New Mutants 108 - Muties Take Kentucky

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Guest Starring:
New Warriors

The New Mutants take off to Kentucky to check on Cannonball, who hadn't checked in since the end of the last mission. On the Blackbird trip over there, Jubilee comes out of the back of the plane and confronts Heatwave over the state of their relationship. Jubilee is shocked to realize that Heatwave really doesn't remember any of this thanks to Exodus's influence. Heatwave and the New Mutants are shocked when Jubilee reveals that she is pregnany.

On the way, Night Thrasher checks in with Rogue, telling him that he has some word that Shaw, and possibly some of the other Upstarts were planning on going after the Guthries. The Warriors and the New Mutants agree to meet up and plan an ambush.

When the Blackbird approaches the Guthrie household, Cannonball meets up with the team, explaining that he had just gotten his family to safety, and that he hadn't had a chance to check in yet. The New Warriors head off to take down the Upstarts as they approach, while the New Mutants hide in the cloaked Blackbird waiting for action to start. The New Warriors find themselves under attack by an army of Fenris troops led by the Strucker twins.

Meanwhile, Solo and Deadpool appear in the Guthrie house, blowing the thing to shreds. Apath rushes in and is rewarded with a shot to the shoulder, which he uses his powers to heal up. Wreck opens fire at Deadpool, and the two of them compliment each other about their respective healing abilities.

Marisol tries to wrap herself around the two of them, but she receives a grenade to the chest when Solo teleports out of the way. Reflex creates a whirlwind around Solo, who again teleports out of the way, tripping Reflex.

Pester uses his ability to project sounds to convince Deadpool to attack Solo. Solo dodges the shot, but Reflex regroups, this time using his kinetic dampening field to hold Solo in place so he can pummel him.

A sniper takes aim at Heatwave, and Rogue intercepts the shot. Unfortunately, the strange projectile penetrates her skin and shuts down her powers causing her to fall from the sky. In desperation, Dialation jumps backwards in time, and intercepts the sniper before he can fire. This freaks Dil out as he had been warned by Cable to never use his powers that way.

Apath comes up with a disturbing way to take down Deadpool, using his powers to hyper warp Deadpool's healing cells into a form of cancer. Deadpool's body begins to war with itself, leaving him open to attack by Nevermore. Deadpool is freaked out by the pain and what Nevermore projects into his mind. He begins to throw explosive devices, which causes several of the New Mutants to duck for cover.

Reflex is still pounding away at Solo, and Solidity is attacking Deadpool. At that moment, DP and Solo both explode in a cloud of those projectiles. Were they robots, LMD's, or human bombs? No one is quite sure. But, Reflex and Solidity's powers are acting screwy. Solidity's body begins to melt.

At that moment, Graydon Creed and several members of the Friends of Humanity surround the New Mutants, all carrying those strange rifles. Creed mocks the New Mutants, and comments about a rumor that one of the New Mutants had killed his father. Cannonball's brother Jay swoops in holding a shotgun, blasting Creed's hand. The New Mutants take that moment to attack, and easily demolish the FoH members. Apath is hit by one of the projectiles, but it doesn't seem to affect him at all. It can't even pierce his skin.

In the chaos, Heatwave picks up one of the rifles, and sees that the weapon is Phalanx technology. In the aftermath, Creed is defeated. Several of the New Mutants seem interested in getting some payback on Creed, especially Heatwave who lays a nasty beatdown on Creed. Creed doesn't have much information about the weapons, just saying that the Phalanx gave them the weapons (and the similcrums of Solo and Deadpool) as a way of taking down the New Mutants.

Cannonball manages to use his blast field to get the device out of Marisol's malible form, but Reflex has to wait to get back to the mansion to get his removed. The New Warriors arrive with the Strucker twins defeated, and Justice, who was undercover, brings in an unconscious Shinobi Shaw.

Gamemaster arrives to call the Upstart competition over. The Upstarts were a very ineffective way of distracting Gamemaster from the psychic chatter he is constantly hearing. He has decided that the New Mutants upcoming battles would be more than enough to keep him entertained for a while.

Meanwhile, Madrock/Calamity has been approached by Apocalypse who wants her help in reshaping the world to his liking… TO BE CONTINUED

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