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New Mutants Unlimited #5
Out With The Old, In With The… Nadia?

Cover Description: The background is pitch black. Exodus is standing (posing) on the left facing the right, with his eyes glowing an eerie yellow. He has a single arm extended forewards and upwards. He is holding Geforce up by the neck, whose body is completely limp.

The following takes place during Mission 6 - SHIELD laws


It replayed over and over in his dreams. In his nightmares. It didn't always go the same way of course. Dreams are funny that way. Sometimes he managed to put up a better fight. Sometimes they rocked the very foundations of the X-Mansion together. Sometimes it went even worse. Sometimes it was Magneto instead of Exodus. And sometimes it went exactly how it went.

"Sneaking up? Is that how X-Men act these days?"

It sent a chill down his spine the first time Exodus invaded Greg's mind and even now it caused him a shiver slightly in the depths of unconciousness.

Get out. GET OUT.

Oh yeah. Greg sure told him. But more disturbing than Greg's apparent lack of skill when it came to witty repartee, was the fact that his attack was nothing to Exodus. Nothing.

"Impressive power. Have you ever considered using it for the winning side?"

"The winning side?… YOUR master's dream is no closer than Xavier's to coming to fruition."

Then came hope. A quick fleeting hope. But, with hope being what it is, once it hits you you become reinvigorated with a belief that you can do it. Whatever it is. Logic be damned. Greg hates hope. He had lifted the rubble that pinned the Beast and struck Exodus with it. The Acolyte faltered. Certain he had the advantage Greg had prepared to bury Exodus under as much rubble and Earth as he could manage. But the best laid plans of mice and men…

Exodus was back in his mind, only now caused more than a mere chill. It was pain. The likes of which Greg had never experienced before. The likes of which he couldn't even fathom before. He still tried to go through with his attack but it was useless. Exodus didn't so much as flinch.

"Nice try… but you have years to go before you will be my match.."

Then came the final attack. And Greg's scream. And then the final attack. And Greg's scream. And the final attack. And Greg's scream. Over and over again. He never fell limp like he eventually did in real life. It just repeated over and over and over. Until it stopped. Everything turned black. Then there was another voice. It didn't belong to Greg. It didn't belong to Exodus. He could not place it. But it was terribly familiar. Familiar and unfamiliar. Silmutaneously. Thus is the nature of dreams. The voice told Greg things. Terrible things. Wonderful things. But then it was gone and with it so was Greg's unconcious state. He drifted into the waking world and tried desperately to hold onto the final moments of the dream, to hold on to what the voice was telling him. But it took seconds for it to be gone completely.

Greg sat up. He looked around and saw that he was in the medbay. His head was pounding a little bit still, likely an after effect of Exodus' attack, but he was feeling substantionally better.

He never knew the Acolyte's name when he was actually fighting him. He had been drifting in and out of conciousness earlier in the morning… or maybe late last night… he couldn't really tell. Somebody was there most times he managed conciousness, usually Beast, sometimes the Professor and once Sam and Rogue. He didn't remember much, what with the psionically induced stupor and all but he definitely recalled that the joint leaders of the New Mutants were none too happy about him recklessly putting himself in a situation well beyond his control.

"He shouldn't have been fighting Exodus alone."

That's where learned the name. That was also where he learned that he was going to have to have a very unpleasant conversation later on. Sitting alone, staring into space, Greg thought. He realized that he recognized the name from somewhere. Probably his skimming of files in the mansion library. He never had read about his power level or saw a picture but recalled a line mentioning that Exodus was Magneto's right hand man. Right hand man…

A lackey. Just a fucking lackey… and I couldn't… I couldn't…

He continued to sit in silence for a few minutes more. He wasn't sure what time it was, but expanding his mind into the planet's gravitational field he could feel generally low levels of movement throughout the mansion (Still early.), though the area where he figured the danger room was is relation to him was abuzz with activity. The other New Mutants he guessed. Training. For all the good it would do them. For all the good it had done him.

