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New Mutants West Unlimited #1
Post by Jake "Flare" Lange on May 12, 2007, 10:00pm

Cover: Jake and Baby sitting at a table outside, acting like a couple, while it looks like World War III behind them

Title: Night on the Town

Written by: "Iconic" Grey Scherl & Julian "Too Badass For Words" Galette
Pencilled by: Tom Raney
Inked by: John Dell
Cover by: Stuart Immonen

Featuring: Jake "Flare" Lange and Baby "Deia" Tigo

Re: New Mutants West Unlimited #1
Post by Jake "Flare" Lange on May 12, 2007, 10:01pm

Jake checks himself in the mirror as he gets ready to head out. Baby told him to give her an hour and a half, and he's taken full advantage. His charge should be more then enough to last him through the night, even if he does exert energy. He's got on a pair of black jeans with a light blue button up shirt with a collar, tucked in of course. He's tossed on a belt for effect and slipped his wallet into his back pocket, leaving his cell phone on it's charger (so as to not be interrupted). A quick shave to clean his face, and a splash of cologne to seal the deal.

*Looking good, let's just hope she agrees*

He heads out of his room, locking the door behind him as he walks to Baby's room with a small bouquet, taking this seriously. He gets to her room and knocks a few times.

"Wow. I just hit the jackpot." Baby says as she opens her door, looking Jake over. She knew that he'd probably attempt to look good, but would fail, but the fact that he had actually managed to clean up (nicely at that) amazed her.

Of course, she wasn't look too bad herself. She had thrown on a slinky black ensemble that was once one dress, that she had mangled and reshaped into a multi-piece of sorts. There was a low cut top (not low enough to be considered smutty, but it did reveal a generous amount of cleavage) that came down to just above her navel, a skirt, that hovered around her knee, and the rest had been fashioned into a long scarf and some gloves.

Her make-up was done quite modestly, with only a little blush and eye-shadow. The shade on her lips perfectly matched that of her hair, which she had only spiked up just a tad. She hadn't managed to fancy up her sling any, but the glitter she had circling her due to her powers drew away from that.

Please drool. Please drool. Please drool.

Jake can't help but stare in awe.

*She cleans up REALLY well*

After a few seconds he manages to pick his jaw back up and smile.

"You look amazing. I mean, not that you don't normally, but….wow."

He starts blushing a bit as he hands her the bouquet.

"I got these for you."

*Cheesy as hell, but what the hell*

He can't help but glow a bit as he smiles at her, he's nervous as hell.

"Thanks." she says, blushing, before taking the flowers from him and placing them in an ice cold vase of water in her room. She knew he'd bring flowers.

Like a guy should, damn it.

She stepped out of the room and took him by the arm.

"On-ward my knight. Lead me to our…errr…date…th."

"Right this way my lady."


He leads her out to the front of the school where the borrowed black Explorer is parked. He walks over and opens the passenger side door to help her in.

"Sorry I couldn't get anything too fancy, need a lift?"

The reality for him is that while he probably could have gotten something nicer from the garage, he's not exactly adept at driving a stick, and this thing drives like his car back home.

Even though she doesn't need the help, she lets Jake help her into the car.

"Really, it's fine. I mean, it's not like we're trying to impress everyone else. This is about you impressing me." she laughs after saying this, hoping she's not making Jake anymore nervous than he's got to be.

He laughs with her as he closes the door and goes around the side, getting in the drivers seat and turning the car on. The whole time thinking that she only lightened the load a little bit by that, but that it still wont be too bad. He only wants to impress her, after all.

"It really is all about you."

He gives her a grin as he starts to drive off for the city.

"Do you like sushi?"

He's trying to not break his view from the road, but it's hard to not stare at Baby.

"I like the tuna rolls my mom used to make on Tuesdays for dinner, but I'll try anything once."

As he drives Baby can barely keep her fingernails away from her mouth. She didn't bother doing them up because she knew she'd wind up spending half the night biting them.

