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Post by Paige "Anima" O'Hara on Aug 4, 2007, 6:59pm

New Mutants West MAX #1

Cover Description: Two silhouetted figures, a male and a female, the male on his knees, the female standing with a whip.

Setting: This story takes place in the midst of this interaction. The beginning and end are adaptations of posts that are already there. The story fills in what was fast forwarded over.

Written by: Jeremy "TEO" McDonald
Drawn by: Adam Hughes
Special Thanks: Last Hero

MAX WARNING: Consider yourself warned - explicit sexual content ahead. This story explores Paige and Army's first foray into BDSM activities, which originally happened in the interaction linked to above, but was completely fast forwarded over. I wrote this as an experiment, mainly, to see if I could do it. And… here it is. Again, explicit sexual content ahead. Once more, EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT AHEAD.

I was iffy on posting this publically. Even though I've given warning and you don't have to read it if you don't want to, I'll probably take it down if I get enough complaints.


A loud CRACK rings through the air as Paige turns suddenly from her spot in front of the mirror, modeling what she looks like with a whip at her side. True to form, said form being unpredictable to the core, she decided on the spot to stop wearing the whip and instead lash Army across the chest with it.

"You had said something about a demo, right?"

Perhaps he had not specifically meant for her to demo the whip on him. But Paige being Paige, that's precisely what she did. The whip connects solidly, stinging, leaving Army's chest on fire. His alien other, which would typically make him more resilient against such a blow, is laying dormant. So the pain of the blow is undiluted. It lays him out, knocking him flat onto Paige's bed behind him.

"That was…" he sits up a little, grasping his chest and with a wince on his face. One that transforms into a smile. "That was kind of nice. I mean, painful, but nice. I'm sure there's some psychological Freudian thing here… but screw it. Let's play… as many toys as you want."

Paige stares back at him. Surprised. Yes, very surprised. More often than not, her drawer of personal effects - her nice way of talking about her sex toy drawer - would be all that it took to scare guys off. If they could stomach her personality in the first place. Army had not been scared off, he did not go running. More than that, he seemed intrigued in Paige's… eccentric tastes. She did not really know what she was thinking when she decided to strike him. The whim overtook her so she had acted upon it. That's all that was important. That was Paige in a nutshell.

But she had not expected this outcome.

Mixed in with the surprise painted on her face is bemusement. She wonders Do we have a keeper here? But she pushes that thought aside. Long term, commitment, monogamy, house and kids… Paige was not one for thinking down those lines. The here. The now. That was Paige.

Instead of saying anything, Paige rips Army's shirt down the middle. She then takes a step back and lashes him with the whip a second time - on bare flesh now. Army winces in pain once again, grunting a little. It hurt more this time, yes, left a mark though it didn't break skin. But he was expecting it a little more and did not get bowled over like the last time. It was a stinging pain, yes. But it was also a rush.

'Psychological Freudian thing' indeed.

"If you think you can handle it, Latin Lover." Paige says with her voice taking on a more sultry tone as she rolls her tongue over her pet name for him. "On your knees."

Though she gives him the order, she takes action before he has the opportunity to comply of his own volition. She animates the whip, breathes life into it, then has it wrap itself tightly around Army's neck. Perhaps he attempts to squeeze a statement out, but if he does the words are killed by the state of being choked. Paige pulls hard on the whip yanking Army off of the bed towards the floor which he lands on unceremoniously with a thump.

Paige struts back towards her desk, swinging her hips slowly and provocatively as she walks, well aware of where Army's eyes are even now when he can only barely breathe. She opens the drawer of personal effects and takes an item out of it before turning back towards Army with the item concealed behind her. She struts right back towards him, the item out of sight the entire time. She settles on her knees behind him and removes his tattered shirt. Still behind him, she runs her hands slowly across his chest, taking a moment to dig her nails into him and raking them across.

She nibbles upon his neck, leaving plenty of bite marks, always around the whip, almost as if she's not acknowledging that it's there right now. Army is turning just a little bit blue. In a sharp motion, Paige grabs his right arm and slaps a handcuff around his wrist. The metal's cool, cold even, more than you would think it would be even with the air conditioning. Like it came out of a freezer. Perhaps it's all in his mind. His left arm is cuffed before he can contemplate it further.

Paige whispers silently, raspingly, sultrily into his ear. "Now it's imperative that you don't forget." As she speaks the drawer unleashes a parade of sex toys which bound towards the couple and dance around them. "The safe word is archipelago."

