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Steel Might #1: Nowhere to run
Post by Sir Nathaniel/Fang on Jul 22, 2007, 4:09pm

Cover: A man holding what is left of his broken helmet at Stonehenge

Title: No where to run

Writing credits: Logan Atlantis

Featuring: Jonathan 'Steel Might' Steel

I look upon these distant skys with disdain. This isn't my home. I am Jonathan Steel, and I've just lost my two closest friends. They say that man gives up a piece of himself when he creates, and I have always thought of that as a seed. For in every great idea is the potential for other great ideas. When that idea comes to life, and starts developing it's own ideas you see sides of things you never saw before. Can you program friendship, or does it haft to be taught? How do you constantly stay a step ahead of a machine? Questions best left for another time. The morning tourism is about to begin, and the rumors I heard about this place don't appear to be living up to the hype.

He makes his way out the gate.

Checked the stockmarket via a computer cafe, and it would appear Japan is still the leader of electronics. Enough to find a good starting point again. Though if I'm going to reform my team I need access to Stark Enterprises again.

It may not be the first time I've had to start over, but I find myself looking deep, and not liking the man that I've become. For access to technology beyond my wildest dreams I sold my body to the highest bidder. From Villian to Mercenary. Do I really want to go through that again? No. There has to be some other way. I know Stark has stashes of equipment around the world.

Can I really do it again? Make machine come alive? I know Right, and Flight weren't the best of names, but they were functional. Can I really tap into that again, and pull out something different? The codes all still there, but I need something more dynamic…

Jonathan sat down at a bank in front of a computer. He had lied to get into the loan office using his holographic imager to make him an I.D. It all worked pretty well. While the loan officer was talking with the boss he had decided to worm his way around accounts world wide. Though he was missing several tools to do this properly. He quickly found some accounts that hadn't been accessed in years. Just collecting interest. He quickly made up an account, and began taking the interest from those accounts putting them into his own. Locking everything down, and covering his tracks the door opened. He calmly made his way back to his seat.

"We're sorry Mr. Harris, but you have no collateral. We haft to turn you down." Linda said.

Always did like the name Linda. "No prob…"

"Oh my!" Her eyes went wide. She had started to sitdown, but stopped abruptly when she looked out into the main bank.

Jonathan looked back carefully looking at 3 men wearing Guy Fawkes masks. There voices carrying over into the room,"Give us all the bloody money, and no one will be pushing daisies this evening."

"Don't." Jonathan said, as he heard movement behind him. Linda was reaching for the secret switch.

"Why the hell not?"

"They'll be gone before the cops get here, and the only chance they will catch them is if there stupid. Ink paks are nice, but they rarely get the job done with specialists. This isn't a robbery. They are after something bigger."

"How would you know that?"

"Hardware. It's way too serious for this kinda job, and they are handling it better then some street punks. You call the cops like they want you too, and we'll have a blood bath on our hands."

She fell back into her chair. "So now what?"

"Nothing, I'm not a hero. Just a survivor of much darker times."

A man moved into the office. "Ladies, and Gents best ye be making your way to the lobby. We have presents for you." The mans eyes darted over Linda,"Or perhaps you would like to wait in here so we can get better aquainted?"

Linda let out a sigh of disgust, and made her way into the lobby. "Hey that offer doesn't extend to you. Get out there!" The man attempted to slam the butt of the rifle into Jonathan's head, but ended with his head jabbed on the barrel of the gun.

"I really don't care what you're after. I've killed more men then I care to remember. Today just ain't your lucky day." With that Jonathan switched positions slamming the man's head hard into the desk. You could see the wood trimble from the impact. One of the supporting legs gave way, and the man crumpled to the floor unconcious.

"JULIAN!" Came a scream somewhere behind him, and 2 men in the lobby opened fire. Bullets shattered glass. He could feel every hit rattle against his body, and fell back.

Could this be how it ends? The holosuit he had created for himself dropped. Some bullet fragements were lodged in the suit, but nothing serious. Except bruising since his impact shielding had long since given out. He lay there a moment hoping that death had come to take him away from his hell. The footsteps stirred him back to the fight.

"Marco, he's got some sort of body armor on…I think…I think…we got.."

Poor guy never got to finish the sentence as the butt of the forgotten gun slammed into his nuts. Jonathan was back up seconds later to provide a steel knuckle sandwich.

"Bloody hell what is that!?" Said what I hoped was the last guy. This day couldn't possibly get any worse, and right on time the cops arive. Don't know who called, but already I was thinking about ducking, and running. Old habbits die hard. The man open fire on me. I was already sick of these guys, and still had no idea what they were after, but in the end it didn't matter. Cause now I'm mad. My arms covered my head as I ran forward praying to whatever deity is watching over my poor soul that he didn't get in a lucky hit. Guess they were listening because the next thing that guy knew he was learning to fly. Straight through the bank glass, and onto the hood of a cop car. Letting the sound of that siren in that they don't have in America. I hate that siren. Always was more iritating.

Police stormed into the bank. Surrounding me. Maybe I had been wrong, and this was a simple robbery. My hands went up behind my head. No I.D., holographic imager is busted, and no one's dead…I hope. I did hit that guys head pretty hard against the desk.

Orders began being barked,"Don't move!" "Hands behind your head!" Do cops ever make up there minds? This isn't simon says. My hands slowly moved behind my head. This was really turning out to be a bad day.

Stay tuned true believers!
Jonathan Steel shall return in Steel Might #2
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