"So…do you like sushi?"

So hard to not make a bad comment

"Yeah, it was a favorite of mine from back home. But when you're from Miami, it's like you have to like sushi and Cuban food, or else you just can't survive."

He tries to laugh it off nervously.

"But the place I found has some good reviews, so I think it'll be fun."

Bleh. He actually went and read reviews? W-T-F! What fun is that? If you already know the place doesn't suck there's no spontaneity! Wait…right, trying to impress me and all.

"Great, since tonight is all about fun." She says in order to prevent herself from saying what she's really thinking. "So what's it like in Miami? Only place in Florida I've ever been is Disney World, which really is the best place on Earth."

"Miami's cool, I mean, we've got great weather, a lot of people. One of my friends down there had a boat, so we'd spend weekends out in the marina either fishing or playing cards. Football down on the beach, volley ball with the models in South Beach, never got to check out the night clubs though."

He's having a little trouble thinking of how to describe it, but he's making himself talk to mask his overall awkwardness.

"Disney's great, I use to drive up to Orlando with the family since it wasn't too far of a drive."

*I wonder how far we are from Disney Land, should really look that up later*

Baby looked out the window absent-mindedly and begin biting her fingernails more furiously.

"So you hung out with a lot of models. That must've been loads of fun. Probably plenty of booze, coke and sex to go around…"

"I didn't really hang out with models too much."

*You're an idiot Jake*

"That's just how South Beach is; a lot of gay guys, celebrities, and models. And we always managed to get a pick up game of volleyball going, and it was usually with models. Sometimes the guys, sometimes the girls. Never did any drugs though, and the only drinking I would do was at a party or something with the guys, never too much."

He goes silent for a minute while he drives.

"And there was no sex, at all."

As he speaks Baby seems to calm down and smiles.

"Good. Good. It's nice that my date hasn't been in any drunken, coked-out orgies with Kate Moss, although if you had it'd be hella cool. I mean, only because of Kate Moss."

My God, it's taking forever to get to this restaurant!

"Heh, nothin to worry about with me. Some of my friends wound up at parties like that, but I never bothered to go."

He pulls the car into a parking lot and pulls into a spot.

"And here we are."

He smiles at her, blushing a bit, before looking down.

"And this is probably the worst thing to say on a first date, but, well, you're talking to the only guy to play varsity ball back at my school to still hold a V-Card."

She can't help but giggle at Jake's redness.

"How so very awful for you." She smiles and unbuckles her seatbelt. While she doesn't say it, she full expects him to get out of the truck and open the door for her. Once again, it's not something she needs but it'd be pretty nice.

"What can I say? Always had this idea of it meaning something."

He grins a bit before hopping out of the car and going around to open her door. Extending his hand after it's open to help her out.

With his aid, Baby steps down out of the vehicle and places her arm in his.

"Well it does mean something, to some people. Maybe to me, but I'm not sure. I've had too many guys use "Hey, wanna take my V-card, it's Valentine's day" as a pick-up to really think about it too much. But I do think it's sweet that you've held out all this time when you could've yam-mashed with some coked up little orange bitch."

Jake walks with her, arm in arm, towards the restaurant.

"I've turned down more girls then I've gone after by a really large margin. And the cancer girls I didn't even a damn hug from, they're nasty as hell. I mean, seriously, I don't get the point."

They walk inside and up to the host.

"We have a reservation for two, the name is Lange."

"Ah, right this way sir."

They're escorted to their table, where Jake shoos off the host so he can pull Baby's seat out himself.

"I'm kind of shocked you're not out their hunting our dinner up yourself." says Baby, a bit shocked. She wondered how far he'd go to impress her. "Seriously though, this is a really nice place. Do you have the money to, like, pay for everything? I can chip in. It's the least I could do."

Jake shakes his head a bit while laughing.

"Me? Hunt? I've got a life sized picture of myself done up like Rambo. But don't worry about it, I've got way more then enough to cover for it."

