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New Mutants 114 - Part 2 - Temptation
Post by K'lar on Feb 28, 2007, 2:06pm

Part 2 - Tempation

Emma Frost
Stardust (visiting from the New Mutants)


While the New Mutants find themselves in battle with the Horsemen, Emma Frost calls her Hellion students down for a Danger Room session. The rest of the school had gone on a field trip to Washington for a tour of X-Factor's Headquarters leaving the two field teams behind.

In order to help them get a little more experience in battle, Emma had the Danger Room program in some random opponents…who suspiciously came out looking like the X-Men 2099 members (Xi'an,
Skullfire, Krystalin, Meanstreak, Cerebra, Metalhead, Junkpile, Bloodhawk, La Lunatica, and Serpentina).

Any Hellion who took any injury, no matter how small, in battle had to sit out the rest of the scenario. Emma put Prime in charge of the team, and acted as another student under Prime's command.

The battle takes place in a wooded area. Bloodhawk and Meanstreak are the first to arrive. Seed manages to trip Meanstreak up, and after Blind causes Bloodhawk's senses to go haywire, Wildfire takes him down with two shots from a sniper rifle. Prime orders Phase to knock Meanstreak out. The rest of the X-Men 2099 pour out of the woods.

Phase drops Junkpile into the ground by liquifying the ground, which seems to piss him off more than stop him.

Naga and Wildfire go after Cerebra. Naga is able to drug Cerebra, confusing her and allowing Wildfire to knock her out. Naga and Wildfire are rewarded for their troubles by being attacked by Krys wielding a crystal staff. Naga attacks Krys with a knife, which Junkpile pulls from her hands, allowing Krys to knock her out.

Wildfire heats up her own spit to burn Krys. Krys stumbles towards a nearby tree. Wildfire finishes her off, but finds Bloodhawk waiting to take her down.

Blind uses his powers to confuse Xi'an. He drops Xi'an to the ground with a ear shattering scream. Satisfied, he turns his attention to helping his teammates, but Xi'an is back up immediately thanks to his healing hand, and destroys Blind.

Seed tries to wrap trees around Serpentina, which Skullfire blasts her free from. Prime turns her attention to Serpentina to help Seed. She manages to knock out Serpentina, but not before Seed is choked
out. Prime charges Skullfire, but he keeps her back with some well placed energy blasts. Tangle steps in, wrapping Skullfire up long enough for Prime to knock him out. Prime and Star then knock out Xi'an.

La Lunatica charges into the Hellions, trying to attack anyone she can get her claws on, and ends up facing off against Lifebeat. Lifebeat's blood effects are really getting Lunatica distracted, and Lifebeat is able to take advantage of that, finishing her off by smashing her into the ground numerous times.

Cadmus and Metalhead face off in a battle of strength. They seem pretty evenly matches until Junkpile strips Cadmus's weapons and armor away. Prime eventually arrives to throw Metalhead into Junkpile taking them both out. Bloodhawk is the only one left standing, but he seems determined to keep fighting.

Until he is taken down by a blast from Magneto. The real Magneto, not a part of the simulation. He had waltzed right into the Danger Room to speak to the Hellions. This was a bit of a shocker since everyone had thought he was still in a coma.

Magneto seems reasonable enough. He doesn't seem there for a fight, he just seems to want to talk. Emma doesn't trust him, and telepathically tells Jubilee to get up to the Danger Room. Emma also tells Jubilee about Lex's deal with Mephisto which meant that she was save from harm as long as she did not physically start a fight. It is unknown exactly how much of the story Emma or now Jubilee knows.

Everyone's reactions to Magneto vary from Cadmus telling him off to Wraithling endlessly sucking up.

Magneto offers the Hellions a chance to be save from Senetor's Kelly threats by joining his Acolytes. Tangle is the only one to accept his offer.

The rest of the team keeps antagonizing him, so Magneto has Slipstream teleport in his Acolytes: Unuscione, Harlan Kleinstock, M, Emplate, Synch, Chamber, Maggot, Thunderbird III, Slipstream, and Lifeguard. Exodus teleports into the control room, but Jubilee refuses to move out of his way, and he quickly finds that he can't hurt her. He's so pissed off that he doesn't think about just using his powers on the control panel.

The Acolytes and Hellions have a brief battle. The Danger Room comes to life with weapons blasting at the Acolytes, but it is a pretty even battle. During the fight, an injured Tangle ends up facing off against Wildfire. Wildfire gives him a chance to stay with the team. Tangle refuses, so Wildfire cuts his throat.

During the melee, Jubilee feels her water break…

Exodus comes down into the Danger Room, knocking the Hellions around, and Slipstream teleports the Hellions into captivity.

They find themselves in a underground prison with the New Mutants, Power Pack, and the other heroes captured in the lead in to this mission.


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