He hopped of of the bed and walked up and down the med bay a few times. After a couple minutes he suddenly stopped in front of his bed. If he circled the room once more he would have to kill him self. He felt like talking. To someone. To anyone. That was a lie. He didn't feel like facing any of the New Mutants. He never really got close with any of them and didn't care to. And he certainly didn't want to talk with any of the senior X-Men. But he had to get some things off his chest or it would explode…


Usually he loved the feeling. The wind rushing past his face and through his hair. After he got over the initial fear of falling, he grew to love flying. It usually put a smile on his face from ear to ear. But right now, the list of things that could put a smile on his face was very short. Flight was not on it. Not flying much more than fifty feet over the average building heights for the area, Greg looked out for the hospital where his sister's comotose body lays. Getting a handle on flying had made it considerably easier to sneak there and back whenever he felt like he needed to talk to somebody. She didn't talk back, for obvious reasons. But that she was there is just… enough. One sided or not, the conversations helped him a great deal. He was hoping they would help him out now.

But the best laid plans of mice and men…

He swung around the side of the hospital that Nadia's room was on. Heading in through the window was easier than signing in and the rest of that crap. It tried his patience and he nver went through with it. A quick dive through the window was far more expedient. Appearantly, however, it was going to be a far less tight fit to swoop in today than it is usually. The window… the entire wall around where Nadia's room was… had been blown outwards. Peices of rubble were still on the ground below, cornered off with yellow police tape. As soon as he saw it, Greg sped up, swooping in through the hole where a wall used to be and landed. He was temporarily frozen by the room's appearance. He was there earlier in the week and it looked just like you would expect a hospital room to look. Orderly and sterile. But this… it was a mess. The bed Nadia had been sleeping on last time he was here had been ripped in two and thrown to two different corners. Where there used to be counter was now a shattered pile of splinters. Cupboards were ripped from the walls which them selves looked like they had been clawed at. Needless to say, it was a mess.

It took Greg a minute to be able to process thoughts again. And the first thought he could process was rage. A primal scream accompanied the tossing of everything that wasn't bolted down out the hole where a wall once was. The scream attracted attention. He could both hear and feel the approach of several nurses and orderlies. But he didn't wait for them to get to him. He gestured with his hand and pulled the door to the room off of it's hinges. He rushed out of the room and the approaching hospital employees suddenly realized that it might not have been the best of ideas to rush towards the primal scream and crashing sounds. They tried turning around but found that gravity wasn't embracing them anymore anything and were floating through the air helplessly. Fuming, Greg grabbed the nearest one to him and spat out,

"Nadia. Johansson. She was in that room. What happened?"

"Dear God don't kill me! Don't kill me! I've never hated mutants! Please!"

"You aren't paying attention."

Greg threw the man to the floor, returning his weight to him in mid flight so he'd feel the impact.


Snapped out of his stupor by the pain, he pointed to one of the nurses with her gravity still deactivated who was trying to crawl away along the wall.

"I wasn't even on duty man! She was! She was there when it happened!"

Instantly forgetting the orderly ever existed, Greg made his way over to the wall crawling nurse. Standing in front of her and not even bothering to grab her he spoke clearly in his indoor voice. His clearly enraged demeanor would create all the intimidation required.

"Tell me what happened to Nadia Johansson. Now."

The nurse just looked at him sadly. She gave the impression that she would have cried if she hadn't already cried about it enough already.

"It was just supposed to be routine right? I was just carrying out my rounds. Change bedpans, IVs that kind of thing. I do it multiple times a day and nothing of consequence has ever happened. But that time… I had just entered the room. I hadn't been in there for three seconds when it happened. She woke up. Suddenly with a jerk. She woke up. It was a miracle, right? Nobody really thought that she would ever wake up. But she did. She was obviously scared and shaken up asking after her parents and wondering where she was, but on the whole it was a wonderous thing. For all of 30 seconds. She started changing… her skin turned sort of metallic. It looked like a hybrid of flesh and metallic parts… some of it had some circuitry like patterns. She was… looking a little like a cyborg or something. She was screaming but sound wasn't coming out. Then the tendrils came. They seemed to be protruding from random body parts… the first few times they reached out they hit nothing but wall. Then one hit me. I was out. By the time I came to… you know the rest."

Greg stood there taking it all in. Hope permeated his soul when he heard of Nadia's miraculous awakening. But it dropped him on his ass when he heard the rest. Greg hates hope.

"When did this happen?"

