New Mutants 107- Blood Brothers

Complete NM 107 Log

Safe Box

The New Mutants are introduced to some of the newest members of the team. Immediately, Rogue realizes that Madrock has gone missing. Sam tries to use Cerebro to track her down, and discovers the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Toad, Pyro, Phantazia, Blob, and Sauron) in near by Salem Center.

The New Mutants decide to go check things out. They find that the Brotherhood has set up shop in Harry's Hideaway, a coffee shop that is a popular X-Men hangout. Not knowing the situation, the New Mutants decide to send in Wreck and Solidity (shapeshifted into a dog) to check things out.

About then, Dialation wakes up late and finds out that the team has already left. He steals one of Wolverine's motorcycles and timejumps to Salem Center. He ends up a few blocks away, and telepathically calls out. Stryker finds him, and leads him to the team.

Wreck and Marisol are surprised to find that the Brotherhood is in plain clothes and appear to be waiting for someone. The other patrons aren't paying them much attention as they are used to seeing the X-Men and their odd cast of characters.

Meanwhile, Roxie wakes up to find herself trapped in some kind of liquid filled chamber. Heatwave and Stryker are tired of waiting, and decide to take Dil's mototcycle to find what they can about Roxie. Stryker uses his telepathy to let them sneak out unnoticed, and a mini-Cerebro unit helps him get a sense of Roxie, who seems to be blocking him out. Stryker and Heatwave decide to enter the Astral Plane to find out more.

In the Astral Plane, they find a much older Roxie, angrier and more certain of herself. She claims to be the real Roxie and that Madrock is just an imposter. After some confrontation, Stryker returns Lex to his body just in case things get bad and tries talking to Roxie himself. Roxie talks about the many traumas she saw during the Mutant Massacre. This allowed a "lesser" personality to take control of her body, the Roxie that the New Mutants know. All the recent craziness the New Mutants have gone through has allowed this older Roxie to resume control.

Gerald doesn't buy it and attempts to attack Roxie, but Roxie uses mental images of various Marvel heroes to attack Gerald and keep him away from her. Gerald is knocked out of the Astral Plane.

Back in Salem Center, Shinobi Shaw arrives, and pays the Brotherhood a very large sum of money to help him start wiping out young mutants as part of the Upstart competition. Wreck and Marisol return to the team, to tell them what's going on. They don't think this has anything to do with Roxie, but the team decides to follow them anyway.

The Brotherhood come to an open park, where they have a jet of their own parked. Rogue drops the team in between the Brotherhood and their escape, and a fight ensues. Surprisingly, Solidity makes the first move. She tries to wrap up Toad, who hits her with his resin. He tries to take control of her mind, but it fails when a boosted Apath kicks Toad. During the fight, a piece of paper falls from Toad's pocket.

Rogue goes after Pyro, who is trying to get back to their ship and his flame gear. Rogue grabs Pyro, who uses a lighter to give her a face full of flames. Pyro uses the distraction to get back to the ship and comes out flame gear a blazing.

Wreck goes after Sauron, guns blazing. Sauron claws Wreck in the face, and Wreck grabs ahold of Sauron using his entropy powers. Sauron retaliates using his energy draining on Wreck. The two of them continue fighting in a bloody and nasty battle. Finally, Sauron tries to mentally control Wreck, who shoots himself in the head. A psi-locked Sauron collapses as Wreck does. But, with all the energy drained from his system, Wreck is having a hard time recovering. He eventually comes to, after seeing Mephisto waiting to claim his soul.

Osmosis attacks Phantazia, in a fully metal form. Phantazia is able to use her disruption powers to peel back Osmosis's metal, causing her a great deal of pain. Osmosis makes another attempt, and this time, when Phantazia tries to blast her, Osmosis lets herself get turned into a burst of energy. In this form, Osmosis rips through Phantazia's body, killing her. Osmosis is freaked out by this.

Apath and Toad continue to wrestle. Solidity trips Toad up, and Apath uses his strength to grab Toad's head, but he ends up crushing one of Toad's eyes in the process. Solidity finishes Toad off by bashing him into the ground repeatedly.

Blob goes after an exhausted Dialation, and sam attacks Blob to distract him. Solidity goes to help, wrapping herself around Blob's face. Blob uses his gravity powers to try to crush Marisol, but she manages to squeeze herself into Blob's nose and mouth to choke him out.

Shinobi Shaw comes up through the ground and reaches his hand into Apath's chest. Apath uses his powers to try to weaken Shinobi. But Shinobi keeps turning intangible to avoid Apath's attempts. This allows Apath to slip free, and a frustrated Shinobi noticing that he is heavily outnumbered, leaves the scene. Apath is in a lot of pain, but he will recover.

Pyro turns his attention to Osmosis, who is still on the ground and still freaking out. Rogue scoops Osmosis up in her arms and pulls her out of the fight. Sam and Reflex scoops in and smashes Pyro's fire equipment. Pyro decides to surrender.

Meanwhile, Gerald and Lex travel back to the X-Mansion, the last place they saw Roxie. The area Roxie fought in between missions has been completely devestated, but there is no more evidence of what is going on.

After the fight, Solidity notices the piece of paper, and finds that it is a list of the Upstarts targetted young mutants. The team is shocked to discover that Cannonball's brother and sister (Paige and Jay) are both listed.

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