NM 109

New Mutants 109 – Apocalypse Right Now!!

New Mutants 109 Complete Log Part 1
New Mutants 109 Complete Log Part 2

Voltage (cameo)
Zephyr (joins team)

Stryker manages to make telepathic contact with Roxie, giving him a strong sense of where Apocalypse has taken her. The New Mutants are planning a rescue mission, when all hell breaks out.

Apocalypse appears all over the world and this message is heard all across the world, ““I am Apocalypse. Be warned, all who hear these words-the day of the fit and the strong has arrived. Your world has been judged and found wanting, your lives assessed and found pathetic. As such, a new world must be formed, but such is the nature of creation that destruction must precede. On this day, in this hour, your world will be washed and a new one will be formed. Your civilizations will crumble, your lives extinguished, your very existence reduced to the annals of history. Such is your fate; such is my will. I give you this last moment so that you may pray to whatever gods you worship. Do so now. Your moment has passed. Prepare yourselves.”

Natural disasters start spreading all across the world. Mountains crumbling to the ground, tsunamis, lava spewing from the ground and demolishing the streets of New York. The New Mutants gather in the mansion’s sub-basements just in time before the mansion collapses.

The New Mutants realize that Apocalypse had to be using Roxie’s powers for this to happen, so they decide to rescue her. The X-Men and pretty much every other superhero in the world is busy trying to save people from the disasters, so the New Mutants are on their own on this rescue mission. They know things are bound to be bad, but they also know that they don’t have much of a choice here.

They take the Blackbird out to the Poconos Mountains, where Apocalypse has his Ship parked. Apocalypse senses them coming, so the older Roxie (Calamity) releases herself from the machine and prepares to welcome them. As the Blackbird nears, Calamity destroys the ship with a gigantic stone hand. The New Mutants stumble from the crash, except for Cannonball who is seemingly unconscious.

Calamity starts to attack the New Mutants with many different Golems. She then opens up a gapping hole beneath Wreck, and Rogue has to dive in to save him. Nevermore manages to use his powers to freak Roxie out, but before he can follow up, Roxie drops him down a chasm as well. Fortunately, Nevermore manages to grab onto a ledge so he doesn’t fall to his death.

Stryker uses the opening set up by Nevermore to try and telepathically restore “the real Roxie.” But there is too much “mental static,” so Stryker decides to go check out Apocalypse’s Ship instead. Stryker has a short telepathic conversation with ship, but nothing comes of it.

Wreck, Apath, Solidity, and Heatwave make their way through the golems and try to attack Roxie, but to limited effect. Osmosis decides to use her powers to mimic the surface of Ship. Wreck finally wraps an entropy field around Calamity, threatening to destroy her if she won’t stop this attack on the world. This was just a bluff, but left Calamity open to be knocked out by the rest of the team.

The New Mutants regroup, and two more of Apocalypse’s minions come out of the Ship, Zephyr and Poseidon. They call themselves Roxie’s brothers. Zephyr develops a crush on Solidity almost immediately. Apath begins to yell at that using archaic language, and they easily knock him out. Stryker makes his way back out of the Ship, and starts coordinating the team telepathically.

Zephyr and Poseidon attack the New Mutants, though Zephyr seems much less hostile than his brother. In fact, during the fight, he actually starts having a friendly conversation with Solidity, much to his brother’s annoyance. Zephyr knocks Poseidon out with a stray gust of wind.

While this is going on, Roxie’s body is engulfed by stone. Stryker makes a last ditch effort to put her mind back in control, but he doesn’t know if he was all that successful. The rock encased Roxie goes into Apocalypse’s ship. The team decides to go in after her, including Zephyr who seems to have joined the team.

Dil decides to stay outside, where Poseidon is starting to regain consciousness. Dil manages to take him down with a rock…but, it was a big rock at least. Dil finds Cannonball buried under a pile of rocks, and realizes that Sam has been killed!

The New Mutants make their way through Ship, when the earthquakes start again, stronger than before. The New Mutants find Roxie hooked back up to the machine, but this time, unwillingly so. Apocalypse stands triumph over her.

Rogue and Osmosis attack Apocalypse, but automated defenses come to bear, blocking their attempts. Osmosis turns her attention to smashing the guns and shielding. Reflex, Heatwave and Solidity decide a direct attack against Apocalypse would be a bad idea, so they go towards Roxie’s machine, but they can’t make heads or tails on how to stop it, or how to get Roxie out. The rest of the team hangs back trying to figure out what to do here.

Reflex goes for the control panel, and it is in an alien language…which, oddly enough, he discovers he can read. Reflex tries to turn off Apocalypses automated defenses, but the controls do not respond to his touch. Apocalypse tries to blast Reflex, but the device Sinister implanted in Reflex’s arm stands to itch, and emits a strange energy signal. Apocalypse’s energy blasts disperses, and his automated defenses are shut down.

Outside, Dil hears a telepathic message telling him that the team needs him. The message sounds like it is from Stryker, but it was a trap by Apocalypse. Dil jumps, and finds himself in a dark chamber. Before he can jump out, he falls unconscious.

Reflex presses his advantage and attacks Apocalypse. But, his powers fail to work on Apocalypse, and Apocalypse snaps his neck. Wreck wraps himself in an entropy field and approaches Apocalypse. Wreck almost catches Rogue and Osmosis in the field, but Zephyr pulls them free with a wind burst.

Heatwave decides to smash the machine that Roxie is hooked up to. He pulls her free, and she seems to have her old mind back. Apocalypse starts to retreat from the room, his initial plan foiled. He grabs Reflex on the way out. Wreck hits him with a full blast entropy blast, and Apocalypse’s starts to lose control of his body. Stryker amps his powers up to the max to try and fry Apocalypse, but Apocalypse teleports away. Wreck is unable to shut down his entropy field, and his body is destroyed. The last thing he sees before he dies is Mephisto standing before him.

Apocalypse arrives far from the Ship. He rips Sinister’s device out of Reflex’s arm, and somehow uses this to drain the temporal energy from Dil. Dil is left alive, but just about powerless. Apocalypse transports himself back in time, and manages to kill Charles Xavier years before he ever formed the X-Men. The New Mutants, the message board, and the world as we know it vanished…replaced with the Age of Apocalypse.

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