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Post by Sara "Radical Dreamer" Lincoln on Feb 27, 2007, 4:05am

Cover: Sara in a red tank top and jeans sitting barefoot with her arms wrapped around her legs on a hill watching a sunset with her back to the viewer.

Title: The Longest Day

Writing Credits: Grey420

Featuring: Sara "Hype" Lincoln

Sara is sitting on a hill out side the Institute around dusk one day in what feels like spring, just watching the sun set. People are flying through the air, and students are moving around the campus. On any other day she'd be out with them, having fun, laughing, being a teenage girl. But tonight is different for her, tonight she has no interest in being a part of the life of anyone else at the school. Tonight she just wants to be alone and think.

*Today is really the day*, Sara thinks to herself.

She looks down at the phone sitting next to her and picks it up.

*Now or never*

She starts to dial a number but quickly hangs up before she even gets halfway through the number. She forces the phone down to the ground and buries her head in her knees.

*I can't do it. I can't do it.*

Sara is on the verge of tears as she starts to remember what led her to this moment. About her life before Xavier's. About her home, and about her friends. About her family.

The story on Sara's mind begins the previous November, a few months before she came to the school, but a day she'll never forget.

"Sara! Time to wake up!" a female voice yells

Sara is laying in bed and her alarm clock is blaring, she reaches over to turn it off.

"I'm up mom!" she yells from bed.

Sara pulls herself out of bed and begins to head for the bathroom when she catches herself in the mirror and notices a familiar site. She knows she went to bed dressed, she just isn't now.

*Damnit! Not again! How am I supposed to explain to mom how I go through so many clothes without telling her about my powers?*

Sara's powers had developed about a month and a half earlier and she had been trying to learn how to use them with her best friend, and next door neighbor, Christian Andrews. He was the only person who she has told about them.

Being in her state of undress, Sara grabbed a robe and headed to the bathroom to get ready.

Thirty minutes later.

Sara is making her way downstairs in a jean skirt and a red t-shirt, and heads into the kitchen.

"Morning mommy!" Sara says as she gives her mom a kiss on the cheek before sitting at the table, "What's for breakfast?"

"Your favorite, scrambled eggs and French toast."

"Mmmm, sounds great! Thanks mom!"

Sara loved her parents, her mom was her favorite person on the planet. She had so much on her plate, but she never let Sara go a single day without feeling special or loved. Sara was the baby, and her mom tried her hardest to spoil her.

"Mom. Sara."

Molly, Sara's older sister made her way into the kitchen and sat down. Molly was their dad's favorite, the golden child. The straight A student who was as good at sports as she was with the books. Sara always envied her for that, she could never get into the books, no matter how hard she tried.

"Heya Mol, can I get a ride to school today?"

"Can't, going out with Steve after school."

"But could I get a ride there…?"

"Jesus fucking Christ Sara, I said no, leave me the hell alone!"

"Molly Elizabeth Lincoln! You watch your language in this house!" Their mom snaps

Sara sticks her tongue at at Molly, and is given the middle finger in return.

Breakfast pasts rather uneventfully from there, with Molly leaving without so much as a good bye to anyone. Sara, on the other hand, gets her things together and gets ready to leave for school.

"Sara, honey, do you want a ride?"

"It's ok mom, I think I'm going to walk with Stacy."

"Tell her I said hi."

"I sure will mommy, I love you! Have a great day!"

"Love you too sweety."

Sara walks outside with a smile on her face. Her best girlfriend Stacy is waiting at the sidewalk for her.

"Hey Stace!" Sara yells at her.

"Hey Sar!" Stacy yells back

Sara runs up to her and gives Stacy a hug.

"You been here long?"

"Couple of minutes."

"Did you see Chris?"


"Guess he left already, want to get going?"

"Sure, but aren't you cold?"

Sara gets confused and looks at Stacy who's wearing jeans and a jacket, in contrast to Sara's skirt and t-shirt. Sara hasn't quite gotten the hang of her powers and isn't used to her body speeding up to keep her warm.

