Phoenix Iv

Real Name – Michael Placio (though he will not respond to that anymore)
Code Name - Phoenix
Sex - Male
Age (11-18) - 26
Mutations/Powers – Michael Placio started as a low-level telekinetic and eventually a telepath. Now, he harnesses the powers of the Phoenix, including:

- Potentially limitless control over cosmic and psionic energies,
- Can raise the dead as well as create life
- Can amplify powers to incalculable levels
- Flight in the vacuum of space without protection.
- Mike's forcefield is constantly around his body in the form of an firey Phoenix form, but the fire is pure light illusion, no heat.

Look – Filipino man in his mid 20's, although he appears older. His eyes are completely black, and slightly disturbing to look into. Light brown skin, unruly shoulder length black hair tied into a loose ponytail. Mike is still short and heavy…even the Phoenix has it's limits.

Mike's body is constantly surrounded by a firey, vaguely birdlike shape. He doesn't wear clothing, but the flame serves as a cloak to keep people from seeing anything they wouldn't want to see. Around his neck, he wears the Phoenix necklace he once gave to Amelia. Always barefooted, but his feet never really touch the ground.

His body has many scars across it, which he could probably heal up pretty easily, but he loves his "trophies" and memories of battles fought long ago.

Personality – Mike no longer responds to the name Mike. He wants to be called Phoenix at all time. Mike takes himself and others way too seriously these days. He finally has the power he has always wanted, but he's not always sure how to use it. He makes a lot of quick decisions that result in disasters.

The Phoenix Force is an incredible strain on his mind. So, as a self-defense, he occasionally has mental hallucinations visible only to him, that is 'independant' from his thoughts. As far as he is concerned, unless he forcefully delves into that part of his own mind, its another person.

When the Phoenix force first made this protection form, there were several different forms it took. Over time, as Mike became more comfortable with this power, they faded away. He still does see one of his old teammates, especially in times when he feels most lonely.

History – Mike didn't even know he had absorbed the power of the Phoenix. When he had teamed up with Generation X to take on the Black Queen controlled Phoenix, he had sent a message into Rachel's head. The Phoenix Force became intrigued by this blank slate of psychic potential.

After it was disperse from Onslaught, the Phoenix Force was in disarray. It sought out Mike and unbeknownst to him, it bonded with him. Mike fought with the New Mutants against the T-Bolts, and it was obvious to everyone that he was becoming more and more powerful, but more and more reluctant to use these vast powers. Eventually, the Phoenix Force got tired of his hesistation and revealed itself fully. Since then, Mike has used his powers to their fullest as one of the most unpredictable but dedicated members of the Authority. He has the power to reshape the world and the will to use it. A dangerous combination.

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