New Mutants...IN SPACE #1 - An Old Hope

In Space 1 Complete

The New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! #1, featuring:

Osmosis Lass!
A random Kree!!!!!

The New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! are assigned by Warstar and Hussar to investigate a missing Shi'ar science team on a planet called J'kthair Seven. Atmospheric disturbances require them to land on the planet via shuttlecraft, and plot contrivances keep Hussar and Warstar in orbit, examining the science team's orbiting vessel for clues.

Once on the planet, they discover signs of a struggle at the science team's camp and, as if on cue, a random Kree named Sharl-Tonn accosts them and tells them to drop their weapons. The New Mutants give him a chance to surrender in turn, and he mocks them before going into the story of the planet. Both his Kree unit and the Shi'ar science team were looking for a planet-destroying weapon on this planet, the Kree to use it on Chandilar and the Shi'ar for scientific research. They were absorbing into some kind of crystal after discharging lasers, and he wasn't sure the specifics on it, but he knew lasers were a bad idea.

The team, with some trepidation, followed him into the ruins. They saw that the Kree and Shi'ar were, in fact, imprisoned in crystal. They then tried to free them via Madrock creating a crystal golem, but disturbing the crystal pulled them all in.

The entity attempted to judge each of their's purity, and considered whether to use them to power the seal on the weapon. The weapon is sealed by lifeforce, and the power supply was running low. Kalvin decided to sacrifice himself to power it since it allowed him to live in his illusions of Valentine's Day, but Prime convinced the entity that her entire team was pure enough by virtue of their youth that they deserved to live.

After this, the entity within the crystal tried to find advice for an alternate solution for disposing of the weapon, and nothing acceptable was put forward, so it considered just keeping the New Mutants to power it. Roxanne offered to sacrifice herself to destroy the weapon, and the entity immediately took her up on it, sending the rest of the team back into the ruins. Seed tried to take Roxanne's place, but could not. Prime talked the Kree Sharl-Tonn into taking Roxanne's place, and the entity would not permit that either. Chi went into the crystal to find out why, the entity told him that it could not trust the Kree, so Chi asked them to take a Shi'ar volunteer as well.

In this way, Chi managed to sacrifice two people instead of just one! Good job, Chi!

Anyway, the team also learned that the race on this planet had descendants on both Hala and Chandilar, leading them to believe that the Kree and Shi'ar are related, but they decided that only Lilandra should know.

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