She told him. His eyes widened and he dropped everyone he was suspending in the air. He ran out of the hallway back into Nadia's old room and took off into the sky through the hole she had left.

Understandably, nobody tried to stop him.


It was at the exact same moment. The exact same moment that Exodus had hit him with the psionic attack that laid him out for the past couple days. Geforce was unwilling to believe that it was a coincidence. It matched up too perfectly for it to be one. His time as a New Mutant has instilled a more than healthy allotment of cynicism into Geforce. But that raised the question of how the two events were connected. Hell, a whole bunch of questions were raised. Did Nadia's mutation spring up the same time as his? Was she just knocked out by the collapsing house too quickly for her abilities to manifest themselves? If so, why would an electromagnetic pulse start up both of their mutations? He was willing to take it on faith that there was some random genetic explanation for why Magneto's electromagnetic pulse had activated his gravitational manipulation powers but the pill became a little harder to swallow when he had to apply it to Nadia as well. Why would a biological mutation result in technological powers? The nurse described circuitry… robotic appearance. What the hell? And why on Earth was he taking the path that he was taking?

That last question seemed to perplex him the most. At the moment atleast. He did not pick a direction at random. He also did not give his direction any thought or planning when he took off. But all the same, he felt as if he were on a path of some sort. As if he were being compelled to go in this direction. Days from now he will consider that this irresistable urge to follow this invisble trail may be connected to how Exodus' attack on him woke her up. He will consider that perhaps they share a primitive empathic, if not psionic, link. Stranger things have existed in this world after all. But at the moment he was too single minded to perceive more than a single concept at a time. He continued on this path for what seemed like hours, and for all he knows did take hours as he still was not keeping track of the time. But eventually he came up over the scene. It was similar to what the nurse had described. Nadia's usual caramel complexion was gone, replaced by a dark metallic sheen. It didn't look much like armor, like Colossus, it looked more like her flesh was intermingled with some sort of technology. This very well could have been bad enough on its own but Geforce had learned that when it rains, it pours. Nadia was on a rampage. The tendrils that the nurse described were as active as she sadi they were. They were emerging from all over her body and reaking havoc; flipping vehicles, grabbing civilians. Occasionally one would enter a vehicle and then retreat followed, moments later, by the unmanned vehicle veering wildly out of control, circling the area in random patterns until it crashed. He could see police cars piled up on each other with a few scattered unconcious cops. The authorities sent in thier first wave and it failed… which gave Geforce a sneaking suspicion that he did not like the sound of. As he took his eyes off the road and began scanning the building roof tops, Geforce considered that there was no way Nadia had been up to this for two days straight without being taken down yet. More likely was that she was showing up, doing damage and retreating too quick for the city's massive superhero population to get involved… but that introduced yet another possibility that he did not like. He had assumed that the raging out of control of Nadia's powers was affecting her judgement… sending her on these rampages. But any time she retreats, is likely when she regains her right frame of mind. But if she was, in fact, in her right mind every now and then that also meant that she was spending time hiding, alone and scared at what was going on. And that tore Greg up inside. Ah. There they are.

Snipers. SWAT. The big boys. Come to take the big bad down. Nadia looked tough, but not enough to take a barrage of gunfire. Or even one good one to the head, which was the only part of her that looked more organic than technological. The snipers were setting up their shot on a roof over looking Nadia's reign of terror while multiple SWAT vehicles were coming in from multiple directions. They would try to take her down hard and fast. If they got the chance. The snipers were priority one as they looked just about ready to make their move. Geforce swooped in, only deciding on what move to make about a fraction of a second before he got there. An oldie. A goodie. One that would haunt him and Jubilee from now till the end of time. The sniper first noticed that his previously steady shot was shaking. Then that it was hard to move. Then he heard the cracking. The area of the roof he had been perched on collapsed, dropping him and his back up to the floor below. Geforce swung over, spending just enough time to make sure the guys were squirming and not dead before making for street level.

He landed about twenty feet away from Nadia, directly in front of her. "NADIA!" he would scream out a few times, in conjunction with "We have to get you out of here!" But she didn't seem to recognize him. She barely even seemed to know she was there. She had a completely blank expression on her face. It was as if the lights were all on but no one was home. Greg figured the SWAT vehicles were a minute away, tops. He had to get her out of there now. But she was clearly not going to make it easy. She hadn't stopped what she was doing, still lashing out at any people that hadn't gotten out of the area yet, still flipping vehicles, still lashing out wildly at essentially anything in reach. One of the tendrils was holding up a man by his ankles and was in the process of throwing him at a parked (upside down) bus.

