Real Name - Orchestra

Code Name - N/A

Sex - Not male perse, but masculine.

Age (11-18) - N/A

Mutations/Powers - Ochestra's body is composed entirely of (*sigh* Stop me if you've heard this one before) Darkforce, but unlike others, he doesn't possess the abilities common to other Darkforce users (teleportation, Darkforce blasts) What he does possess in the power to steal another beings shadow and then take on their physical characteristics, along with their memories and emotions.

An example of this being that if he were to steal Wolverine's shadow, he'd have claws (but they'd be made of Darkforce, and he wouldn't have a healing factor) Another example would be that if he stole the shadow of an animal (an elephant for for example) he'd grow larger, have a trunk, ect. And the same would happen if he stole the shadow of a chair or a car.

Limitations: When taking a being's shadow he must be careful not to hold on to it for too long. If it remains fused with his form he can begin losing his sense of identity and start believing he's the person who's shadow he has ingested.

Also: If the shadow isn't returned to it's owner, they can come to life and take on a life of it's own.

Look - The best way to describ Orchestra would be a cross between the Great Lakes Avengers Doorman and Flatman (while he isn't always flat, he can be three-dimensional)

Personality - Orchestra is like a kid in the world's biggest candy store. He's always happy, but isn't really able to take anything seriously.

History - Orchestra spent his entire existence living within the Darkforce. There were other beings there like him, but they had no time for his often idealistic and optimistic ramblings. He longed to view the world beyond his own, even though he was constantly assured there wasn't one, he knew differently.

Every so often a stray human (or sometimes, humans) would pop into the Darkforce and he'd just sit and watch them from afar, spinning stories in his mind about where it was they came from, or how it was they could travel freely between his home and theirs.

All of that changed when one day hole to the otherside to Earth, more specifically, the Xavier Institute, caused (unbeknownst to him) by the high concentration or Darkforce manipulators who called it their home.

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