Paige stands up and walks around to the front of the kneeling, handcuffed Army. She makes a gesture towards the whip and it releases the grip it had on him. Army takes a deep, gasping breath, finally able to breath unrestrictedly once again. He gasps like this for a short while as Paige looks on with a smile on her face.

"Do you understand?"

He looks up at her, his breathing back under control and says, "Sure thing, baby."

The taste is immediately smacked out of his mouth as Paige backhands him across the face sharply. Paige has always been a strong one and good about dealing damage when she wants to, one of the things that attracted Army to her. That same trait left the right side of his face half numb. "What the f-" He finds the words knocked from his mouth as he is slapped again, open hand this time and to the left side of his face. He can't see it but he's sure that a hand shaped mark is adorning his cheek right about now. You don't take a hit that hard with getting a mark.

"Sure thing, what?" Paige bellows at him, her voice taking a commanding, threatening tone, her face suddenly becoming less pleasant.

In his head though, the last horse crosses the finish line and he starts to get wise to what he did wrong. Then again, in a game like this, there's probably no "right." Still, he realizes how to proceed.

"Sure thing, Master."

No sooner than he gets the words out, he finds himself immediately constricted around the neck once again. Paige yanks upwards on the whip, confirming her fairly obvious intentions verbally a moment later. "Stand up, dog."

It doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Latin Lover does, but the forceful way she says it, the fiery look in her eyes, the aura she generates that suggests that in this moment she has the power to crush worlds between her fingertips… well, it helps. He can't help but realize as he is dragged to his feet that he's attracted to her aura of command and power. The growing bulge in his pants can tell him that much.

Though that bulge sort of stops in its tracks when his mind gets dragged back to pain. Not two seconds after Army made his way to his feet, he was laid low by a punch aimed directly at his crotch. As he crumbles to the floor he, oddly enough, finds his mind wandering to the realization that Paige can hit far harder than that. Far harder. But ultimately, it doesn't take much force to cause massive amounts of pain when that region is targeted. As he collapses his instinct is to grab the aching area, but of course, his hands are bound behind him.

Paige stands stoically for a moment, watching him roll about a bit before saying evenly, "Stand up."

"Yeah, that's happening." Army mutters as he remains crumpled, half in the fetal position. He's not quite certain if he's being defiant for the sake of the game or if it's legitimate defiance at her expecting him to be immediately okay after getting punched in the balls. Regardless of which it is, his answer earns him a beating. Not a single lash like the first and second time, but many. He rolls and jerks about on the ground as Paige swings the whip on him over and over again. His rolling ensures that both his chest and back wind up red from the whipping. A couple strikes towards the end break skin and draw blood. He grits his teeth to keep from yelling out.

Paige stops. Eventually. It takes a while, yes, but she stops. Once more, she says in an even voice, "Stand up."

The upside of the extended beating is that the pain in his sack had time to fade. Not completely gone, but compared to his red, burning upper body, the pain was little more than an afterthought in the back of his head. Though he has to lean against a wall to do it, Army stands up. He stands as straight as he can, perhaps as proud as he can, attempting to send out an aura of strength to match the one that radiates from Paige.

The silver haired banshee drops the whip to the floor and approaches Army with what looks like a black bag of some kind at first glance. When she reaches him, she places it over his head and everything goes black for a moment. The moment passes, though, as Paige shifts the mask around to line the eye holes up with his eyes. It then occurs to him what he's wearing as he saw it when he first looked into her drawer - the gimp mask. Paige undoes the zipper over the mouth and kisses him through the mask. It's an awkward and unwieldy kiss with the mask between them, but her tongue rolling over his, the gentle caress… it's almost enough to make him forget the stinging pain all over his upper body.

Almost, though not really close enough to matter.

"You have been a bad dog, Army. You didn't do what I told you to. In this room, right here, right now, I'm God, Armando. Disobey and you will be punished severely."

There's that "I rule the universe" aura coming from her once more. Despite all of the pain he can't really help but think of how hot it makes him. She closes the zipper. Then her hands make their way southward. She traces her fingers across several of the lash marks. She comes across one of the few bleeding ones and instead of touching it with her fingers she lowers her head to it and licks at the blood. A contented look passes over her face and Army can't decide if he's freaked out or turned on by it.

Probably both.

She wipes a small spot of blood from the side of her mouth with her index fingers and proceeds to kiss his torso lightly. His chest first, she works her way down to his abdomen. Soon she is squatting and her eyes are level with the crotch of his jeans, which has once again began to bulge. She bites her lower lip, purely for effect, and undoes his belt. She moves on to his fly and not much later, Army's pants are around his ankles and he's feeling decidedly exposed as Paige still has her all of her gym attire from the fight with Baby on.