"I'm good, let's go!" Sara says trying to brush off the topic.

The two make their way to school and come up on the field in front of the doors. They see all of their girl friends, and some of the football players that like to hang out with them. The 'popular' click. Sara notices Mark, the quarterback, staring at her from the door.

Mark has been really creeping Sara out lately, being very clingy and treating her like they're a couple, despite them never having been on a date, in fact, they haven't even hugged. Unbeknownst to Sara (at this time), the assault on her and Chris the day that their powers emerged was actually planned by Mark so he could run in and save her, be the hero, get the girl.

"Mark's staring at me again." Sara says coldly to Stacy.

"You should give him a chance, I mean, he is the quarterback."

"But he's weird."

"Yeah, but he's popular, and he likes you."

"But I'm popular, and I don't like him. I kinda don't like any of them."

Sara is thinking about the guys she knows on the football team, the 'hot guys', the popular ones that all the girls want to go out with, the ones Sara can go out with. She's not interested in any of them, she never has been, she just never really thinks about it much.

"Hey Stace, I got a question."

"Whats up?"

"Is it weird to not be interested in any guys?"

Stacy looks at Sara perplexed.

"You confuse me sometimes Sar, you know that right? All the guys want you, and you're not interested in them?"

"I know, it's weird, I just look at them and don't feel anything."

"Well, who do you get that 'feeling' with?"

Sara starts to think about the last time she felt attracted to someone, a thought that normally doesn't go through her head. She thinks about it for a little bit before her face goes pale.

"Sara? Sara? Earth to Sara! Look at me Hype-Girl!"

*There's that name again* Sara thinks

She's zoning out thinking, why isn't she attracted to the guys? Why is she looking at Stacy to check her out?

*This isn't normal*

"Hype-Girl!" Stacy yells in her ear.

*Hype….I like that.*

Sara turns her head to look at Stacy and smiles.

"Whoops, I spaced, teehee."

"You're something else, you know that?"

Sara giggles.

"So who do you get that feeling from?"

Sara looks Stacy in the eyes, and then glances toward the school. Mark has started to walk toward them, all of his friends and all of Sara's friends are watching. She still hasn't seen Chris and her mind is racing, she looks back into Stacy's eyes.


Without another thought Sara leans in and kisses Stacy, slipping her tongue into her friends mouth without so much as a warning.

Unknown to Sara, or anyone else, Chris was walking up to school with his girlfriend, Amy.

"….So all we have to do is write up some lyrics and we can go from there." Chris says

"You mean all I have to do is write up lyrics, you suck at it" Amy laughs

"Well, yeah, but I didn't think I should say it."

"You're cute when you're trying to be subtle" Amy tells him before looking ahead at the crowd, one thing standing out to her, "Ummm, hey Chris, is Sara gay?"

"Wh—-what?!" Chris asks her, shooting Amy a look like she's crazy. "Where did that come from?!"

Amy grabs Chris's head and twists it so he's looking right at Sara making out with Stacy not a hundred feet away from them.

"I….uh….ummm…." Chris is speechless until he sees the popular crowd staring at them, most looking confused, Mark looking pissed. "Oh crap, I have to go get Sara out of this."

"Out of what? She looks like she's enjoying herself."

"Just trust me, get Stacy, get her inside and away from prying eyes."

Chris runs off toward Sara.

Sara, meanwhile, is lost in the kiss, her first ever. She loves the feeling, and the fact that it's Stacy makes it that much better. She's been hiding her feelings for Stacy from everyone, including herself, for a long time.

Stacy is just confused, her best friends tongue is in her mouth, and her best friend is a girl, and she kinda likes it. She starts to return the kiss.

Chris manages to get to the girls right as they break it off.

"Wow…." Sara says looking at Stacy

"Wow…wha….Sara? Wha….what just happened?" Stacy is more then confused.

Chris grabs Sara.

"We're moving, now."

