Real Name - Marisol Morales.
Code Name - Solidity
Sex - Female.
Age - 14.

Mutations/Powers - Shape-shifting. Marisol can externally take the shape of a large variety of thing, within limits.

She can easily shape parts of her body into weapons, form extra limbs, transform into look-alikes of various beasts and generally change her shape to mostly anything except any kind of working mechanisms. This includes things such as color. She can take on the shape of a general human with no problems, although it would probably be too "perfect" to look fully realistic when she's not trying. Imitating someone specific takes time and work up until an hour. In addition to being able to stretch any of her ligaments to 30-50 feet, she can expand her body's volume to about 300% or contract it to about 10%. She can emulate super strength, which will grow the bigger she turns herself. She can also enhance parts of herself as needed.

She can mostly imitate the textures and some properties of most materials she comes in contact with. When making a blade of her hand, for instance, she forces it to take on the properties of any kind of hard and strong material. Since she can't shift her clothes with her, she never wears anything, and just imitates clothing with her body instead. She has extremely advanced senses of balance and body awareness.

Marisol spends most of her time in an idealized, fake appearance.

Her powers derive from her unique mutant physiology. Most of Marisol is actually composed of an unknown, flexible and adaptive substance. Bizarrely, her organs are evenly divided throughout her whole body, making her relatively hard to kill. Even without this, however, she is almost invulnerable. Normal physical damage has no real effect. She is extremely weak to energy weapons of any kind, however, to the point of being easily killed or incapacitated by them. Changes in temperature affect her greatly as well - in an extremely cold or warm environment, she'd pass out before normal humans. If she loses control of her form, she melts. If she loses her form completely, she can reconstitute herself over a period of several hours, IF she's contained somewhere where she can't flow apart. Upon losing consciousness, she will maintain her form for 4-5 hours before reverting to her default body structure.

Her unusual brain gives her a slight measure of protection against telepathy, but nothing of use against any above average psychic. It's almost certain that she can't conceive children in any normal human manner.

Look - Marisol's default look, is that of a 5'4'' tall Latina, and is almost what you would call unhealthily thin, at least by looks. She weighs about 75 lbs, and looks kind of average, which is partly the reason she likes to masquerade herself. She's not ugly, but rather insecure about her looks nonetheless. She has light brown hair and eyes, and A-cup breasts. She walks in very small steps, and habitually keeps looking downwards.

By far most of the time, however, Marisol does not look that way.

Instead, she chooses to look as attractive as she possibly can, although she doesn't really know what to do with her good looks. She has a specific form she usually uses, and doesn't favor much random changes in her form. In that form, she's 5'8'' tall and weighs 80 lbs, with a developing hourglass figure. Her breasts are B-cup. She has raven-black hair, and slightly unrealistic looking blue eyes. She looks slightly more mature than she should at 14. Her race and mannerisms are some of the few things she maintains. Quite simply, she looks perfect.

Marisol made it a point of NEVER showing her true form to anyone, but she managed to pick up the courage and reveal it to Zephyr. When she stripped of her powers and appearance in Apcolaypse's and Magneto's jail cell, she reacted very adversely.

Personality - The base of Marisol's personality is essentially a lot of repressed anger. Being bullied due to her status as a mutant as a preteen caused her to grow into a very meek, very shy person, as well as develop a plethora of usual ailments: low self-esteem, a depressed persona and fear of social interaction to the point of social anxiety. All of this she usually manages to conceal with avoiding socialization, and acting overly polite when forced into it. However, she can be quite aggressive when forced into a confrontation with someone. She mostly manages to conceal the real extent of her problems.

Whatever the case, deep within her lies a lot of anger at herself and the world, which is all too close to getting out. Her temper is starting to get shorter already. In battle, Marisol has a tendency to be too thorough and vicious.

Despite all this, she's kind of an optimist and, in general, rather kind and empathic, tending to care for people even as she actively tries not to. In fact, beyond the obvious flaws, she seems surprisingly perfect. She's orderly, patient, tolerant, wise, etc. Her personality has advanced leaps and bounds since the beginning of her relationship with Zephyr. She's become somewhat more open and outgoing, as well as more self-confident - and she seems to be getting even better. Still, it could be said that she's almost dependent on him at this point in time.

History - Marisol has lived her whole life in Los Angeles. Her Mexican immigrant parents made a good living as successful architects. Her early years were normal and happy, until the manifestation of her mutant powers rather early on - at the age of ten, and in the most embarrassing possible way: after several days of feeling a strange and uncomfortable, she melted in school. She later found out that this was the result of a long time of her genetic make-up "evolving", upon which she lost control of her body for the first time.

After putting herself back together in a hospital for ten days, she returned to school and immediately found herself feared, hated and ostracized. Despite near-constant bullying and some attempted physical violence at school, she braved it for years with the support of her parents, who didn't abandon her despite what she was. Nevertheless, the bullying left a traumatic mark on her character. All the while, she tried experimenting with her powers as well.

On her fourteenth birthday, her parents were killed in a car accident, and Marisol ended up in an orphanage. The director of the orphanage didn't take kindly to mutants, and attempted to murder her, which she survived due to her unique physiology. Unfortunately, this also meant that there was absolutely no evidence that any crime was attempted. The director of the orphanage was acquitted, so instead of being forced back into the orphanage, Marisol decided to run away.

For several months, she lived on the streets of LA, mostly trying to avoid everyone she possibly could. She happened upon a battle between the New Mutants and the Sinister Syndicate. Due to come confusion, she was held to be a member of the New Mutants and had to join the fight. Once everything was cleared up, she was recruited despite some hesitation on her part.

For most of her early tenure, Marisol hardly left her room in the Mansion. On one of the few times that she did, she regretted it. While taking a walk in the forest on the X-Mansion's grounds, she ran into Sabertooth, who immediately attacked her. In a bout of fury, she tortured him and left him for dead, then tried to cover the whole thing up in a panic.

One of the most meaningful things ever to happen to her came about during New Mutants Mission 9 - the meeting with Zephyr. When Apocalypse sent him and his brother Poseidon to kill the New Mutants, she struck up a conversation instead of fighting. She managed to win him power with the promise of a date and by appealing to his dislike of his life with Apocalypse. They struck up a relationship soon after things calmed down, and have been happily together ever since.

Somewhere along the way, Marisol killed another man - a robber/rapist/killer in the streets of New York City. She had come upon him killing a woman, and then discovered she had had a daughter. She took the girl, Clarice, under her wing for a few days until her next of kin could be contacted.

Marisol's tenure with the New Mutants has been a constant upwards spiral for her. Along the way, she's managed to find love and affection, as well as make friends - something she would have held for impossible before. Still, her dark secret is bound to come up eventually…

Kill List -

Sabertooth - Killed in self-defense when he met upon Marisol on the Mansion's grounds while looking for Wolverine. Was nearly crushed into pieces before she managed to get control of herself. His healing factor actually started working, but seemed to be too weak to restore him anymore.

Unnamed criminal - An man from New York with an unknown background. Had just finished robbing, raping and then murdering a young woman by the name of Janice Reed, when Marisol entered the scene. Was gutted and had his throat slit.

People in the Know

Orchestra - Immediately learned everything about her - including about the deaths - when he stole her shadow.

Wreck - Possibly aware about the deaths due to remnant memories from Blight.

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