New Mutants 114 Part 1

New Mutants 114 - Part 1 - Revenge

New Mutants 114 Part 1 Complete Log


Rogue calls the New Mutants down to the Ready Room. She shows the team some footage of a small crowd gathering for a Support Senetor Kelly rally in Central Park. Calamity (the older, evil version of the recently kidnapped Madrock) is seen standing to the side of the crowd.

The team decides to investigate, but Rogue insists that they try to keep things calm. Last thing they needed to do was show up at an anti-mutant rally causing trouble.

Wreck, Solidity, Chi, and Heaven go into the crowd to serve as crowd control in case things get ugly. The rest of the team approaches Calamity, who starts to move away from the crowd.

Zephyr catches up to her first, and it becomes apparant immediately that it is not really Roxie. Zeph grabs "Roxie" by the collar and demands that she tell him where his sister is. Winds start picking up across the park.

Solidity shifts to look like Captain America, and the crowd team does a decent job getting the crowd to disperse. Current acts quickly to destroy the newscameras so no one gets any footage of what happens. There will b esome eyewitness reports, but since most people were just trying to get out of there, no civilians knows what really happened that day.

"Roxie" drops the act, and reveals that she was actually the "missing" Xavier student, Wind Dancer, but much more powerful. When Xavier didn't allow her on the field teams, she ended up joining Apocalypse as one of his Horsemen. He gave her power and the chance to get revenge on the Xavier students.

Wind Dancer fights the New Mutants, but they seem to be getting the upper hand, so she calls for backup. Apocalypse's other Horsemen are revealed to be Pyro, Avalanche, and Posiedon. Pyro and Avalanche agree to join when Apocalypse offered to cure Pyro's legacy virus, and amped up their powers. Pyro now seemed capable of projecting fire from his own body without extrenal help.

Zephyr and Chi manage a battering ram version of the Fastball Special to take down Wind Dancer.

Heatwave manages to get close enough to Pyro to allow him and Rogue to double team to take him out.

Solidity wraps herself around Avalanche, knocking him out after a prolonged running battle with the rest of the team.

Poseidon takes advantage of the confusion to slip behind Chi and fill his forcefield with water. Mike can't bring down his field, and almost drowns inside his own forcefield. Once he passes, out the force field drops, but he's not breathing. Heaven charges at Poseidon, covering her hands with caesium in an attempt to blow him up. She succeeds, but collapses her lungs in the process. Outburst and Rapt manage to keep them alive, but just barely.

Sephula tries to help, but he is overwhelmed by Apocalypse taking control of him. Seph starts to attack his teammates, systemmatically taking them out one by one. He shuts down Current's nervous system. Follows by choking out Rogue. Next he caused Wreck's heart to explode over and over again everytime he regenerated.

Knave pulls out a dagger Seph had given him to take him down if he ever went rogue. Seph takes control of Knave's muscles and blasts Solidity to unconsciousness. He knocks out Rapt just moments after he gets Chi breathing again. And then Reflex falls next. He starts to choke Zephyr, but Outburst distracts him with an energy blast. Zeph and Kidd combine their powers to ram the dagger into Seph's chest, killing him.

Apocalypse arrives, surveys the defeated New Mutants and teleports them away.


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