochelle’s got her telegraphed. It’s not skill, there’s no real form to the way she fights, no real speed or strength, it’s just that Rochelle’s dodging her attacks so well that it looks like she’s much faster than she actually is; she’s avoiding punches before they’re even thrown. All those weak punches start to add up and the positions switch, placing Moonstar on the defensive while Rochelle works her back, pushing her over to this hill in the forest. A few more dodged punches for Moonstar, a few more landed blows for Rochelle, and Moonstar just falls over, tumbling down the hill and falling into the streams below, barely grabbing onto a few rocks to keep from being swept away in the current.

The pain’s been fading away ever since the beating started, and while I’m still feeling some aftereffects, I manage to stand up and walk over to the hill, moving beside Rochelle and watching Moonstar’s swimming lesson. “That was…that was pretty cool. How’d you do that?”

Rochelle chuckles and scratches her head, going for the innocent look. “Oh, see, I’m kind of sort of a mutant, too. I think really fast, and my brain processes everything in these really long equations, and I can use them to guess events before they happen. Coin flips, probabilities, what type of punch a person’s about to throw…it’s sort of a reflex, but it comes in handy. You can call me Abacus, if you’re into the code name thing.”

I’m not, never really saw the point of having a secret identity with the kind of life I live. Still, silly name or not, she was a big help. “Thanks for the assist.” I glance down at Moonstar; wish I had time to do a little more with her, but I really need to be making tracks before I’ve got an army of Infinites on me. Can’t help but wonder, though… “How cold is that water, can you tell?”

“-10 Celsius, 14 Fahrenheit, 263.15 Kelvin. Cold.”

“Huh. You don’t say.” I stomp and the rocks below loosen up, knocking Moonstar free and sending her down the river, cursing all the way. Another day…

“So, Carmen.” Rochelle or Abacus or whatever laughs, motioning towards Moonstar’s transport. Not as wrapped in the moment as I was, probably a lot more worried about the approaching Infinites. “I think we should, you know, be leaving…fast, please.”

Don’t know where that ‘we’ came from, but I’m not objecting; having some company might be nice for a change, and she’s a pretty good ace in the whole. “Can you fly this thing?”

“Easy.” We head back to the transport, and I’m glad to see there’s enough room on board for my motorcycle. “But where to?”

“You ever heard of Angel’s Heaven?”

Re: The Book of New Mutants #1
Post by Amelia "Heaven" Chow on Nov 30, 2006, 2:21pm

Good stuff! I kept meaning to get one up and call it "Tales of the Age of Apocalypse #3", but I never did.

Re: The Book of New Mutants #1
Post by Roxanne "Madrock" Madison on Nov 30, 2006, 2:22pm

I can change it, if you like.

Re: The Book of New Mutants #1
Post by Amelia "Heaven" Chow on Nov 30, 2006, 2:30pm

All this power and influence…

No. I believe firmly in first come, first served.

Re: The Book of New Mutants #1
Post by Roxanne "Madrock" Madison on Nov 30, 2006, 6:41pm

If you say so. :-/ I just sort of gave it a name on the spot; if anyone wants to call it different, it's no biggie.

Re: The Book of New Mutants #1
Post by Last Hero on Dec 1, 2006, 9:42am

I like the name. I might add an AOA tag if I end up moving them back to the main fan fic boards later, but I don't know for sure. I haven't read the story yet (been busy figuring out a lot of details for these missions, especially since I am running two parallel missions) ;)

Re: The Book of New Mutants #1
Post by Zephyr on Dec 1, 2006, 2:24pm

I have to say, I don't really like the name… but I couldn't come up with anything better myself, either.

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