New Mutants 114, Part 3

Part 3 - Reckoning

New Mutants 114 - Part 3 Complete Log

A lot happened between the missions in social topics, so this may feel a little disjointed…in between the missions, it was revealed that Ixnay, Torment, and Wraithling had joined with Magneto, and Lex and Jubilee's daughter (Alexia) came from the future for a rescue attempt, only to find that her powers, like the rest of the heroes are not working because of Ixnay's presense

The New Mutants, Hellions, and Power Pack had been locked up for a few hours now. Rogue and Emma have done their best to keep everyone's spirits up, but the death and near deaths of their teammates has made everyone feel about as low as they have at any moment at Xavier's.

A few of the Acolytes have walked by the cage to check things out, but so far, no one has seen Magneto or Apocalypse. It is clear that Jay must be near by at all times since no one has been able to use their powers behind simple things like Nephy keeping herself alive.

The presence of Alexia seems to add to the confusion. She seems particularly bewildered that she wasn't able to help the team escape. That was why she was sent here in the first place, and now she found herself just as much a prisoner of the rest of them.

Torment and Wraithling in particular have been hanging around the cell more often, but after the first few diatribes by their teammates, they have been careful to keep their distance. Outburst convinces M to bring some painkillers foe Heaven. Off panel, some kind of treatment seems to be given to keep her alive, but she's still just barely hanging on.

Magneto comes down to the cell with M, and seems very sad about everything that's happened. Apparantly, when he saved Apocalypse's life (after the AoA adventure way back when), Apocalypse repaid him by helping him out get out of his coma. But, Apocalypse could not get rid of his plans for revenge against the New Mutants. Magneto seemed stuck in an alliance with Apocalypse, and perhaps others. It was implied, but never made 100% clear.

Magneto knows the kids will figure out a way to escape, and encourages them to do so before Apocalypse can act. In a twist, Rapt suggested that Magneto run for president against Kelly. Mags actually seemed to consider that idea…before leaving.

Ixnay comes back into sight…but he seems to be moving slowly as if hypnotised. He tells the heroes to try using their powers again. Wreck is about to kill him, when Wraithling reveals that he is the one controlling Ixnay. Torment sends some shadow demons to help tear the cell down, and the heroes are able to escape. Wraithling jumps out of Ixnay, allowing his teammates to knock Ixnay out.

The heroes start to make their escape, but decide to split into two teams. The Power Pack, Rogue, Emma, Roxie, Heaven, and Solidity move towards the surface to try and call for backup. The others are going to try and have a rescue operation for Torment and Wraithling. During the escape, Knave seems to have slipped off.

The S&R team runs across Harlan Kleinstock. Outburst trips him saving his teammates from an energy blast, and Wildfire shotgun blasts him. That is three deaths by gunfire for three brothers!

They find Pyro, Wind Dancer, and Avalanche surrounding Torrance and Wraithling. Ixnay had regained consciousness and seems to be trying to help the heroes.

Prime and Star go for Pyro, but his heat is keeping them away. Outburst manages to tag Avalanche with an energy blast. He keeps on the pressure, and a final blast from Star knocks Avalanche into one of Wreck's entropy fields.

Wildfire charges at Wind Dancer. She's knocked backwards. Chi rushes towards Wind Dancer, determined to get some revenge. With the help of Lifebeat, he is able to take her down.

Apocalypse arrives, making the big dramatic bad guy speech. Star tries to attack him, but Apocalypse repeals her easily. The New Hellions begin to realize that this is a fight they just can't win. The team (especially Outburst) brings the rock tunnels down on Apocalypse, and tears ass out of there.

Meanwhile, the escaping second team runs into Magneto. He reveals that he was forced to kill Knave who would not stop attacking him until he killed her. He seems to have very little regret for this, as he feels he was just defending himself. Exodus and Magneto teleport away before anything can be done to them. The two teams reunite, and escape, soon getting picked up by the X-Men.

But, the damage was already done. Three dead teammates (four if you count Stryker who finally succumbed to the legacy virus back at the mansion), and a definite loss. Granted, they managed to escape, but Magneto and Apocalypse were still out there. The students at the Xavier Institute don't know it yet, but after today, nothing will ever be the same.

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