New Mutants 106 - SHIELD Laws

New Mutants 106 Log Part 1 - SHIELD Laws
New Mutants 106 Log Part 2 - LA Story

Cover: The New Mutants facing off against the Sinister Syndicate and the Phalanx! Even with X-Force showing up in this one, can the New Mutants survive??


Cable and X-Force (Boomer, Warpath, Rictor, Sunspot, and Siryn) comes to the mansion to draft Cannonball and the New Mutants help in a mission to spy on a SHIELD facility in Los Angeles. Apparantly, this facility is tied in to the creation of the Demon Bear robot that attacked the team way back in mission 1. During the meeting with Cable, Heatwave is acting irrationally, but to be honest, he was always kind of that way, so most of his teammates barely noticed.

Meanwhile, Geforce has vanished after his encounter with Exodus. More information on that can be found in New Mutants Unlimited 4, on sale this week! Beast promises to keep his eye out for Geforce while the rest of the team heads off to Los Angeles.

While on route, the New Mutants are alerted that Rhino, who fought Rogue, Madrock, and Spider-Man in New Mutants Unlimited #2 is on a rampage in Los Angeles…convenient!

The two teams split up, with X-Force going to check out the SHIELD base, and the New Mutants going to take down Rhino. It turns out that Rhino is not alone, he is operating in concert with the rest of the Sinister Syndicate (Beetle, Boomerang, Hydro Man, and Speed Demon).

Dialation quickly comes up with a plan of action to take them down, and Rogue and Cannonball let him give it a try. Stryker sends a spike of psychic energy into Beetle's head, causing him to take off to regroup.

Reflex and Cannonball work together to take down Speed Demon, with Sam luring Speed Demon into Reflex's kinetic field.

Boomerang takes to the air, and Wreck and Madrock manage to take him down. Wreck opens fire, disabling one of Boomerang's rocket boots, and Madrock sending a hail of rocks to take him the rest of the way down. Unfortunately, these rocks drop in on the rest of the team, causing them to scatter. In the confusion, they discover another mutant, Marisol Maroles, on the street. She seems to be a shape shifter. Boomerang incorrectly thinks she is part of the team, so he attacks her. She changes form into a horrifying snake-like creature, which sends Boomerang running for his life.

Rogue gets revenge on Rhino with some easy dodges before taking him down off panel.

When Lex and Stryker's powers prove less than effective against Hydro Man, Wreck begins to taunt him into attacking. Hydro Man comes down the street in full tsunami mode. Meanwhile, Beetle was taking aim at Wreck, when Madrock comes up with a save, smashing Beetle from behind with debris. Wreck jumps on Beetle, and between his taser and Beetle's electric bursts, all three are knocked out.

Marisol takes off with Roxie and Sam giving chase. They invite her to join the New Mutants. Meanwhile, Wonder Man arrives on the scene with a knocked out Boomerang. He signs some autographes before taking off.

While the team is gathering up to rendevous with X-Force, Heatwave suddenly attacks Wreck. Stryker realizes that Exodus had messed with Heatwave's head during the team's battle with the Acolytes. Stryker manages to clear Heatwave's head, but knocks himself out in the process.

The team finally gets on the Blackbird and heads off to their big team-up.

Quote of the mission - "It isn't every day you get to say you shot one of your childhood memories in the crotch." - Wreck

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