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New Mutants West Unlimited #2
Post by Protoman on Jul 9, 2007, 1:24pm

"Teddy, Teddy…just…come here," Moira gives him an exasperated look. His tie was just…well, she didn't KNOW that a gorilla could do it better, but she had a pretty strong suspicion that it could.

She blows a lock of newly-pink hair out of her eyes. "You've never done this before, have you?"

"Well…no. I've never really needed to do it before." He walks over to Moira so she can fix his tie. "So where did you say your parents live again?"
She started fiddling with his tie. "Nashville. In a big condo, so you've got to look nice. We should've gone and got you a nicer jacket, but there's no time, our flight is in a few hours." She takes a step backwards and looks at him, critically. "I guess it's good enough."

"Why do I have to get all dressed up now if we don't leave for a few hours?" Teddy looks at Moira, very very confused.

"Because I'm fairly certain you're not used to wearing suits, so I want you to get comfortable with the idea. And it's going to take us quite a while to get to the airport. In fact, our cab should be here shortly. We'd better go."

"Okaaaay." Teddy whines as he picks up his and Moira's bag. He tries to open the door for her and ends up falling over.

"Oh, for the love of…" Moira picks up her own bag and walks outside.

Moira sits in her seat on the plane, going over the etiquette rules for what felt like the millionth time.

"Now, which one is the salad fork, Teddy?"

"Uh…the rounder one?" Teddy is staring at the picture of forks trying to manage to remember what Moira's going over. His mind keeps drifting to the fact that he can't remember if he packed his DS.

"Teddy, no! It's the one with narrow tines on the outside of the utensils. Please, please don't embarrass me, Teddy. I get enough crap from my parents normally." She was beginning to develop a headache.

"I'm trying Moira, it's just hard. I've always know that there was a fork, a spoon, and a knife. I never needed to know that they were all fancy." Teddy sighs. "I don't think I packed my DS."

"Forget about your DS, we can buy you a new one when we get there. And just…try harder, okay? I don't think they're going to like you, so please don't do anything to make them like you less." Moira sighs. "I'm sorry, Teddy, I just want this to go well."

"Why aren't they going to like me?" Teddy looks sad. "I wish more people liked me."

"It doesn't have anything to do with you. Well, I mean, it does, but it's not your fault. You're just…" A nerd. A poor, pathetic nerd. "…not their kind of people, that's all. And people would like you, if they gave you the chance." And could put up with Narry-toe.

Teddy sighs. "Yeah…I just try to get people to like me. Have I told you that your hair looks really good today?"

Moira beams at him. "You always know the exact right thing to say. And I meant it about the DJ thing. We'll buy you another one when we land. And any Pokeyman for it you want."

"It's a DS." Teddy laughs. "And you can't buy the Pokemon, you can just buy the games. You have to catch the Pokemon in the game."

"Oh, well, whatever. We'll get you one. I don't know when you'll play it, though. Dad will probably want to…I don't know, make you talk about stuff. Or play some stupid game."

"What kind of game?!" Teddy is suddenly excited. "Games like Halo? I'm pretty good at Halo!"

"Probably Canasta or something. Dad loves card games. The ones you play with normal cards, not those Yujingo ones or whatever."

"This is your captain speaking, we are now making our final approach."

"Oh…" Teddy doesn't mention that he packed his Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic decks. "Whoo! We're almost there. When can I take off this suit?"

"When you go to bed. And be sure to hang it up so it doesn't get wrinkled. You'll wear the white shirt with it tomorrow."

The plane starts to descend…

As they reach the baggage claim, Teddy starts to search through the bags. He pulls out what he can find of his and Moira's.

"Is that all of them?" He counts them in his head. "That doesn't seem like all of them."

"Probably not. But who cares, we'll just go buy whatever it is isn't there. Come on, let's go get a cab." She grabs Teddy by the arm and drags him through the airport

"But…I don't think…" Then he dragged away. "Why do we need a cab anyway? Do you parents even know we're coming?"

