Complete Mission Log

Osmosis Lass

Special guest stars:
Professor Xavier

One panel cameo (waving from section five of the stands):
Amelia Chow

Featuring the first appearance of:
An as yet unnamed speedster member of the Imperial Guard Elite

Mentioned an awful lot for never doing anything:

The Trial of Osmosis Lass seemed to be going relatively well at first. Even the prosecutor was convinced she should be pardoned. But, you know what they say about those best laid plans…

Deathbird interrupted the proceedings just before Lilandra was about to pardon Nadia, informing Lilandra that the position of the crime was within the former Kree Empire, Deathbird's jurisdiction, and therefore Deathbird should be presiding over the trial. She moved to have Nadia executed. Gladiator appeared to verify Deathbird's claims, and Roxanne immediately asked for a duel of honor against the Elite. Deathbird accepted, and asked Electron to lead the Elite in the duel of honor. Lilandra recused Gladiator from joining.

On the way to the Blue Area of the Moon for the duel, Chi's latent telepathy began to awaken. This enabled the Auxilliary to learn what the Elite contingent would be, but also caused some of them to be really uncomfortable with him. Not helping matters, Xavier made a number of Jean Grey comparisons. The Elite roster, by the way, was Electron, Manta, Warstar, Hussar, Fang, Neutron, and two people the Auxilliary didn't recognize: a speedster and Quake.

On the moon, the Auxilliary were manhandled relatively badly, even with Manta, Warstar, and Fang never joining the fight. Seed was taken down by Hussar after being pretty much completely ineffectual against Electron, Rapt was devastated by Neutron, and Prime took some shots from Electron too, and was obviously showing pain from them. The good news is that Chi managed to take down Hussar before getting injured trying to take on Neutron, Reflex also helped against Neutron after taking a powerful punch from him that both injured him and incredibly supercharged him. With Neutron almost down, the unnamed speedster hopped in to stop Reflex, who in turn developed a crush on her.

Meanwhile, Roxanne, Nadia, and Nicolette managed to talk Electron out of his vengeful vendetta while not actually fighting. Nicolette did get fried a few times, but kept getting up, and eventually the three of them convinced Electron to surrender, leaving the Auxilliary to deal with their wounded. Rapt briefly died during surgery, but was resuscitated and has shown signs of recovery.

Rumor has reached the Juber that Electron has been demoted for surrendering on the field of honor.

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