New Mutants #115

Now that the mansion is all theirs again, the New Mutants find themselves trying to figure out…"What's going on with Current?" But, when our special guest star Ghost Rider comes for a visit, and the "the creatures of the night" are right behind him, will any of them survive to learn the answers?

Written by: Mike Maillaro
Guest Penciled by: Norm Breyfogle

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Complete Log Part 2

New Mutants 115 - Hotter Than Hell



After a pretty tough training session earlier in the day, Rogue has gathered the New Mutants outside the mansion just for some hang out time. Rogue set up a campfire in the woods around the mansion, and the NM were all gathered around it.

In typical NM fashion, their peaceful night was disrupted by the arrival of Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is pissed off and looking for someone. He quickly realizes that it Charge is his target. Ghost Rider feels a lot of blood on Charge's hands, but the cries for vengeance seem to be coming from very far away.

Zephyr uses a gust of wind to knock Ghost Rider into the woods. Ghost Rider returns to the campfire, on his motorcycle, wrapping his chain around Charge and dragging him off into the night.

The New Mutants follow them into a nearby graveyard. Current and Ghost Rider are surrounded by what looks like a costume party gone horribly wrong. Just on a quick glance you spot some business men wielding their briefcases like weapons, pirates, vikings, cowboys, even some alien races like Skrulls, and something that looks like a sentient pile of moss.

A few of the New Mutants leap into the fray, determined to rescue Almond from Ghost Rider and this horde of creatures. They quickly find out that the horde seems to have been people who sold their souls to Mephisto. Mephisto offered to free any of them who killed a New Mutant.

During the battle, Pester gets attacked by a football player, but with some wrestling moves and fast thinking, Pester bluffs him into calling off the attack.

Ghost Rider explains the horrible things Charge had done in his reality, but most of the team does not believe him.

Ghost Rider goes to attack Charge again. Amelia plunges a sword into Ghost Rider's chest, which just manages to piss him off more. Amelia really goes to town trying to slice Ghost Rider up, but it doesn't do much lasting damage. Ghost Rider distracts her by blocking her path with his motorcycle and turns his attention back towards Charge. Arc jumps on Ghost Rider, but he is thrown to the side as well.

Rogue starts to drain some power from Charge. The backlash knocks Rogue to the ground, her hair and clothes on fire. Pester manages to put the fires out…saving Rogue again. Amelia knees Charge in the groin, realizing that something is very wrong here.

Dr. Strange arrive with Heatwave in tow, telling the team to get away from Charge. Dr. Strange casts a binding spell on Charge, and a truth spell. A few minutes later, the real Current arrives, shocked to find out he had been replaced by a imposter.

Rogue approachs Charge, having absorbed his memories. She gets him to reveal that he had planned to kill the New Mutants, but he just could not bring himself to do it. The team has a long discussion about what to do. Ghost Rider gets tired of waiting, and has Strange drop his holding spell, to Penance Stare Charge. Charge manages to tap into a little of Current's power and vanishes, frying their communicators before he goes.

Current tries to track him, but finds two major electrical trails. One in town, one leading up into the woods. The team splits in two, using Pester and Rogue absorbing some of Pester's power to communicate.

Pester, Wreck, Current, Lex, And Amelia head into town, while
Ghost Rider, Zephyr, Arc, Alexia, and Rogue follow them into the woods. Current wants to chase him on his own, but Rogue convinces him to stay with his group.

Current's team finds the source of their trail being a man standing at a train station trying to make a getaway. Current teleports in front of him, only to discover that it's nor Charge…it's Electro! Amelia takes him down with a staff. The cops arrive, and confuse Current for Living Lightning. They greet him and the others as heroes for taking down Electro, slowing them down from going to help Rogue's team.

In the woods, Zephyr uses some wind to shake the trees. Charge kicks up more powerful winds, and attacks the team. He manages to hold them off pretty well, but he is obviously not using lethal force. After several minutes of this, the other team finally catches back up…just in time for Lex to see Alexia get knocked down by a electrical blast.

Lex heats Charge up. Charge responds by changing the water into fire to keep Rogue away from him. Pester starts to get into Almond's head. Ghost Rider's cycle comes to Zephyr's side, and allows him to ride it. Zephyr distracts Charge long enough for Amelia to smack him across the head with her staff. Wreck finishes him off with a final punch. Current saps Charge's powers away from him.

Ghost Rider uses his Penance Stare on Charge, and tells Zeph to never come near his motorcycle again.

While the team is distracted by Ghost Rider's exit, Charge tries to kill himself with a knife through the chest. The team manages to act quickly to stabalize him, but he's in a coma.

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