"Yes, they do, but it's cheaper to take a cab than it is to gas up their Hummer." Moira whistles, and soon she and Teddy are speeding through the streets of Nashville. Moira obsessively straightens Teddy's tie and runs a comb through his hair.

"Moira!" Teddy pushes her hand away. "My hair looks better if you just leave it alone." He lets her mess with the tie as he tries to get his shoe tied. "Stupid fancy shoes."

"Teddy, they're just LACES oh crap…" Moira's parents are standing outside of a very fancy condo building.

Arn Birch is a tall, heavyset man with greying hair and a severe face. His wife Adell is thin, short, and has no facial expression whatsoever due to Botox.

"…are those your parents?" Teddys asks nervously. Don't say they're scary… "They're scary." Way to go.

"Yes, they are. On both counts." Moira takes a deep breath, gives the driver his money (and a $100 tip), and sets her shoulders. "Come on, then, let's go." She climbs out of the car.

Teddy follows her out of the car and just stares at Moira's dad without a word. …he's gonna kill me. I'm gonna die…

Moira busies herself with getting the bags out (and doing a much better job of handling them than Teddy did) while Arn gives Teddy a severe look. Finally, he says "Ah. You must be Mr. Weinstein," in an accent that's trying (and failing) to be British. He extends his hand somewhat reluctantly.

"Uh…uh…Winston. Tedd- Theodore Winston." Teddy shakes his hand rather weakly. "M-Moira, do you want help with those bags?"

"Yes, quite. Young lady, what have you done to your hair?" Moira's mother simply looks at Teddy with what would be a disapproving expression, if she were capable of such a feat.

"No, Teddy, I'm fine. The doorman will get them. And I dyed it, father. I thought it would look nice if Teddy's hair and mine was the same color."

"I see. Come inside, then."

"…I think it looks nice." Teddy says quietly before heading inside, almost tripping as he does so.

Soup course. The cook has prepared a lovely Mulligatawny. Moira sits, sipping her soup silently.

"So, young man. Tell me why you've become interested in my daughter.

"Yes, Timothy. Tell us about that."

"Uh…my name is Teddy…er…Theodore. I um really like Moira, she's nice. She's um…she's pretty and…uh…" Teddy is beyond nervous.

"So it's only lust, then! says Mr. Birch in an offended tone. Mrs. Birch makes a little "Tcch" sound.

"Dad!" Moira yells, indignantly.

"This is between me and Tyrone, Moira."

"Theodore. And no, it's not just…lust." Teddy is starting to blush. "I really like Moira…"

"So you admit that you're lusting after our daughter, you little pervert?

Moira tries desperately not to giggle as she eats her soup. The cook brings out a grilled snapper with asparagus.

Teddy goes even redder. "No! Of course not. I uh…I haven't …I…" He trails off into random babbling.

Adell gives a disapproving sniff. "So, tell me more about yourself. What are your hobbies? What are your aspirations?

Oh, no, thought Moira. Teddy revealing his Nerd-hood would be the kiss of death. "No, let's…let's talk about politics!" It wasn't pleasant conversation, but it was infinitely preferable to Teddy confessing what a geek he was.

"No, I believe I'd like to hear more about this young man. You've told me woefully little, Moira. Well…" he looks at Teddy with raised eyebrows. "Go on."

Teddy glances at Moira quickly before turning to he dad. "Well…my hobbies usually revolve around computers. I've been learning how to use and build them since I was a lot younger. My uncle works for Microsoft. I hope to one day get involved in the same company or maybe start a business of my own." I know Moira wouldn't want me to talk about gaming…

Moira breathes a sigh of relief, as Arn looks much happier with Teddy's admission that he was interested in computers.

"A lot of money can be made in the computer business, Theodore. They run the world now, you know. Why, I made a great deal of my money by investing in Yahoo! Got in on the ground floor with the IPO. Do you play any sports?

"Sports…no, not really. I've never been really into sports." Teddy replies. "I tried some when I was younger, it wasn't for me."

"Well, you tried at least. Probably lost interest once you decided to be the next Bill Gates."