He's just sort of hanging out there, at half mast. That starts to change when Paige lays a soft hand around him and then looks up to make eye contact. "You seem to have a problem with obedience, but we're going to give this another shot. You are not allowed to come. I order you to not come."

Army can only begin to try to fathom the absurdity of the command, can only start to wonder She isn't going to… is she? before she raises him up and lays her tongue on the base of his penis. Instant petrification is probably the only reason he does not jerk out of her hands from shock. She runs her tongue upwards, licking him from the base to the very tip of the head. She repeats, only slower, lingering upon his tip, flicking her tongue across it like the beating wings of a butterfly. He feels able to move again, though only enough to shiver at each contact.

She takes his erection into her mouth. He shudders as she does it, bringing her head back and forth on his throbbing and twitching member, her tongue rolling over it much like it had rolled over his tongue when she had kissed him. The gentle caress, the warmth of her mouth, this time it is enough to make him forget about the pain that he had to endure. He can't feel any of it, it gets washed away as waves of ecstasy crash upon the shores of some metaphorical beach.

His panting quickens, he finds himself bucking towards her a little, he feels as if he's attempting to contain an explosion. "I… I'm co-"

In a sudden movement, Paige draws back, away from him. But he's traveled beyond the point of no return, he knows that he will burst regardless. What he didn't know and didn't imagine was that Paige would strike him dead in the testicles with a paddle. She strikes him in a similar motion to what one would use to slap somebody across the face. His entire body swings in the same direction as the slap before he drops to ground for the second time as a result of testicular injury. Curled on the ground he lets out a shout that's muffled by the gimp mask over his face. In spite of the pain, he releases himself in a short series of pearl like spurts onto Paige's floor.

But there's little pleasure to be taken from it. The moment that she struck him his mind was not only taken over by the pain of the paddle blow, but all of his many other wounds that he forgot about while her mouth was wrapped around him spring back to life. He's suddenly capable of remembering that his chest and back are ablaze with pain, on top of his aching gonads. Paige stands up, giving him a swift kick to the side.

"What the fuck was that?" she screams at him.

Before he can say a word, before he can even take his next breath, Paige strikes him with the paddle again, this time on his back. He lets out a sound that seems not only muffled by the mask but also his own attempt to not scream. She strikes again, different spot, he feels light tearing and as if small amounts of blood are starting to run down his back to the floor. He catches the paddle out of the corner of his eye as it comes down for its next attack. He can see that Paige is using the other side of it now - one that's covered in metal studs.

It's almost as if knowing what he's being struck with makes the pain even greater somehow. The studded paddle comes down again, harder than ever, he knows that flesh was ripped with that strike. The back of his mind is thinking Linda can fix that… sure… does Paige even know that? But it's a silent thought, buried under a cacophony of internal shrieks and screams, of his body pleading with his brain for him to get out of there.

"I fucking told you." She strikes again. "You." Again. "Were." Again. "Not." She kicks him over to get him laying his back. The wounds all sting even more once pressed to the ground. She strikes again, this time onto his chest. "Allowed." Abdomen this time. "To." Again. "Come."

For the first time since they started, Army starts to remember that there is in fact a safe word. But exactly what the word was has escaped him at the moment. And though he is trying to sift through his mind to find it, think back A… something… Archimedes? No… The fact that his nerves are shouting at him in distress is not really doing much for the thinking process.

But then it hits him, both the paddle and the word at the same time as if the wooden board was carrying the idea and implanted it within him on contact with his body. Archipelago. That was it. Does he want to say it though? Does he want to, effectively, give up, admit this is beyond him? There's the small matter of pride, after all. Paige still seems iffy on him. She had no problems playing games with Jake before Army ever got here. She had just made it clear that she wasn't eager to quantify this relationship. Who's to say she won't walk out on him if he doesn't measure up to her… standards? But then another blow connects and he decides on the spot that it's a risk that he's willing to take. The word is on the very tip of his tongue. About to be squeaked out.

But he loses the word and his entire sense of self as Paige turns the paddle upon his face. The leather mask actually protects his face from taking any damage, beyond becoming far more red where the paddle connects with him. But it rattles his brain, numbs his face. The shooting pain from the other blows is ambushing his senses. It's too much for him for the moment. His vision goes blurry for a moment before everything just goes black.

