New Mutant Babies

A young version of the New Mutants created by Mojo. They seemed to have about the same powers as the New Mutants, but seemed much more hesistant to use them. They seemed to be prisoners and didn't seem to want to fight.

STOPWATCH - Dialation - Seemed to have much more control over his powers than Dilan. Dilan seemed to absorb him during the fight.

PEBBLES - Madrock- A toddler who falls on her butt a lot. Was able to generate a baby version of Golem.

DEADMAN - Current- A gravestone with legs.

HEAVILY ARMED - Geforce - Carried a rifle that was way too big for him.

WHAT'S HIS NAME - Stryker - His telepathic powers seemed pretty weak.

SUCKER - Incubus - Has a Roguelike stripe in his hair.

WRECKED - Wreck - Wears a full body cast

LIL DEMON - Maxwell's Demon - Seemed to have no idea how to use his powers.

HOT STUFF - Heatwave - His hair was on fire.

YES, MAD- Nomad - Dressed like a goth, down to the bandaged wrist. Seemed more interested in standing around writing depressing poetry than doing anything useful.

CURTSIPHONREFLEX - Reflex - Kept hopping up and down in place.

BATTERY - Vigour - Wore a Thor helmet that was way too big for his head.

Significant Issues

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