"You mentioned your own company, Teddy. Do you have an idea yet? If you do, we might be able to scrape together some start-up money for you." Adell takes a very large drink of Champagne.

Moira was stunned. Her parents' sudden approval of Teddy was, while on the one hand heartening, really took a lot of the fun out of liking Teddy. If they approved of him, she wouldn't be rebelling.

"Tell them more about your hobbies, Teddy! What's the game you like to play? The one you let me win at?"

"I don't really have any ideas yet, I want to explore diffe-" He cuts himself off and looks at Moira. "You mean Heroclix?" He turns back to Moira's dad. "I dunno what it has to do with the topic at hand, but I play a game called Heroclix. It involves miniature figurines, in a lot of ways it's similar to Chess."

"Ah, a tactician! That should help you develop that cutthroat edge to succeed in the business world. What a nice young man you've brought here, Moira."

"Thanks…thanks Dad." Moira digs into her fish, wrestling with happiness that her parents liked Teddy and disappointment at the same thing.

"So what is your "gift", Teddy? What are your powers?"

Teddy immediately turns Wildfire Red. "…my hair…"

"So, what, can you make it into tendrils and attack people?

"…no…it's just…pink." Teddy just stares into his plate.

Moira's mother stifles a laugh, and covers it up by taking another large gulp of Champagne.

"Ah, so that's why…" He looks over to Moira with a softened expression. "Well, everyone can't be a fighter. Besides, you can't really make any money by shooting lasers at supervillains. Now, have you looked into any investment ideas for seed money? I could recommend you…" Arn continues to drone on about obscure points of finance for close to half an hour.

Moira stands in the hallway next to Teddy's room in her pajamas. "The bathroom is just down the hall. Don't worry about bumping into my parents, they've got their own." She smiles at him. "I'm really proud of you for tonight, Teddy."

"I did my best. I didn't want to embarrass you." Teddy smiles back at her.

"Your best was very good. I think my dad really likes you. My mom liked you to, but that was because she had a half a bottle of Champagne, so she liked everything. Did you get enough to eat?"

"I'm glad they like me." Teddy smiles again. "I got plenty to eat, the food was really good….did I use the right forks?"

"Yes, you did. Well, goodnight!" Moira gives him a kiss on the cheek and skips to her room.

Teddy smiles widely as Moira kisses him on the cheek "Goodnight!" He walks into the room and starts getting ready for bed.

"Get up, get up,get up!" Moira yells in a sing-song voice. She's jumping on (the still sleeping) Teddy's bed.

"Wha…?" Teddy rubs his eyes as he starts to remember what's going on. "It feels like it's really early."

"It's eight, I let you sleep for a long time!" Moira jumps once more and lands in a sitting position on his bed. "You have to get up and get dressed so that we can eat breakfast and then go get your PS."

He rubs his eyes again. "I guess I am sorta hungry…" Teddy sits up and looks around the room. "Do you want me to put on those fancy clothes again?"

Moira purses her lips, and looks at Teddy appraisingly. "…no. Just the khakis and the navy shirt I packed for you. You'll have to wear the shoes again. Don't worry about packing the suit, I'll have my parents clean it and send it to us. What do you want for breakfast? I'll fix it."

"I dunno. I'll have whatever, you know me." Teddy starts looking around the room. "What bag did you put them in?"

"That one," she says, pointing to a small suitcase. She leans into kiss him…and pulls away. "Ick, morning breath. I'll give you an IOU. Now hurry up!" Moira runs to the kitchen to begin cooking.

Teddy stretches and gets out of bed. He grabs the suitcase and heads to the bathroom to take a shower.

When Teddy gets out of the shower, he can smell smoke. "Uhmm…uh…HELP!" Moira's standing in the kitchen, spraying a fire extinguisher at the Omelet Inferno. Arn finally runs into the kitchen and throws a lid on the pan.

"Everybody…get dressed. We are going out…to eat."

Teddy walks into the kitchen wearing the clothes Moira told him to wear. "…what happened?"

"Nothing, Teddy. I uh…changed my mind. I don't feel like cooking, we're going to the Blue Lotus for breakfast. And then shopping so that we can pick up your game…thing." She gives her father a winsome look, and Arn sighs and slumps his shoulders in defeat.

