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Mission Log 110 - Handbasket Express

It starts out as a normal day…relatively speaking. Rogue is sifting through the remains of the X-Mansion, getting a touch of nostalgia, when she comes across a letter from the not-so-dearly departed New Mutant known as Wreck.

]If you are reading this, then something has gone horribly wrong. As I write this, I'm still not certain whether I'm crazy or not. But I don't think I am.

I suppose if someone has found this, I may as well lay it out in the open. I've done some horrible things in my life. Enough so that my soul is apparently bound for hell. I know this, because I've seen it.

There's a demon, who calls himself Mephisto. I've been steadily seeing him every time I "die" for a long time now. Every time I die I get the feeling he's closer and closer to catching me. And that really seems to irk him.

Anyway, long story short. I think one of these times he's going to actually do it, and when that happens, I know of no good way to get myself out. So if one of these days I suddenly don't wake up from getting myself killed, I suppose you'll know where I am.

…..this would generally be the part where I say such things as "don't come and save me, it's too dangerous" and the like. But, well…..I'm not Greg. If what I suspect has come to pass and I really am currently burning, that would be a massive lie. Of course I want someone to save me. Duh.

But, yeah. If anyone feels the need to try, don't do anything stupid in doing so. I think I've done enough stupid things for all of us.

Much love, even if I didn't show it


Rogue immediately holds a meeting with her charges to discuss the plan. As distressing as this is, Mephisto is, typically, out of the X-Men’s usual range of expertise, so, the next day, Dr. Strange is brought to the mansion. After he does some meditating and levitating, he awakens and informs them of the full depth of their situation. Mephisto is a bad, bad man, for sure, but Dr. Strange didn’t earn the title of ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ from being a mediocre magician. While there’s some definite stress - some of which stems from the fact that Wreck was not exactly the most likeable person - Dr. Strange’s presence alleviates the situation considerably.

Which is why everyone is so freaked out when Dormammu shows up and sucks Dr. Strange away before he can so much as say ‘by the hoary host of Hogoth’.

They’re trapped in hell - or at least a part of hell that looks like an ornate ballroom - and they’re trapped with one of the most powerful beings in the known universe. The New Mutants are helpless, unable to save Wreck as he languishes in his torture before them, unable to stop Mephisto as he…gives them dinner.

It turns out that there are some rules Mephisto has to follow, rules that prevent him from simply blasting them all to oblivion. He bids the New Mutants to sit down, talk and eat, using Wreck’s pained cries as entertainment. Most of the New Mutants staunchly refuse this offer; some, like Nadia, have a religious base, some, like Marisol, just don’t trust the guy. Dillan, however, seems to be in an odd state of mind; he not only eats, he gorges himself, and seems to very much enjoy the entertainment and Mephisto’s company. He snaps back when Marisol cautions, and when Zephyr stands up in protest, Mephisto makes him sit down, trapping him inside a force field.

After some more wining and dining, Mephisto whisks each New Mutant off to their own private dimension, where he can tempt them in his own fashion.

For Nadia, he shows her what her brother’s been doing with his new pals, Mr. Sinister and the Marauders. She’s naturally disturbed by what she sees, and especially confused over the memories he was discussing. Sinister offers her the chance to show her brother a better path, but, while Nadia doesn’t quite understand what would drive her brother to work with Sinister, she resolves that it’s something she’ll take care of on her lonesome. Denied.

To Reflex, he offers the obvious. A chance to heal his broken limbs, make him as strong, if not stronger than before. Though Reflex toys with him at first, and even seriously considers the deal in his, ultimately he turns it down. Denied

After apologizing for the interrupted dinner and giving Dillan a doggy bag, Mephisto offers Dillan the chance to bring back Almond Quimby, the New Mutant formerly known as Current. Mephisto juices the deal by convincing Dillan that he’s crazy, and, indeed, he is acting a bit strange; whether it’s because of the food or because of the weirdness with his powers is hard to tell. Ultimately, he accepts, adding a katana to the deal before it’s all done. Accepted

He gives Marisol a chance to unlock her full potential and purpose, playing on her insecurities and her lack of confidence. While Marisol has some reservations and isn’t 100% against it, she turns him down, resolving to find her path on her own power. Denied.

Zephyr doesn’t exactly get an offer so much as he gets a threat; Mephisto seems to know about some sordid events in his past, and says that he’ll reveal them if Zephyr doesn’t cooperate. Zephyr’s quite freaked by this, but turns him down nonetheless. While he doesn’t doubt the threat, he resolves to tell the others himself before Mephisto has the chance. Denied.

Mephisto makes Heatwave aware of all the dangers Jubilee could fall pray to, and offers insurance for her and their unborn child. While the deal has a few stipulations that prevent Jubilee from going crazy, it seems sound enough and Lex goes for it. Accepted

Sephula’s wish is simple: He bargains to get everyone out of there. Mephisto agrees to do so in three days, though it seems his definition of ‘three days’ might make things a bit skewed. Accepted.

He offers Voltage a simple way out, threatening to hold him indefinitely if he doesn’t accept. Voltage plays it cool and calls the bluff, a move that works out for him in the end. Denied.

Finally, he offers Pester a finer control of his powers, which would allow people to get close to him without him…well, pestering them. Pester expands on the offer, bringing in the chance of new, better powers. It’s mighty tempting, but Pester turns him down flat. Denied.

Am I missing anyone? Don’t think I’m missing anyone.

The group finds themselves back in the dining hall, though some of them -namely the ones who accepted Mephisto’s offers - aren’t present. They wonder what’s up and how long they’ll have to stay in hell, but these thoughts are interrupted when Mephisto comes up with some entertainment, showing them things Zephyr did as a child.

It turns out that, as a child, Zephyr was forced to kill a bunch of clones like him, in order to prove he was worthy of life in Apocalypse’s shadow. These visions greatly disturbed them, especially Marisol, but Zephyr insisted that his past was just the past, and that he’d changed from the emotionless murdering child they’d seen on the screen. Though there are some misgivings, it seems Mephisto’s plan to drive out the newest New Mutant doesn’t work.

Eventually Rogue and Wreck show up along with the missing New Mutants. Rogue, it turns out, was allowed to watch her charges in their ordeals, and while she doesn’t remember the specifics, she knows enough to give Dil a hard slap and chastise Sephula. Heatwave’s still not present, having been teleported back to the mansion, where he, Jubilee and Storm meet up, along with a new recruit: Chi.

Dr. Strange turns up back in hell, and after some deliberation and a crotch shot courtesy of Marisol, the entire group is finally reunited in Dr. Strange’s home. There’s some more talk, as those who accepted Mephisto’s offer iron out the details, but it seems there’s little Strange can do other than offer his sage advice.

Upon returning to the mansion, they find an unconscious young man in Dr. McCoy’s laboratory, a man who’s a genetic match to Current…

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