He opens up the menu and starts looking at it.

"Get anything you want."

Oh man, any other night I'd eat myself stupid, but I can't do that in front Jake. He'd never want to kiss me again.

"Why don't you order for me? I've got no clue what's good here." she giggles. "I don't want to wind up ordering puffer fish or shark liver."

I totally need to ask Moira about ordering out at fancy restaurants, I'm sure she knows.

"And don't you dare order me any weird aphrodisiacs!"


He can't help but laugh a bit.

"No problem, no problem at all. I have an idea of what to get."

He's trying to keep a cool composure, but it's failing as he looks at her.

"You look amazing tonight."

"Aww, hell, you're going to make me blush. And I look sucky when I blush, it looks like my face has gotten like extra blotchy or that I put on way too much makeup. Besides, I don't look good, you look good." she says. "And you don't smell sweaty like usual. You smell like something manly and girl mixed together."

*She's talking a lot, she's as nervous as I am….*

"I don't think you could possibly look 'sucky'. An wait a minute….I smell sweaty normally?"

He looks down at his arms and squeezes them against his sides.

"Somebody could have told me…."

His body language shows embarrassment, but his face is giving away his joking around.

"Figured Moira would've said something, I mean after all, she's already called me a whore. To who, I'm not sure though. But, that's life."

"And don't get all flatter-y on me, I should be flattering you. This is really too much. Do you treat all your dates this way?"

"Moira is…interesting, she implied it a bit after we all first met, but I think you're starting to grow on her. Well, you and Teddy, but that kid is just unfortunate."

He laughs a bit.

"And honestly? I can count the dates I've been on with one hand, and this is the only time I've ever really wanted to go do something nice. Just something about you."

And there's the shining grin as the waiter starts to walk over.

"My date will be doing all the ordering tonight, sir." says, Baby, handing over her menu.

"I think we're going to start with the Tempura Shrimp, and then for dinner I think we'll do the C Platter."

"Very nice selection sir, any drinks for you or the lady?"

"Just a Pepsi for me, Baby?"

"Could I get an Ice tea, Root Beer, and cherry coke? And some sugar. Oh, and an extra glass. I like to mix." she says, blushing, her facing doing that blotchy thing she spoke about earlier.

The waiter nods and walks off as Jake laughs a bit.

"Very cute, I have to say."

He can't stop grinning like an idiot.

"Not what my dad used to say, he's dentist. Used say "Baby Mary-Allen Tigo, that shit is going to rot your teeth out, god damn it!" As soon as she finishes, she realizes that she may have said that much louder than she intended.

He can't help but laugh.

*Definantly cute*

"He's a parent, what do you expect? But anyway, what's your family like? I can't remember you ever really talking about them."

"Didn't think it was important." she shrugs. "But my family is like most others. Got a dad who's really protective and overbearing, a mom that's kind of..uh…I guess flakey is the best to describe her, and I've got eight brothers who are all varying degrees of crazy. There's Bobby, Tommy, Donny, Johnny, Cliff, Griff, Lou and Blue."

"Between the eight of them we've got a petty vandal/con-man, actor, musician, layabout, athlete, father way before his time, cross-dresser, and clown."

"Sometimes I forget which is which."

Jake just looks at her in bewilderment.

"Whoa, that's a lot of people."

*Save the critique for some other time*

"Are you close with any of them?"

"You kidding? My brothers knew I had my first period before my mom did. Took me to the store to by tampons that day too…of course they also used me to smuggle out candy and dirty magazines, but you give a little, you get a little. There's nothing I wouldn't do for that rag-tag bunch, except deal with Tommy's baby-mama-drama. Jesus fuck those bitches are nuts."

"It sounds great, a bunch of class acts."

He lets out a little laugh.

"So how'd they take your getting powers?"

"They made me a costume and said we were taking a road trip to NYC so I could join the New Warriors."