"…I smelled smo-okay, Moira. That place sounds good." Teddy smiles.

In no time, they were at the Blue Lotus (a Japanese restaurant). It was very close, Arn only had to fill up the Hummer 4 times. Moira sits down and steals a spare set of chopsticks, and uses them to arrange her hair into a bun. She smiles at Teddy. "How do I look?"

"You look pretty, but then again you always look pretty." Teddy grins. "What kind of food do they have here?"

"It's a Japanese place. Miso soup, himono, rice, that sort of thing."

The waitress walks over, hands them menus, and asks for drinks. The Birches all get green tea. The waitress turns to Teddy.

"…uh…um…Pepsi?" Teddy blushes a little, he's in way over his head here. The waitress bows and heads off.

Arn claps Teddy on the shoulder heartily. "Need a little caffeine boost in the morning, eh? I remember being that age and never being able to get up in the morning. You're growing young people, though, so you need all the slee-" Arn rambles until the drinks are served. The waitress asks if they've decided, looking at Teddy first.

"Moira…why don't you order for me? I don't really know what to get." Teddy is embarrassed again.

"We'll both have some miso soup, rice and pickled daikon, please." Moira's parents order as well.

"Well, Moira, how are your studies coming along? I know that you were working on some genetics research."

"Well, dad, the uh…well, the school's been through a lot. The computer systems got knocked around a bit, so I haven't been able to devote as much time to the research as I wanted. I'm sure when we get back, though, that Teddy will help me fix the computers."

"What about you, Teddy? How are your studies going?

"Pretty good I guess, I'm doing decent in all my classes." Teddy chooses not to mention that they haven't had classes since Deadpool took over.

"That's good. Education is the MOST important thing in life."

The food arrives, and they all dig in. After paying the bill, and picking Teddy up a new DS, the Birches drive Moira and Teddy to the airport.

"You be good, okay Moira? No pranks on your classmates or teachers. Teddy, you look after her, okay?"

"You got it, Mr. Birch." Teddy smiles and gives them a wave. "Thanks for having me over."

"Anytime. Listen, here's my business card. When you think up an idea for your business, give me a call. Maybe we can work something out." He hands Teddy his card.

"Thanks! I'll make sure to give you a call." Teddy pockets the card.

Moira is leaned back in her seat, half-asleep. The meeting with her parents had gone better than she had thought possible. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. She did LIKE Teddy well enough, she supposed, but her parents approval put a bit of a damper on her enjoyment of the relationship.

After wrestling with it for a while, she gave up, and accepted it. "Did you have a good time, Teddy?"

Teddy is playing his DS, he puts it into sleep mode and turns to Moira. "Yeah, it was fun. Not what I expected."

"S'good. You remembered to pack everything, right?"

"I th-NO! I forgot my magic deck!"

Moira suppresses a scream. "I'll have my parents mail it to us, don't worry."

Moira rubs her head, and for the first time since she started flying, wondered if she could bribe the flight attendant into bringing her a long island iced tea…

-------The End-------——

Re: New Mutants West Unlimited #2
Post by Daniel "Incendiary" O'Conner on Jul 9, 2007, 2:00pm

It was very good. I really liked it. I would've liked to see more of Moira's mother though. I guess that would be Ches' fault?

Moira reminds me of Angel. Throwing money around.

Re: New Mutants West Unlimited #2
Post by Cheshire on Jul 9, 2007, 2:01pm

Yeah, that is my fault

Honestly, I didn't have a concept for her other than "OMG T3H BOTOX!!!111!".

Re: New Mutants West Unlimited #2
Post by Daniel "Incendiary" O'Conner on Jul 9, 2007, 2:03pm

I did like her father though. Even if he was kind of a stereotypical rich guy.

Re: New Mutants West Unlimited #2
Post by Dillon Drummond on Jul 10, 2007, 12:50am

I liked her dad a lot, part of me wants to see him as Headmaster for the West school.

Teddy didn't screw up enough.

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