Stupid, stupid, civilians.

Gesturing towards the man's flying body, Geforce creates a strong pull of gravity behind him slowing him on his way to the bus. The pull increased steadily until he lost all momentum and stopped at which point Greg let him fall weightlessly to the ground. Turning back to Nadia he saw she was reaching for another "Stupid" civilian. He was not going to play catch all day. Taking off but staying at essentially ground level, Geforce flew directly towards Nadia stopping right in front of her and… slapping her. He cringed as he did it but it had the desired effect. Each and every flailing tendril stopped moving. Nadia looked directly at him for the first time. With the tendrils hanging in the air and scattered civilians almost afraid to move lest they get her attention again, it was like time was standing still.

Yep. Well that got her attention.

He barely saw it coming when she struck him in the face. He was halfway through the first word of a sentence trying to appeal to her humanity when suddenly he was laid out eight feet away. Stronger than she looked. He tried getting up but by the time he was half way up Nadia was on him again and kicking him in the side. The impact from the blow rolled him over a few times and left him winded. Alot stronger than she looked. He looked up and she was about a second away from hitting him again. He had been holding off on using his powers on her in favor of trying to get through to her verbally, but it was getting abundantly clear that she would never give him the chance. She was about a foot from him when he took her gravity away from her and created a pull behind her. In an instant she went from being ready to stomp his brains in to being flung backwards. She hit the ground about twenty feet away but it didn't slow her nearly as much as Geforce has hoped it would. She bounced off the ground twice but was back on her feet in no time.

Damn, I hoped she forgot she had those.

The tendrils came. The same ones portruding from random body parts and wrecking the area a minute ago were now rushing towards him. He rolled to the side of the first. Jumped over the second. Ducked under the third. He even parried away the fourth. But Greg wasn't Spider-Man. He couldn't keep it up all day. He couldn't even keep it up another second. The fifth tendril caught him in the chest and both pushed and pinned him to the ground. One of the earlier tendrils was now rushing out towards his head. He was just barely able to push up on the tendril pinning him enough to skid his body out of the way. The pavement cracked where his head just was. Things weren't going well. The five tendrils he had been sparring, and losing, against wrapped around his body and drew him towards Nadia. Things weren't going well at all. He noticed that the SWAT had arrived and probably did a minute or two ago. They had corralled the civilains out of the area and were now just… watching. Appearently it was their policy to see if the threat can finish off whatever "superhero" showed up before intervening. He wasn't exactly sure if he was relieved that they weren't shooting yet. He couldn't figure out a way to drop Nadia without hurting her.

The tendrils brought Geforce face to face with Nadia, though they had him suspended upside down. For the second time today, it was like time stopped for a moment.

"Damnit Nadia… it's me. Greg. Your brother. You can hear me. I know you can."

Or maybe she couldn't. Four unnoccupied tendrils reared back and in the same second closed in on Geforce's head. He didn't really think about what happened next. He didn't have time to, for one thing. It was for the best really, because he never would have been able to do it if he had to think about it. Quickly, instinctively and brutally Geforce created a small in size but massive in intensity gravity well in Nadia's head. It existed for a about a fraction of a second. Any longer would have collapsed a flatscan's head. Nadia was no flatscan. But she wasn't exactly the Hulk either. The tendrils that were closing in on Geforce's head an instant before stopped in mid air and went limp. The same happened to the ones constricting his body, dropping him to the ground. Looking up Greg saw Nadia fall to her knees. The rest of her body was about to fall backwards but Greg scrambled up and caught her. As he held her he saw everything about her change. The technorganic flesh hybrid that covered her body was dissappearing, turning back to her normal skin color. Her braids returned, which had looked more like wires the instant before. The circuitry look faded. She looked like herself. He looked into her eyes and she looked back… really looked back. A tear was beginning to form at the corner of her right eye and she whispered "Gregory?" once before succumbing to unconciousness.