He rouses, groggy, aching, the pain not having gone anywhere while he rested - though the cuffs did, as they aren't there anymore - and with a yanking on his neck. He isn't sure how long he was out for. Everything in the damned room moves about, the clock isn't where it was the last time that he saw it. His vision is a bit blurred at first as he sits up and tries to get his bearings back. But things clear up soon. The whip is, of course, around his neck once more. Not so tight that he has trouble with breathing, really, but with a solid enough grip that when Paige pulls upon it, he has little choice but to follow in that direction.

And so he does, sitting up at her behest and forgetting that he had ever intended to back out of this as he lays his eyes upon her; stark naked, beads of sweat glistening on her body as the last vestiges of the day's sunlight shine through the window and refract off of her body. Strong without losing an ounce of femininity, radiating that air of command, those near perfect curves. A goddess. His goddess. And nobody else's.

"Kiss me." she says in a tone that betrays little true emotion, while at the same time telling of a desire within her.

Army does not have to be told twice as he stands to approach his Master, his Ama, pulling off the mask as he does so. But Paige stops him with a single finger pressed to his mouth before he can embrace her.

"Not these lips." she says it at barely a whisper, though it still comes out as a command. Confusion bubbles through Army's mind for a moment before Paige makes everything clear by yanking downwards on the whip, pulling him face to face with her bare shaven privates. He stares on blankly for a moment before Paige repeats herself. "Kiss me. Don't make me say it again."

And so he does. At her command he presses his lips to her vagina, running his tongue about the outskirts of her labia. Paige closes her eyes and lets out a soft moan as he does it. He breaks to kiss her inner thigh, working his way away from her vulva, trying to build anticipation. A quick tug on the neck stops the effort cold, or perhaps suggests that it was immediately successful. He returns to her wet crotch, wet before he even touched it, perhaps from her getting off on flogging him, perhaps from her warming herself up while Army was out cold. He runs his tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit, taking a page out of her own book and flicking his tongue lightly over her clitoris, over and over again, like a butterfly's beating wings.

It sends a chill, a shiver shooting up Paige's spine. Her knees buckle just a little. The act of nearly falling over snaps her mind back into focus, reminds her where she is, allows her to focus upon something else other than the warmth between her legs. She pulls upwards on the whip, dragging Army away from his work at her snatch, stands him up and then kisses him, tasting herself on his lips. She pulls back and whispers, "Tell me you want to be inside me."

"I want to be inside you." Army repeats.

Paige drags Army by the neck towards the bed and lays back on it. Army lays on top of her and the pair's lips embrace yet again while their hands explore every inch of each other's bodies. From gently massaging her breasts, to running sensually down her abdomen to a light squeeze of her behind, Army takes care to amplify every contact between them. His alien other activates within her, ramping up the pleasure center in her brain, making her every nerve more sensitive. His fingers find their way to her vulva, rubbing over her clitoris to which she responds with a sharp gasp. She looks him dead in the eye as one of her hands moves downwards to spread her lips with two fingers.

Not needing any further verbal cue, Army enters her.

The pair moan in tandem as Army pushes into the tight crevasse. They undulate together in a smooth wavelike motion. They collide together, with Paige twitching towards Army each time he thrusts towards her. The pair start slowly, bucking like a ship in the waves. Then Paige moans, "Harder." and Army picks up the pace. Both because he wants to, needs to be deeper inside her as well as the fact that mentally he has found himself in this submissive place where the very idea of not doing exactly what Paige says, of not giving to her precisely what she desires seems ridiculous. Unfathomable.

So harder. Faster. Wilder. They fuck with an animalistic fervor. Thrashing wildly up and down upon each other, with Paige starting to shriek like a banshee. "Choke me!" she calls out to him. "W… what?" Army grunts. Paige tugs on the whip around Army's neck and then calls out louder, "I said choke me!"

Army only needs to be told twice. The idea is but one of many introduced throughout this experience that freaks Army the hell out. But again, he's entered a place where he must do what she says. Army places his hands around Paige's throat and squeezes. Paige's shrieks and moans are muffled by the choking sounds. Best she produces is a labored gurgling, with Army's hands constricting her windpipe. Still he thrusts himself into her, over and over again and once again the feeling washes over him that he's trying to contain an explosion.

If they're racing, Paige gets there first. Her back arcs, she grips him tight against her body with her legs in a body scissors around him, her vagina constricts tighter than ever around Army's throbbing, twitching, on the cusp of exploding member. Her eyes roll back in her head, her toes curl and despite the choking she lets out a satisfied moan of contentment. Army releases her neck and leans into her, letting out a guttural grunt as he comes.

