New Mutants 102 - And You Had A Bad Day

Complete NM 102 Log Part 1

Complete NM 102 Log Part 2

Cover: Close up on Dialation's eyes glowing wildly. The Team-Up that you thought you'd never see!

Maxwell's Demon

The day after the New Mutants battle with the Demon Bear robot, the team is kidnapped one by one, and each locked in a room with a unique challenge. With some difficulty, and a lot of luck, each New Mutant manages to survive and escape. The team has taken some bumps and bruises, but they are still alive. During her escape, Madrock began hearing strange voices in her head, and began to wonder what was going on with her.

While making his escape, Vigour manages to tap into the complex's power lines, which puts everything into disarray.

The team reunites in a large central chamber and finds out who is behind everything: Mojo and Arcade. The team is confronted with "New Mutant Babies" little versions of themselves. While the rest of the team fights theirs, Wreck makes a break for the door, sneaking up to confront Mojo and Arcade on his own.

While fighting his junior version, Dialation somehow manages to absorb his duplicate, and ends up really upping his power level. With their leader down, the New Mutant Babies quickly give up the fight.

Meanwhile, Wreck grabs a gun away from a dog soldier and catches up to Mojo and Arcade, and Mojo turns on Arcade, leaving him to Wreck's tender mercies. Wreck smacks Arcade down a little bit, but leaves him alive when the rest of the team catches up. The team decides to chase Mojo, but find themselves teleported back to the mansion.

The rest of the X-teams had gathered together to find the missing kids, but Current grew suspicious, thinking that they were more of Mojo's robots. He convinces Dialation to shoot Wolverine, but alas, it was the real Wolverine. The New Mutants are about to get a Jewel-like beat down, but Cannonball intervenes on their behalf, pointing out that after everything the kids went through, of course, they were jumpy.

In the aftermath of everything that happened, Nomad left the team.

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