She looks down at the table and begins laughing.

"They didn't even know what my powers were, I didn't even know what my powers were, and they made me a costume, and came up with a stupid name and everything."

Jake can't help but laugh harder as the waiter brings their appetizer and drinks, he makes an effort to not say anything about the drinks not coming sooner.

"Are you serious? What'd they call you? Was there a cape?"

"It was like a half-cape sash thing, sorta like Captain Marvel, but they made me wear two. They called me…oh god, I can't say it…it's so bad."

"Come on! Say it!"

He's all smiles and anticipation at this point as he blindly reaches out and sets a shrimp on his plate, pouring some of the soy into a little dish at it's side for dipping.

"They called me Attractress. God damn, can you believe that?" she says, taking Jake's shrimp off his plate with her powers and guiding it into hers. "The outfit was practically see-through too. Said it'd help me distract the Green Goblin or whoever the fuck they really thought I'd be fighting. I'm so lucky my parents stopped them as they tried to sneak me out."

She sighs.

"So what about you? Any funny power manifestation stories?"

Jake doesn't say anything as she takes his shrimp, he just gives her a joking glare and takes another.

"Somethin tells me that I would have liked that suit."

He laughs a little as he dips his shrimp and takes a bite.

"I manifested in the middle of practice, but I guess it was kind of funny. I was breaking through the front line during a drill, and just kept getting brighter and brighter. I was wondering why nobody had tackled me, but then I realized it was because everyone around me was blinded by the light."

"And that's when they pretty much screwed you over because of your powers right?" she asks, mixing up her drink.

"I've got an idea. We should start a mutant football team or something. Us West Coasters against those East Coast pansies, and we totally need to call dibs on like Iceman and Angel, since they used to live out here."

"More or less, being a mutant kills any athletic scholarship apparently. But I was saying the same thing to Paige the other day, we need mutant sports leagues, it would draw in the big ratings."

He finishes his shrimp and takes a drink

"I know I'd be proud to play pro-Mutant-Ball."

Baby laughs.

"Kickass. You could totally be the next NFL Super-Pro. Remember that bastard? I had like, all of his posters all over my room."

"So you had one poster?"

Jake joins her in laughing.

"I could throw a wicked long ball, no powers."

"Bet you could, Jakers." she grins. "And I had three damn it, lots of copies of the same three posters. Screw Dazzler, I was all about the Super-Pro."

It's then that the waiter brings out the giant platter plate and sets it down in front of them.

"Super-Pro, heh. I never really got into the powers scene until I got mine."

"Oh, I was always a huge fan of super-heroes and stuff." Baby mentions nonchalantly, taking a shrimp roll and popping it into her mouth. "I think I was Ms. Marvel for like three months after Halloween one year, my 'rents had to pry me out of that costume on some nights. Got She-Hulk to autograph my training bra after she and Titania busted up my school's dance. That was a fun night."

"That sounds great, nothing that exciting ever happened to me."

He digs an eel roll into some soy and wasabi and eats it before noticing the table next to them, and the creepy identical couple holding hands. Trying his hardest to not gag on his roll as he swallows it.

"Biggest thing to happen at our school was the kids who stole the license plates off of every car in the parking lot and put them all in a giant dumpster in the middle of it."

"You want a real prank?" she asks, taking an even nastier looking roll and scarfing it down.


"Me and my brothers covered the football field in those tiny little candy marshmallows AND then we stuck lots of plastic forks it in. They nearly canceled the damn season, that's how hard that shit was to clean up."

Jake almost chokes on the food in his mouth when he hears that.

"Are you serious? That's fucking nuts!"

He's laughing his ass off as he almost subconsciously lays his arm down across the table.

"You win with that one, ours was just funny for the sake of nobody knowing their plate numbers, yours must have given someone a heart attack."