He just sat there holding her for a minute, not really thinking about anything at all. Then he noticed that the authorities were finally coming in. To take her away. Not happening. First their movement was slowed but soon they found that the gravity below them had stopped their forward progression all together. Standing up and cradling her body like a small child Greg took off into the sky, carrying Nadia back to the Mansion.


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The day seemed to have come full circle. Greg was back in the med bay, Nadia with him. They had been there for a couple hours now. First there was just alot of silence. Nadia surprised Greg by waking up before they even arrived back at the mansion, but she never said a word and neither did he. The Sam, Rogue and the others hadn't gotten back from L.A. yet and Greg managed to reach the med bay without alerting any one else. One they got there, Nadia and Greg simply sat on two different beds and stared at each other in silence.

But that couldn't last.

Soon it all came out. Nadia wanted to know what happened. Greg told her. From Magneto's attack, to the activation of both their powers, to collapse of their house and the death of their parents and Nadia's coma. He explained how he came here to get a handle on his powers, and joined the New Mutants. He told her about the team. He told her about Current. He told her about Exodus. And she could fill in everything after that. Greg had wondered if she would blame him for their parents death much like he blamed Magneto but she wouldn't talk about that. Then there was silence again.

"So… what happens now?"

He didn't know how to answer that and it was followed by about a minute more of quiet. He kept expecting her to go technorganic on him again but there was no sign of it. She was the same younger sister he'd known all her life. When she punched him earlier it was like being hit with a rock, but when he carried her home Greg noted that she was both light and felt decidedly fleshy. Like it never happened. She asked what he, once more, was thinking.

"Just how do you mutate into a cyborg anyway?"

He laughed, "I was half hoping you could tell me but in retrospect I never should have expected you to know."

He got up and started wandering around the room while they talked. "I mean, I guess stranger things have happened but it still doesn't make too much sense."

"Less sense than the same gene giving control over gravity, magentism, the weather and teeth for eyes (appearantly)?"

Greg scrunched up his face, "Touché little one. Touché." He fiddled with things as they continued to talk, trying to look less nervous than he was, inspecting a scalpel, playing with the defibrillator and looking into microscope Beast left out. That last one gave him an idea. Greg rummaged through different drawers until he came out with a sealed, unused needle. Nadia looked disconcerted.

"What are you doing Gregory? Gregory what are you doing? What are you doing with that needle Gregory?"

"It's just Greg." he said as he walked over to her, "You know full well that I prefer that."

"That's wholly beside the point."

"Hush." Greg said as he came up beside her, "This will sting for about a second." He stuck the needle in her arm and pulled out a small amount of blood. Just enough to show up on a slide.

"Ouch!", Nadia jumped out of her seat, "What the hell is your problem?"

Greg walked back over to the microscope and set aside the slide already there and fished around for a new one. "Settle down you big baby. It was nothing. We were hitting each other alot harder than that just a couple hours ago. Besides, I want to see what's going on inside you. If there are any traces of tech still inside you. Maybe even answer your question."

Nadia was stuck between deciding whether she was more curious about what Greg would find than she was angry about being stuck with needle. Indecisive as ever, she just contented to be quiet and walk over to where Greg was examinining the blood he drew from her.

"So what is it? What's there?"

"See for yourself." he said morosely as he stepped away from the microscope. It wasn't what he saw, that had changed his countenance. It was the fact that as soon as he saw it, he could remember all the things that the third voice had said to him that morning.

"What… are those?"

"Oh, it's pretty much the same thing I found on this slide." Greg held up the slide he had removed before putting on Nadia's. During his bouts of slipping in and out of conciousness he had seen Beast looking at this under the microscope and now he could guess at why it was of interest. The slide was labeled G. Johansson. It was his blood. And he couldn't shake the feeling that he'd find the same thing in Nadia. He did. "They're nanites… microscopic robots. And none of them are working. They're dead and drifting around in our bloodstreams." He looked down at Nadia's arm. "Which actually answers two questions."

Nadia just looked confused.

"For one, our powers. Magento's electromagnetic pulse activated them. Which makes no sense. Or made no sense. The EMP shut down all the nanites that were in our blood (don't ask me how they got there) and it was then that we got our mutations. I'd put down even money that the nanites were holding back our mutations and when they were killed, our mutations manifested. You just got knocked out to fast for it to show in you."

