Real Name - Alan Arroyo
Code Name - Nomad (Just a nickname given to him by Andrei)
Sex - Male
Age - 18

Mutations/Powers - Telekinesis. Able to levitate and hurl objects with a thought. Potentially very strong but tries not to rely solely on his telekinesis. Usually only using it to help further his physical stats. Manipulates the speed of objects he uses as projectiles (eg. Throwing a trash can lid then using TK to push it even faster than it should be able to go). Can levitate but does not do it often, or for too long, as it causes him stress. Prefers to use his TK to propel him further allowing him to do a standing broad leap of up to 15 feet, further with a running start. Able to generate telekinetic shields but can only support a limited amount of concussive force before he becomes overwhelmed. Trained in Combat Sambo, incorporates TK into his martial arts, usually with telekinetic pushes.

Look - 5'7", athletic build. Wears a tuque and often hides himself under his zip-up hoodie. When not trying to cover his face up, Alan usually has an unpleasant scowl on his face. Slicked back, jet black hair with deep brown eyes and a bit of chin fuzz. Usually wears a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers under it all.

Personality - Anti-social. He has trouble approaching people and often people have trouble approaching him due to his demeanor. Prefers to work on his own due to his fear of possibly letting others down. Because of his past, Alan strongly believes that anyone he becomes close to will be caused undue harm so he refuses to allow others to build relationships/friendships with him. Dislikes people younger than him, more often than not discrediting them before even really meeting or observing them. Though takes on a more protective role when it comes to younger girls as they remind him of his sister.

History - Born and raised in Toronto. Has 2 older brothers and a younger sister. Lost his mother due to a complication when giving birth to his younger sister. Father became an abusive alcoholic after this occurred and blamed Alan's sister for what happened to his life, often treating her worse than the rest of the family. Alan's eldest brother soon moved out of the home after their father changed, while his other brother died by OD'ing. Alan started to develop his mutant power at the age of 16 during one evening after suffering a severe beating from his father in his sister's place. Alone in his room, attempting to tend to his cuts and bruises he mentally lashes out due to his frustration of his and his sister's living conditions. Later that night he stumbles upon his father about to cause even more harm against his sister and again lashes out, nearly killing his father and knocking his sister unconscious. Alan takes his sister with him and runs away from home to his older brother's apartment. Alan explains to his older brother what happened and about his power. Shocked and afraid, Alan's older brother convinces him that he needs to leave, which he does.

Now living on the streets for a couple of years, Alan finds his way to New York where he befriends an ex-Soviet Union Soldier, Andrei Potemkin, who takes Alan under his wing teaching him martial arts and survival techniques. Alan also secretly attempts to hone his mutant ability, which Andrei accidentally discovers but keeps to himself. Within the year, Alan's father, with several of his boorish friends, manages to track Alan down and forcefully attempts to take him away which Andrei takes exception to. A large scuffle breaks out, resulting in the death of Alan's father, with the thugs making a hastily retreat and leaving Andrei fatally wounded. Andrei instructs Alan to seek out the Xavier Institute. Not really knowing what else to do, Alan follows his mentor's advice and finds his way to the gates of the X-Mansion.

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