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The Age of the Gibborum #1: Nico Minoru
Post by Joshua/Darya/Kara/Marcus on Jun 11, 2007, 4:54pm

The Age of the Gibborum #1: Nico Minoru

Black Magic always had a price.
That’s what Dark Hawk said to her so many years ago. He was right too. Nico walked up the stairs, her body old and wizened, life force absorbed into the Staff of One. She sat down, today she’ll meditate.
But then again that’s all she does nowadays. She either meditates or study, even while outside, New York was being destroyed. She’s been doing that ever since she became the sorcerer supreme, never interfering, never changing the flow of things. She’s an observer, an mediator, dedicated only to gathering knowledge for her next protégé.
She meditated. Or at least she tried to, she was distracted today. Distracted by the past.

Twenty years ago.
“But it drains…”
“Molly’s in there! COVER FIRE!”
Chase fiddled the controls as Nicolette grabbed Gertrude and shoved her with herself onto the ground. They tasted dirt. Old Lace ducked in response to Gertrude. A moment later the two could feel a burst of heat above their heads as what Chase would enthusiastically call lasers fire onto the so-called new “Pride”. It wouldn’t work, Nico knew that. They were being outgunned by a group of people who had preparations for everything they could do. They were running out of time. Molly could be sacrificed at any moment. She had to go in first.
Nico was teleported into the building as she saw Geoffrey with a tied up Molly. She aimed her Staff at him.
“You should’ve stayed dead Wilder! Now STOP!”
No effect.
“STOP! Damn it! STOP! STOP!”
Nico heart beat faster as she instinctively stepped back. Geoffrey only smiled.
“This ash down there. It negates magic.”
Nico turned to run, a move which still shamed her till this day. Geoffrey fired.
“Abra Kadabra!”

From outside a gunshot was heard.
“NICO! Let go of me you retards! He’s going to kill her!”
His fists were still tied up, but he tackled Stretch, knocking him to the ground, before breaking free and running towards the building. When he got in he saw Nico on the ground, her side bleeding. Geoffrey aimed the gun at her head.
“You see, Molly wasn’t my real sacrifice. You were.”
Chase tackled him at the same time he fired. They both fell on the ground as the bullet veered off course.
“SHIT! Get the fuck off me!”
Chase bit down on his arm, hanging on.
He placed the gun on his right temple.
He pulled the trigger, a moment later Chase was dead.
Geoffrey pushed his body off him and got up.
“Suit’s a mess, but hey, I got my sacrifice.”
He aimed the gun at Nico.
“Still, better to kill all of you.”
At that moment Old Lace bit down on his arm and swung, throwing Geoffrey through the door on the other side of the room while tearing chunks of flesh off him. Geoffrey went out.
Gertrude walked in, tears in her eyes, her face full of fury.
“Stay there Nico, we’ll handle things from here and give this bastard what he deserves.”
Nico stepped in front of them. She noticed Old Lace had blood dripping down from her lips.
“You can’t do this. He needs to returns to the past.”
“He killed Chase, the only thing he needs to do is die.”
Molly spoke up. Her face in tears.
“Can you two stop fighting?!”
Nico and Gert ignored her.
“I know you’re upset. But think of the bigger picture. We need to return him to the past so everything can be normal. So we can stop out parents, so time moves in its right course.”
“So Chase can die again?”
Nico was silent for a few seconds before speaking again.
“Don’t… Don’t make me stop you.”
“Old Lace, tear his damn heart ou…”
Gertrude fell asleep as Old Lace attacked her.
A leash strapped onto Old Lace, he choked, before falling back growling. It was over. She went to Molly and untied her, before giving a slight laugh.
“And then there were three.”
She laughed harder, it was the only thing keeping her from breaking down.

The present.
That was how it always was wasn’t it? She’d tried leading, she tried fighting, and every time she screwed up. Another one dies, another mission failed. She was a reckless child, living a life of insecurity and torment, while her staff ate away at her life like a parasite. No matter now. She tried to clear her thoughts.

Five years ago.
Gertrude “Heroine” Yorkes and Victor “Victorious” Mancha stepped into Nico’s hideout. Ever since she became sorcerer supreme she’d became more and more reclusive, burying herself in her studies. Figures her house is in actuality a giant library. They saw Nico reading a book.
“What is your business here?”
Heroine was the one to talk.
“Nico, we need help.”
She didn’t turn her head.
“There’s a war. Sephrot’s invading earth, you’re the Sorcerer Supreme. You specialize in these scenarios, we need your help to…”
“I do not interfere with these things,” Nico started, “I’m a watcher, a mediator, I do not fight or choose a side.”
This time it was Victorious who interjected.
“You’re predecessor has us many times in the past! He helped saved the world, while you sit here all day being useless!”
“Dr. Strange was a real hero, you’re just a useless old crone. Let’s go.”
Victor walks off, while Heroine lags behind, she turned back to Nico.
She didn’t respond.
“Chase… it wasn’t your fault.”
“… that’s where you’re wrong…”
Heroine turned and left.

The present.

She couldn’t clear her thoughts, they were always troubled. She stepped up and looked in the scrying glass, seeing New York in flames, while Heroine led the strike. She closed her eyes in acknowledgement. Her friends were in danger, they wouldn't survive. She couldn’t run away anymore.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!”
The Helicarrier rocked at the blast of fire. General Gertrude Yorkes hung on. She was running out of options, everything they had was useless against it. They were going to die….
They were really going to die….
“We’ll fight! FIRE!”
Then she saw someone standing calmly beside her, while everyone else was in a state of panic. It was like seeing the eye of a storm. She turned to General Yorkes.
“I can’t defeat them, they’re too strong. But I can hold them off, give you a chance to survive.”
"There's not much time Gertrude."
Gertrude shut her eyes.
When she opened them she was gone, for a moment she wondered if it was an illusion, before a blast of light appeared in front of them.
The monitor switched to the Gibborum, fighting a lone old woman. She was losing, but at the same time she drove them back.
She turned to Victor.
“She came.”

Nico Minoru laid still on the ground, in the middle of the wreckage of New York. She was exhausted and wounded. She stared up at the sky, and despite everything she found the fire beautiful.
She someone above her, it was Gertrude.
“Gertrude I did it didn’t I? I did alright.”
Tears were in Gertrude’s eyes.
“Just be quiet, don’t waste your energy.”
“I feel so old, so old and so tired.”
“You can rest now Nico.”
Nico’s eyes shut as she slowly died in Gertrude’s arms. After a few moments of silence, Gertrude got up, picking up Nico’s body. It was light. She turned to the rest of her surviving soldiers.
“Let’s go.”

Re: The Age of the Gibborum #1: Nico Minoru
Post by Kelly Alecia "Star Girl" Lisa on Jun 11, 2007, 5:22pm

Nice. Good read.

Re: The Age of the Gibborum #1: Nico Minoru
Post by Orchestra the Mighty on Jul 8, 2007, 7:01pm

Interesting read, although I'm sort of confused by the order of events in the first part of the post and the last one.

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