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Rogues #2 ~ Respect
Post by Star/Muse on May 18, 2007, 11:09am

Rogues #2

Title: Respect

Cover – A top-down view of shards of glass spread out like a rainbow and matchign the colours, over a white bed stained with blood.


All I’ve ever wanted was a little respect. A little dignity – to be seen as a someone. I’ve always been seen as a loser, you know? Worthless. A nobody. Hell, you want to hear something funny? The only person that’s ever given me any respect is Spider-man.

I don’t hate him. I can’t, after that. The only thing I’ve ever really wanted, and he’s the only one who gives it to me. Money’s nice, but no-one else can give me anything like what he has. That’s why I can’t give this up, I guess. I could have been out. I got what I wanted – from the guy I’ve been trying to pound on. The problem was, when I got some of it. I wanted more. Yeah, yeah, I know that I’d get even more from him if I went straight… but somehow, I can’t bring myself to go about it that way. Like I need to see it in his eyes – or at least, I would if he didn’t have those damn bug eyes on his mask – the respect that he has, mixed with the doubts swirling by the fact that I could actually beat him.

It’s sick. It’s wrong. He’s a nice guy. A good guy. I’m grateful to him for all of it – all of it – but I can’t help it.

Everyone else still refuses to show me any regard. I can’t blame them. I used to be good at this, at least. But now? Now I’ve hit the bottom of the barrel. Not too long ago I was taken down by two teenage girls. I shoulda been able to take ‘em apart. It didn’t work that way. I was dropped like an amateur.

They laughed at me. Laughed.

I hadn’t realised how bad things had become until that happened. I still didn’t know how desperate I was, though. Didn’t know that until I stole from an old lady the other day. That’s how low I got. Things are gonna change, though. Things are gonna change.

I pick an ashtray up off of my bedside desk and stare into the mirror opposite me, challenging myself to keep my gaze steady. If I can’t even look myself in the eye without turning away in disgust, then I’m pretty much done. I should give up. With my next decision, I realise that seven years of bad luck means nothing to me. ‘Bad luck’ is laughable after how I’ve been living these last couple of years.

I can break through this town. I can do it, and I will be bigger than all of them. That dead psycho the Goblin. The Vulture. The Rhino. Mysterio. Venom. I’ll be better than all of them. Spider-man knows I can. I know I can. They’re the only ones who don’t know it yet. That isn’t gonna last.

The mirror shatters into pieces when the ashtray leaves my hand and smashes into it. I didn’t look away. I didn’t. I stare down at my hand catch myself when I realise I’m shaking. Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. If I don’t have confidence in myself – if I give up – how can I ever expect anyone to give me my dues? I’m not going to give up. Not now, not ever.

They don’t respect me? I guess it’s time to make them respect me.

Pulling on the vibro-shock gauntlets, I stare at the phone beside me when it starts ringing. I let it ring while I pull my mask on. I pick it up a moment later, bringing it to my ear and listening patiently to the heavy breathing on the other end.

My name is Herman Schultz. The Shocker.

I know he’s waiting for my reply to the question he hasn’t asked yet. He isn’t going to. I make him wait a little longer.

“I’m in.”

Re: Rogues #2 ~ Respect
Post by Pester on May 18, 2007, 11:25am

Poor Herman. I like to think he could be a pretty badass guy if not for his birthname.

Re: Rogues #2 ~ Respect
Post by Star/Muse on May 18, 2007, 11:27am

He really should just change it >_>. Yeah, he's a favourite of mine, and pretty competent in general, too. Sadly, no-one can see past the triple-ply.

Edited the mirror thing after Dean pointed it out. Kind of brain lapsed at that bit when writing it.

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