Save for a twitch there or a shiver there, the pair simply lie with each other, basking in each other's presence in silence. Army shrinks within her, content to just stay there, winding down and enjoying the feel of her. In that moment he isn't sure how could have ever been thinking of asking her to stop. Yes, there's phenomenal pain, but in his mind it's sort of a dull ebb buried under a host of other thoughts.

Paige gives Army a brief, light kiss, before pulling back and saying, "Game over, lover. Now get off, I need to clean up."

Army acquiesces, rolling off of Paige and stepping off of the bed. His knees buckle and he realizes Know what? The floor is good. I'll rest on the floor. All the wounds that became a dull ebb flash back to the surface as he collides with the ground but he doesn't really care too much. As far as painful experiences go, this one is high up on the list. Not quite at the top, no, but is most definitely a contender.

He calls on his symbiote, Linda, and has her form around him as clothes while also mending the many, many wounds on his body. It's something of a task for her - Paige went pretty crazy on him. He just lays back and lets Linda do her work. It's weird, yeah, maybe it just hearkens back to that "Psychological Freudian thing," but that whole experience felt… right. All of it - both the pleasure and the pain. He has been worrying a fair bit, even in the midst of all of that, about how Paige felt about him, about their status, about labels. But now he has started to push those thoughts by the wayside. She had said that We're enjoying each other. Isn't that enough for now?"

Army comes to the conclusion that Yeah. It is.

His mind drifts back to the present. His clothes are reformed and Linda is on her way to healing his wounds though she has a ways to go. He isn't quite sure where in the room Paige is, though he can hear her shuffling about somewhere. Staring up at the ceiling he feels a need to say something. Anything.


Yeah. That's a good summary.

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Protoman on Aug 4, 2007, 7:33pm

I'm so reading this when I get a chance tonight. TEO, have I ever told you that I love you?

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Paige "Anima" O'Hara on Aug 4, 2007, 7:47pm

Not often enough.

You won't be reading it one handed right? Right?

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Sara "Radical Dreamer" Lincoln on Aug 4, 2007, 7:49pm

He will be, and you scare me TEO…..very very much

Speaking of which, I still dig the idea of Shaman and Cadmus drunk on Olympus, lol

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Paige "Anima" O'Hara on Aug 4, 2007, 7:55pm

Well, if I can scar a few people then I've done my job.

Emotional scarring aside, well done?

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Protoman on Aug 4, 2007, 7:55pm

I'm reading it now and no, not one handed.

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Protoman on Aug 4, 2007, 8:26pm


TEO you are a god. I love you so much. *hug*

That was fucking amazing.

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Pester on Aug 4, 2007, 8:30pm

Quite the spirited game of Connect Four, I must say.

Well done.

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Paige "Anima" O'Hara on Aug 4, 2007, 8:42pm


Thanks, guys.

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Lisa "Nephy" Nephrahim on Aug 4, 2007, 8:45pm

As one of the horrible prudish hipocrates that tries to push people away from this stuff, I'll reapeat what I told Lasty last time he thought of it.

I don't mind some quality slashfic, even if I have no desire to read it. What I don't want is the board flooded with low quality imatations.

I'd say good job, but it would be a lie, beacuse I really have not read it.

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Paige "Anima" O'Hara on Aug 4, 2007, 8:58pm

Quote:I'd say good job, but it would be a lie, beacuse I really have not read it.

No biggie. I threw the warning up specifically so that anybody not wanting to read it for whatever reason wouldn't have to delve into it to find out exactly why they wouldn't want to read it.

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Orchestra the Mighty on Aug 4, 2007, 10:35pm

Aug 4, 2007, 7:55pm, Paige "Anima" O'Hara wrote:Well, if I can scar a few people then I've done my job.

…I…I don't really know how to feel about this. On one hand, it was well-written and kept my attention, but on the other hand…well…it was exactly like the porn I would do my very best NOT to see when I was younger and still freaks me out to this day.


Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Protoman on Aug 4, 2007, 10:39pm

Come on, Oro. It was soooo hot.

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Paige "Anima" O'Hara on Aug 5, 2007, 1:52am

I'm not sure that I needed to know you had an S&M fetish, Proto <_<.

Quote:…I…I don't really know how to feel about this. On one hand, it was well-written and kept my attention, but on the other hand…well…it was exactly like the porn I would do my very best NOT to see when I was younger and still freaks me out to this day.

And the emotional scarring continues…

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Protoman on Aug 5, 2007, 8:52am

Well…I don't…not really…I don't think…

Re: New Mutants West MAX #1
Post by Meisha "Muse" Aisha on Aug 5, 2007, 8:54am

Aug 5, 2007, 8:52am, Protoman wrote:I don't think…

We know, Proto. We know.

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