New Mutants 101 - Team Building

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Cover: Typical first issue fareā€¦.a picture of the team all posed for battle, with the caption A New (Mutants) Era begins!


A friendly "getting to know you" camping trip turned into pure chaos. Nomad had slipped to the slide to get some privacy, when he heard a loud crashing sound. Cannonball went to investigate, and the rest of the team heard a loud crashing sound in the other direction.

Siphon (who managed to change his codename in the face of all this chaos to Reflex) rushed off to see what was going on. Cannonball, leads the rest of the team after the second sound, and they soon found a battered Dani Moonstar buried in some demolished trees.

On his own, Reflex ran into what appeared to be Demon Bear. Reflex managed a narrow escape, and found the rest of the team. While Sam stayed with Moonstar, the others went after Demon Bear.

Stryker uses his telepathy to communicate with the beast, while Wreck distracts him with a hot dog. Stryker continues to try to use telepathy, but Demon Bear's mind proves too chaotic, dropping Stryker on his ass. Wreck whips out a gun, and opens fire, managing to actually do some damage.

Stryker tries another psychic attack, but gets tossed into a tree. He would probably be dead if not for a last minute save by Reflex. Wreck moves in close for the kill, just as Madrock sends Golem in to attack. Golem knocks Demon Bear down, the combined mass shattering several bones in Wreck's body. But through Golem and Wreck, the rest of the team is able to lay on heavy enough damage to knock the beast out of action. During the fight, Demon Bear's flesh is torn, revealing an odd glowing energy inside him.

After the New Mutants team takes Demon Bear down, Sam arrives with Dani. Dani calls in back up from SHIELD, and it is revealed that the Demon Bear was actually a robot that was set loose after Magneto's EM Pulse. The team questions why a robot would be able to communicate telepathically, but Fury thinks they are delusional.

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