New Mutants 104 - Joyride

Complete NM 104 Log

Cover: Current, Wreck, and Heatwave are all arguing. Which New Mutant will earn the right to die?


Cannonball shanghai's a Blackbird training mission to go revisit the Sentinel ranch and figure out what's going on there. The New Mutants meet up with robotic duplicates of the old New Mutants, which they eventually defeat, but not without taking some lumps. Continuing on into the stereotypical secret underground lair, they confront the evil scientist lady from before, who temporarily strips their mutant powers. Somehow, this doesn't work on Madrock, and the freed New Mutants head on to confront Master Mold (tripping over the body of the dead scientist on the way). Cannonball attempts to caution against blood thirstiness several times, to no avail.

Master Mold is almost online when Current stops it with an EMP pulse, but, unfortunately, there is an assload of Sentinels intent on doing our merry mutants harm. Wreck, Heatwave, and Current all offer to play the part of martyr, with Current finally getting the honors after Incubus stops Heatwave and Current himself stops Wreck.

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