Name: Casey Semple
Codename: Phase
Age: 16
Build: Average

History: Coming…presumably…

Powers: Ability to manipulate the space between atoms of a substance to affect it's consistency, density, tensile strength etc. as long as he remains in physical contact with the substance. For example Casey can touch a slab of concrete then either, make it very brittle like glass, increase it's density/strength so as to make it even harder to penetrate, or make it malleable like taffy, liquefy it, or she can even (with concentration) make it into a gaseous form (although due to her limitations of physical contact, it's harder to manipulate the substance in a gaseous state). As soon as Casey lets go of the substance….it's left in that state. After about an hour, due to the unstable nature of her powers..the substance will simply crumble (disintegrate). He CAN NOT change a substance after he has changed it once then let go. He can change it multiple times as long as she remains in contact it with it though. He does not change the temperature of an object so if she solidified water you would have a room temperature block of ice basically. The same goes for air (since air is normally frigid as a liquid or solid).

Examples of feats he's able to accomplish:
1)make something like glass as strong as steel.
2)make steel as brittle as glass
3)solidify/liquefy a volume of air

When manipulating organic atoms, he can:

1)"compact" them so that they would have increased strength/durability
2)liquefy or aerate them
3)give them a flowing consistency (a la Mr. Fantastic)

Again after about an hour..the person would simply disintegrate.

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