They were both quiet for a second and then Nadia came out with, "Wait, you said it answered two questions."

"Yeah, about that. You aren't a cyborg." Greg pointed at where he stuck Nadia with the needle, which she had all but forgotten about. The area around the puncture had become stainless steel. Just like the needle. "You replicate the properties of things touching you. I'm guessing that when you panicked after waking up, you replicated the technology in the nanites throughout your entire body. Not that it makes much more sense, but really, nothing at all does in this world."

Yet again there was silence. Nadia didn't know to react to this, though she was certainly glad that she wasn't a robot. Greg was quiet for an entirely different reason. He wasn't just dreaming about the third voice. Or at least he didn't think he was. What he did know was that the things it had told him were true. It unlocked old memories. It told him where he had to go next. But he didn't really like it.

Once again Nadia asked him, "So what happens now?"

"I have to leave here. There's something that has to be done. Answers that have to be uncovered."

She cocked her head to one side, "Cool. When do we leave?"

Greg had been looking off into space as he talked to Nadia but this last bit caused him to look down at her. "You grew out of naivete at around age five so don't fake it now. It doesn't suit you or come off as at all believable. You know full well that I said that I have to leave. Not us. Not you. Just me."

Nadia was not amused. "I certainly hope that you are joking. I've been in a coma for, for I don't even know how long, I have a mutation I don't really understand and other than you I have no family left. You can't possible expect to go anywhere without me." Her eyes were watering.

"That was it! That right there. You have an odd mutation you have no control of yet. It's by some miracle that you never killed somebody today! I'm not prepared to teach you about controlling that!"

"And who the hell is?" Though it was one of those silly questions to which you realize the answer in the same moment you ask it.

"What do you think they do here? They'll teach you about your abilities here. About how not to hurt people with them. About how to use them. It's what they did for me and it's what they'll do for you."

"Then stay and help me! Why do you need to leave anyway?"

"I just have to. There are things I need to find out," which Nadia realized Greg wasn't going to expand on, "besides… I've out grown this place."

"That makes no sense. How?"

"I came here for two reasons. To learn to control my powers and to get my shot at Magneto. I've acheived the former and it doesn't look like the latter is going to happen anytime soon… especially considering that if his lackey beat me down that badly, my chances with master don't look so great."

"Forget all that. What about me? What about Xavier's dream? I've read about him, I know what they're trying to do here. Peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. Don't you want to be part of that?"

"I've told you Nadia," Greg paused, "I'm leaving you here for you. And as for Xavier's dream… don't get sucked into that. That's not why you're here. It wasn't why I was here. The whole thing is unrealistic. I mean come on… our parents, bless their souls, were Friends of Humanity. We've seen how the flatscans see us. I mean really seen it. Not like the others. I don't think anybody here other than Gerald understands like we do. I mean, the X-Men see these humans when they're all hopped up on adrenaline. When they're throwing stones, waving picket signs and forming lynch mobs. Which I'll give you is pretty damned hateful. But they've never had to be around them socially. I mean, shit, we've had Graydon Creed over for dinner. They don't know what it's like to hear what these people think about mutants so nonchalently. What it's like to hear them talk about the existence of mutants as if it were as much of a disaster as the Holocaust. To hear them in outrage over a man being convicted for raping a mutant girl because "those people" shouldn't have any rights. They hate us. They always will hate us. I just don't believe that the Professor change that unless he does it forcefully."

There was one more long pause after that. Nadia was obviously trying not to cry which she hated doing in front of people. Which was sort of contrasted by the fact that she's so quick to becoming emotional.

"I really can't come?"

"You can't. For various reasons. You need to learn about your abilities. Plus it'll be dangerous."

She chuckled. "And this place isn't?"

"Touche. But you'll be fine. These bruises I'm nursing tell me that you'll be able to handle yourself. Plus the people here are… generally… okay. They'll have your back."

"And will I see you again?"

"Of course. This isn't permanent. I'll be in touch." He wasn't so sure about that but he said it anyway.

Nadia finally seemed to have choked back the last of her tears and managed a phoney smile. "Any tips for dealing with these people?"

