New Mutants West Dorms

Here is where your Dorms go.

Here is where the dorms should be. Here's how you put your Dorm in here: (I'm going step by step to hopefully make it easy).

1. Open up a blank page in your Browser, and go to this page again: . Now you have it open twice.

2. On the second open page, find where it says "Add a New Page." Type in the name of the page you want "Pester's Dorm," for example, and click New Page. A new page will open up. Go back to the New Mutants site.

2. Backup your Dorm by hitting the Print button. Copy the text and paste it in your new page. On the new page, hit "Save" at the bottom of the page.

3. Now, copy the web address of your saved Dorm page. You're going to edit this page, and paste the link here in this format:

[Web address of your dorm page [Your character's] Dorm]

Remember to put a space between the name of your dorm and the web address.

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