Real Name – Christian "Chris" Baker
Code Name - Tangle
Sex - Male
Age (11-18) – 15

Mutations/Powers – Able to create "tangles" of energy, one from each hand. Unbreakable tendrils that can extend ten feet each. These tendrils are capable of lifting around 500 pounds each, and can apply several hundred pounds of pressure in compression when wrapped around something. Chris can send a burst of mild jolt of electricity through the tendrils, but this tends to leave him exhausted.

Look – Dark shoulder length hair that always seems to be unwashed. Tall and lanky (5' 10", 130 lbs). Looks like a strong wind could knock him over. Wears very baggy clothing, typically with a hood pulled up over his head.

Personality – Sarcastic and cynical. Does not like to be around to people, and often says nasty spiteful things that just seem intended to keep people from getting close to him. Despite this, Chris is a follower, and seems to like being part of a group, as long as he doesn't have to do much thinking of his own.

History – Chris was born to wealthy parents, low level members of the Hellfire Club. Despite his wealth (more likely because of it), he was never very popular in school. In sixth grade, he got thrown out of the private school his parents sent him to for seriously injuring another student in a fight. Chris used his powers to do this, but some well placed money prevented this story from getting out.

Chris's parents did there best to keep Chris's powers a secret, but Chris was determined to show off. Finally, after a particularly nasty altercation, Chris set off on his own. He would lie, cheat, and steal to live on his own for a while. During this period, he came to the attention of Shinobi Shaw

Tangle was killed by Wildfire after turning traitor to become an Acolyte.

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