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Shrinking #3 - Kelly
Post by Star/Muse on Mar 23, 2007, 1:08pm

“Don’t actually need or want you to say anything; just wanted to speak to someone about this whole thing. I go start laughing it up about it to Chesed and he’ll start a rant. God knows I wanna use my time right, an’ having him nick some of it to extend his own ego isn’t something I want to let happen right now. Time is money, y’know?”

She cleared her throat and stared at the ceiling.

“So, what do I want to look over first? Heh - I guess a few days ago’ll do. Like when I went back to that bloody mansion. Always something going on there. Like, for example, another bunch of spazzes died the other day. That killer girl, the time freak, the blood bitch, that annoying lesbian, the backstabbing whore, the boy who cried and the compulsive liar. Probably someone else in there somewhere, but that’s who was at the forefront of her mind.”

She rubbed her ears slightly.

“Stupid bitch won’t stop screaming… anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Heh, the neurotic emo girl was trying to comfort her- me over it. Like I care! That was actually pretty funny, too. Well, in retrospect at least.”

She hung her head slightly and locked her eyes on the floor.

“That was before I’d realised. Was still working off of that bint’s memory at that stage. Even sent a bloody message to the team. She’s dead, you stupid whore, why would you think of sending a message?” she spat out, almost enraged. “Oh, we live in hope,” she drawled, mockingly.

“’Course, then everything clicked. Well, not long after that, at least.” Rising to her feet, she began to pace across the room slowly. “Actually nauseating. Like, whenever the idealistic crap she would spout reared its mentally regressive head, I felt like I was gonna hurl. Seriously. It’s like… it’s like it was some kinda disgusting sickness seeping through her.” She shook her head and stood still for a moment, her gaze fixed on a shelf full of books.

“So, this is what you use for your quackery.” Picking a book off of the shelf, she started flicking through it. “Crap… crap… mega crap. So, basically, if I did want you to speak, you’d just be spewing all of this retro regressive categorising rubbish?” She destroyed the book with a lazily thrown, off-hand blast.

“So glad you’re keeping mum then.”

With a sigh, Kelly collapsed back down into the chair.

“It was all kinda fun, though, you know? Fucking with them well and proper. Though, I suppose I only screwed with one of their heads.” She paused, her mind wondering to another point. “Ha, and people might think I’m bad – two of the New Mutants at least, from what I’ve heard, are pretty effective murderers, just like me. And then there’s that world hopping buddy of theirs, Almond.” She started giggling and suppressed a snort. “The kindly ‘eccentric’ one. ‘pparently he’s killed a fair few, too. Count’s in the high hundreds, from what I’ve heard. Now, admittedly, I have a lotta lost time to make up for, but I think it’ll take me a long, long time before I can reach any figures like that. Hell, I’m just in the dozens at the moment.”

She licked her lips. “Been a fun few days, though. Hopping here an’ there. Can’t just take out anyone you see, though. It’s a matter of finesse. ‘course, you know all about that.” She let out another brief giggle.

“So, a little after sending that little message, things clicked. Didn’t keep me from keeping on acting, though. And I’m a pretty good actor. Figured I might as well have some fun for the time she cost me. But teeth eyes? Gross. Made my way back out as soon as I could, though. All of that crap got a little repulsive. Got a bit aggro. Plus, I had to go before my thespian skills failed me and I cocked it all up.”

“I dropped in on a few classes around. Wanted to see how you guys were leaving the ‘future of Britain’ stuffed this time. And trust me, you’re stuffed. Um… the little ones, not people around my age. Hidden, of course. Me, that is. Diffractive shielding. ‘Mazing little thing.” She produced a packet of cigarettes from her bag and placed one in her mouth, lighting it.

“Nicked this from their prissy little schoolmarm. Surprising, really. Should know better.” She looked up thoughtfully. “She reminded me a little of Emma Frost, really. Now she’s a classy av blonde. Aces. Wonder how she’s doing.”

She took a drag from the cigarette and then began coughing profusely.

“I swear, that stupid little bitch never tried anything fun. Christ all-bloody mighty, it’s like she hates herself. Least that’s one thing we have in common, then. Gonna have to get use to cancer sticks. Eh, I’ll find a taste for it all.

“So, you haven’t said a word. I mean, I know I said I don’t want you telling me what’s up, but I still figured you’d get a word or two in edgewise. But you’ve been awfully silent. Am I that hard to have a conversation with?” she paused, waiting for a response. “Still nothing? Tosser.” She shrugged abruptly. “Sorry. You’ve been good enough to listen. Anyway, I’m gonna take off. ‘Times a wasting’ and all that jazz. Ta for the chat, doc!” Kelly rose and walked over to the corpse that was seated opposite her, patting it on the head. She skipped out of the building cheerily. Looking over her shoulder, she pulled her attention back to the building.

“Just a little more fun.” Several shields formed in the air, contracting and then dissipating, bringing the building crumbling down as a result of the explosive decompression that followed.

Unfortunately, there was a typical dark browed beat cop nearby. Typical.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Kelly swatted him hard in the side of the face as she walked past, and stopped when she heard a snap. The cop dropped to the floor with a broken neck.

“Huh. Lucky break.”

She continued skipping down the street, singing to herself under her breath.

“Just another manic Monday…”

Re: Shrinking #3 - Kelly
Post by Amelia "Heaven" Chow on Mar 27, 2007, 10:21am

Hey, I am NOT neurotic and emo…wait…damn it.

Re: Shrinking #3 - Kelly
Post by Star/Muse on Mar 27, 2007, 10:22am

Heh. But… sunshine, remember? Sunshine is good. Go that way.

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