"Heh, well we had a real reason for doing." She says, nodding. "Griff's girlfriend goes to a rival school, and she's got a bit of…well, she's got a gambling problem. And she put a rather large bet on her school's team without realizing they were going to be playing my school's team (which really kicked ass) And she would've owed some nasty people some money, so we had to bail her out somehow. My school had to forfeit the game, she didn't get her pretty face broken in. Good stuff all around."

"Of course, that doesn't really compare to some of nutty crap I got up when I went to Xavier's. The East Coast school is really a helluva place."

"Junior year, for the lacrosse finals, a few of us got into the other teams equipment chest, stole the mascot head, and recreated Lord of the Flies with it on a lacrosse stick in the middle of their quad. One of the guys even covered it with some real nasty crap to attract the flies. Pretty sure they had to retire that suit."

She grins at him and eats some more sushi.

"I've always hated Lord of the Flies…What's up with the creepy couple next to us?" she asks, slowly nudging towards the table near them.

Jake glances over again to see the "couple" making eyes at each other, and he almost gags. They look like twins.

"I don't know, but it's kinda fucked up. Isn't that illegal in this state?"

"Man, no clue. I mean, I'd like to assume they're not related, but who the hell dates someone that looks like they could be their sister? It's totally twisted."

"I've got no clue, but this is twisting my stomach around….so which of us is going to say it?"

Baby grins and turns to the couple.

"Look, I know this is a free country and all, but damn it. Not only is that against the law, it's disgusting and wasn't even cool when Angelina Jolie did it. You two seem pretty enough to be able to date outside the family. Please do so."

The couple turn and look at Jake and Baby, still holding hands.

"Excuse us children, but my sister and I do not care for you jokes." the male says

"Dude, incest isn't best, we aren't in Arkansas. so how about you stop acting like you're getting ready to go and bone and let us keep our food down."

"Little maggots." the girl says

"Hush Andrea, I will take care of this." The male of the pair, grips his sisters hand tighter and fires a blast of concussive energy at the table between Jake and Baby.

Oh no they didn't!

"Jake…" says Baby, brushing splinters of the table off her now ruined dress. "…I think the real fun is starting."

"I think you're right Babe."

He can't help but grin, it's been a while since he got some action. His eyes start glowing and his right fist does as well as he shoots a light beam right at the male's chest.

The twins take to the air as Jake counter-attacks, and his beam blows a hole in a wall of the restaurant.

Before they can attack again Baby tries to ground the twins with ability, pulling one (the male) towards her, while giving Jake a pull of his own and pulling the female towards him.

Jake starts bending the light around him to create a false image of himself not more then six inches to the right of where he actually is as he blasts her with another light beam from his hand.

"Fish in a bucket!"

"Without a doubt." says the male. Even though he's floating in orbit around Baby, with a quick reach of his hand he was able to grab her hair, and pull himself downwards, launching a kick into her face. Then, he he followed that up with a strike to her wounded arm.

"You shall rue the day you attempted to best Adreas von Strucker."


Jake impulsivly flies at Andreas with anger in his eyes, it's all fun and games until his date gets hurt. He shoots a few light blasts that are easily dodged as Andreas grabs a plate and throws it at Jake, "missing" him by just enough to hit where he actually is, right in the head. Crashing down into a table rubbing his head the most he can do is reach out and bend the light around Baby in an effort to make her invisible.

"Stupid American children, did you honestly expect to stand a chance against the Fenris Twins?"

Adreas steps over Jake and towards his sister. He began slapping her.

"Wake sister, I have need of your power." She grins and points a finger at Jake, firing a disintegration beam at Jake.

Jake rolls over out of the way, the beam missing his chest and just grazing his arm.


He stares up at them again, his forehead bleeding a bit from the plate.


His eyes start glowing as theirs go black, he's keeping the light from hitting them, effectively cutting off their vision.

"Fuck bwoke my nose!" shouts Baby, using her powers to hurl dozens of knives at Andrea and Andreas. The pair, being blind, don't see a thing coming.