Greg thought for second. "Roxanne's okay. A year younger than you. Gerald seems like a nice guy but honestly I'm biased against telepaths. Dillan and Curt will keep you from being the token black person. Wreck seems… less than all there. But, and if you tell anyone I'll flatten you, he was probably my favorite person here. Don't ask me why. Lex is more sensitive than you are and quick to altercation. Abuse it for a cheap laugh. Incubus is weird. Current… I liked him. You probably would have hated him like poison, but I liked him. Sam… we give him a hard time but he's cool. He didn't get Current killed, Current did. Listen to him and you'll be fine. Don't know about Rogue. Beast knows, at the very least, that I have dead nanites in me and probably figured out what they were for. I don't know what that means for me or what it means for you. But you can trust him if he approaches you. Jubilee… she is the enemy. Never forget this."

The last bit caused Nadia to laugh, but Greg wasn't (or was trying not to, she couldn't tell which).

"You want get some rest? You can probably take my room."

"I've had enough sleep for this lifetime, thank you very much. When are you going to go?"

He thought about it. "Right now. I want to be gone before the New Mutants are back from wherever they went. I never got too close to any of them so it wont hurt them. Or I doubt it will. But really, I just don't trust Gerald's abilities. His mind has a tendency to wander, literally, and if I approach the guys about me leaving I have a feelining it might just wander into my mind. And I have things I don't want anyone to know. I'll leave a letter. You can chill in the Wreck Room untill they get here."

"So… this is it then?"

"Yeah… for now. It is."

Greg and Nadia walked out of the Medbay and made their way slowly towards the Wreck Room. They talked the whole way, laughing at some points and with Nadia having to choke back more tears at others. When they got there they hugged, standing there quietly for about a minute. Nadia then sat down while Greg scribbled out the note explaining things. When he finished he signed it and pinned it up. He turned towards Nadia for the final goodbye but despite what she said earlier, she was sound asleep on the couch. Choking back a tear himself, Greg kissed Nadia on the forehead, found a blanket to cover her with and made his way to the front door. He paused for a second at the front gates to look back at the mansion and this chapter of his life before turning his back on the X-Mansion for the last time.

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Post by Alexander "Cadmus" Baptiste on Oct 22, 2006, 3:42pm

«Heh… I guess it's double sized for some reason. Plus NO ADS! I never expected it be as long as it is (certainly didn't occur to me that I wouldn't be able to fit it in one post) but I sat in front of the key board and stuff just kept coming out. Stupid fingers.»

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #5
Post by Protoman on Oct 22, 2006, 4:26pm

«Well, it was really good. Do you have AIM?»

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #5
Post by Roxanne "Madrock" Madison on Oct 22, 2006, 9:08pm

@_@ It's longer than mine…nobody makes fanfics longer than me! You bums will pay!

But, seriously, great stuff.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #5
Post by K'lar on Oct 23, 2006, 10:33am

Wow, we have 6 different stories now. This is really starting to catch on! I am reading this now, but if it is as good as my skim showed, 20 EXP bonus, mostly for the time it had to take to write this.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #5
Post by Alexander "Cadmus" Baptiste on Oct 23, 2006, 12:33pm

Thanks for the good words guys. No AIM, though I have an MSN account (moc.liamtoh|xymerejgnik#moc.liamtoh|xymerejgnik) though I'm rarely online. May look into downloading AIM later. I'm always meaning to but never do it.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #5
Post by K'lar on Oct 23, 2006, 12:45pm

You can actually run AIM without downloading it using AIM express. This means I should keep it running when I am at work, but I still never do

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #5
Post by Marisol Morales on Nov 1, 2006, 5:12pm

Current was the only New Mutant you called by his codename, other than Wreck, for understandable reasons… What's up with that?

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #5
Post by Alexander "Cadmus" Baptiste on Nov 2, 2006, 4:32pm

Er… I didn't notice that I did it? Though instead of changing it I'm going to leave it like it is. I've just retroactively added a reason for it. I would say what the new reason is, but that would be telling.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #5
Post by Marisol Morales on Nov 2, 2006, 4:37pm

Argh, I am mad!

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #5
Post by Alexander "Cadmus" Baptiste on Nov 2, 2006, 4:59pm


I'd play you a sad song were it not for the fact that I have no musical talent.

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