New Mutants 105

New Mutants 105 Complete log

Cover: Heatwave and Exodus facing off. Heatwave stands alone!!



After Current's funeral, the New Mutants and Xavier try to figure out what their future will be. Cannonball expects the team to be disbanded, but instead, Xavier assigns Rogue to work with Sam as Co-Leader. THE SOUTH RISES AGAIN!

Later that night, Stryker is unable to sleep and finds Colossus sitting in his sister, Illyana's room. Stryker is surprised to see Colossus back in the mansion, but has a longtime trust and friendship, so they sit and talk about loss and family.

Meanwhile, fellow Acolyte Scanner's astral form is wandering the halls waiting for Colossus so they can head back to Asteroid M. She happens to pass through Madrock's room, who freaks out, calling for help. Scanner races to Colossus, and Stryker thinks they are being attacked by the Acolytes and hits Colossus with a psi-blast. Colossus rushes out into the hallway in pain, finding himself face to face with Rogue.

At the same time, Cargill has broken into Heatwave's room, demanding justice from the former follower of Magneto. Cargill tosses Heatwave out into the hallway, and sees Colossus with the New Mutants and X-Men and immediately reports to Exodus that Colossus was still an X-Men and spying on Asteroid M. Dialation stuns Cargill by taking her into the future, with Sam in tow.

Exodus sends a team of Acolytes (The Kleinstocks, Katu, Javitz, and Unuscione) to attack the mansion.

Geforce drops out a window trying to sneak up behind the Acolytes, but he is confronted by Exodus. Geforce puts up a valiant fight, but is defeated.

Some of the X-Men have arrived on the scene (Cyclops, Gambit, Beast, Psylocke, Bishop, and Angel), and Reflex rushes into action to help Cyclops take down Javitz. Soon enough, the rest of the New Mutants have filtered down to join the fight. During the fight, Wreck attempts to hit one of the Kleinstocks in the leg with a bullet, but the bullet passes through Reflex's kinetic field and ends up killing the Kleinstock. That counts as two Kleinstocks down to bullet holes. The New Mutants and the X-Men manage to defeat the Acolytes except for Exodus.

Exodus demands the return of the former Acolytes, Heatwave and Colossus. Heatwave confronts Exodus, challenging Exodus's claims of the extent of his power by asking him to bring Current back to live. Exodus is so thrown by this demand, his facade of arrogance and all-powerfulness fades. This leaves him open to attack. Wreck moves in with a taser to the neck, and Heatwave pounds away at him.

Stryker uses the moment to touch Rogue, passing on his telepathic powers to someone with much more experience and control. Rogue is able to coordinate with Xavier and Psylocke to hit Exodus with a blast that puts him down for the count.

The Acolytes are defeated, and Heatwave and Colossus decide to remain with the X-Men. All the whos down in whoville are very happy.

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