"THE PAIN MY BROTHER, THE PAIN!" cries Andrea as she begins shooting her destructive beams wildly.

Jake throws up a construct wall in front of himself and Baby to absorb some of the beams.

"Keep 'em comin beautiful, these guys are cake."

Jake lets loose another light blast at Andrea, hitting her in the stomach and separating the twins again.

Baby slams into Andreas with the best tackle she can muster and slams a plate into the back of his head.

"Son of a bitch. Gwabbed my mohawk. Bwoke my nose. Bastawd!" she screams, repeatedly bashing him with the plate. "Tink I'm done with mine. How bout you?"

Jake puts a foot on Andrea's back, she's out from the blast, and he looks almost like a hunter standing tall over his prey.

"I think it'll be a few months before she's eating solids again."

He takes another look around

"Wait, did we just get into a powered fight over incest?"

She sighs and takes a seat against a wall, noticing that the restaurant is now evacuated.

"Pwobabwy." She sighs even more heavily as she hears sirens in the distance. "Shit."

Jake wraps an arm around her and starts flying off.

"Hold on tight, something tells me we don't need this."

He gets her out the door and to the truck, opening the door and grinning a bit.

"Hell of a first date, eh?"

Re: New Mutants West Unlimited #1
Post by Jake "Flare" Lange on May 12, 2007, 10:01pm

Baby looks at Jake curiously. At first her face seems almost contorted with anger, but soon she's laughing.

"HAHAHHAHAHAH! Oh God. My bwos would be pwoud." as she composes herself she makes eye-contact with Jake. "I'd kiss you but my mouth is filled with bwood….wess dat's your kink…"

"I think I can wait till we get treated."

He show her the bloody gash in his shoulder.

"Should make for a good scar."

Jake can't but smile as he wraps an arm around Baby and gives her a kiss anyway.

"So was tonight spontaneous enough for you?"

"Pwease. I hawdwy caww a random incest fight spontaneous. Happened aww da time back home." she says, beaming, showing blood-stained teeth. "So if anyone ask, can we just say you wike it wough? Seems like they'd bewieve that stowy mowe."

"Whatever you want babe," he says while laughing, "Whatever you want."

She looks into his eyes and then up at the moon.

"This is the pawt whewe I ask fow something cheesy like "The whole damn moon" and you valiantly say you'll get it fow me. Don't twy, lemme just say I'm alweady appweciate your goofy sweetness." Baby then kisses him on the lips. "I weally do."

Jake can't help but give her a goofy grin. "Night's still young, want to get some ice cream before we go get stiched up?"

He can't help but glance up at the moon, he truly would lasso it down for her if he had the power.

"No…pwetty suwe I should get my nose fixed fiwst."

"Alright." He helps boost her up into the car before closing the door and going around, getting in the drivers seat. "You want to stop at the hospital on the way, or just wait till we get home?"

"Home would pwobably be best. Hospital would ask too many questions."

"Yeah, like if I kissed my baby with my fist." he says while containing his laughter as he pulls out of the parking lot and starts to drive back.

"…thought giwls were supposed to say things that made guys feel lost." she replied with a giggle, leaning her head back to stop the bleeding.

"Bad pop-culture joke, don't worry about it. We'll be back home soon, see if we can't get fixed up."

*My shoulder is fucking killing me*

"Hopefully. God. Mimic is gonna be a weal cock about this. I just know it." she laughs, patting him on the shoulder with her good arm. "Thanks for a night. Wasn't a gweat night, but it wasn't a bad night either. Just a night…but one I won't fowget, like, evew. I mean, sewiously, I got my nose bwoken. You don't fowget that."

Jake can't help but laugh along with her, "I guess you don't, come on, let's head on home."

He boosts her into the Explorer and closes the door before going around and getting in the drivers seat, patting her leg before turning it on.

"We've gotta do this again sometime. Only, you know, without the blood, broken cartilage, and scars."

Another grin and he drives off.

«And fin»

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