Complete Mission Log

Complete Back Up Story


It's been 25 issues already? Time to throw a hell of a party, and all of Xavier's students are invited to the celebration. Cannonball has been held by the Phalanx for months, and it's time to mount a rescue operation. Join us for our most action-packed New Mutants story yet!

Also, in our back up story, Chi in his infinite foolishness offers to babysit for Lex and Jubilee, which leads to his telling Alexia the story of the New Mutants…with his own strange little spin.

Cover by Alex Ross and don't miss the special varient cover drawn by classic New Mutants artist Bill Sienkiewicz!

Main Story
Written by: Mike Maillaro
Guest Penciller - Butch Guice

Backup story
Written by: EVERYONE
Guest Artist - Mike Ploog

On sale…Tuesday May 8, 2007

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