He drags her off without another word, before either Sara or Stacy can respond. Amy follows suit, grabbing Stacy by the hand and leading her to the school.

"Girl talk, come with me." Amy says.

They split off in their own directions, Chris pulling Sara away from prying eyes, and Amy taking Stacy right through it all to get her to an area filled with people that wouldn't know about it. Amy pulls her through the front door of the school, through the hallways, and down into the lunch room.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Stacy yells as she pulls away from Amy

"I was about to ask you the same thing."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Making out in front of the whole school?"

"You and Chris do it all the time! So what?"

"So we're not two girls!"

Stacy is floored, her mind hasn't been working at full strength since it all happened, she hasn't let herself realize it. She's one of the most popular girls in her grade, and now she's going to be a subject for gossip for the rest of her high school days. She takes a seat and starts crying.

"This is all your fault, you bitch!"

Amy is confused.

"My fault? How is any of this my fault?"

"You showed up, and you were this dark and emo girl, and Chris liked it, and you took him from Sara. She wouldn't have done this if he was there!"

"Well maybe she was just being herself, did you ever think of that? That maybe she was doing what she wanted to do and damned be what anyone else thinks?!"

"Like you'd even understand us, you're just some rich girl who likes to act moody for attention. You don't know us, you don't know anything about us!"

"I know that Chris and Sara are just friends. I know that Sara sleeps at his house almost every single night and they've never laid a finger on each other. I know that she's never gone out with a guy, and I've seen her look at girls in the locker room. You might not have noticed it, she might not have thought about it, but it's not hard to figure out for anyone else."

Stacy just cries and Amy goes and gives her a hug.

"It's your fault…."

On the other side of campus, Chris has gotten Sara just out of view of the rest of school.

"Sara….what was that?"

"A kiss." Sara says trying to keep things short

"With Stacy?"

"I thought it was a good idea at the time…" Sara lies

Chris looks her in the eyes and puts his hands on her shoulders.

"Fourteen years I've known you Sar, don't lie to me."

Sara drops her head.

"I'm not lieing…."

"Alright, fine, you're not lieing, so you want me to go so you can handle this on your own?"

Chris starts to walk off but Sara looks up crying.

"I don't know what I'm doing!" She yells at him "I saw Mark, and he was creeping me out, and I looked and Stacy, and all I could think was how bad I wanted to kiss her, so I just did it! Ok?! Are you happy?!"

Sara is bawling as Chris turns around and hugs her.

"Sara, I want you to be happy, you know that, just be honest with yourself."

Sara sniffles and looks up.

"I….I like girls, Chris."

"Since always?"

"Since always. I just, I hide from myself, you know I do that, I just couldn't hide anymore…"

"Don't hide Sara, never hide. Be yourself."

The two best friends hug for a while until Sara calms down and stops crying. The tardy bell has already rung, both are late, they just don't care anymore. Chris is going no where until he's sure Sara's ok, and Sara is just starting to get a grip on herself.

After School

Chris and Amy walk Sara and Stacy home. The rest of their days went rather uneventfully, Mark did damage control to try and make sure that Sara would still be viable for him, while Sara and Stacy kept quiet except for when talking to their girls at lunch. The four get to Sara's house and Amy continues to walk Stacy home while Chris stays with Sara.

"Are you going to be ok?" he asks her

"I'll be fine. Do you think I should tell them?"

"I dunno, how will they take it?"

"No clue, I haven't done it before."

The two start to laugh.

"I gotta go check in with my mom, if anything happens, you let yourself in the basement, ok?" Chris tells her

"You know it!" Sara says with a smile "Thanks for being there today"

Chris smiles, nods, and heads in to his house as Sara slowly walks into her own.

"Mom? Molly? Anyone home?" She says as she walks in, knowing that there's no chance of her dad being there this early in the day.

With nobody home Sara goes to her room to start her homework, every second waiting for people to get home feels like an eternity.

Several hours later

Sara wakes up in her bed, she fell asleep.

"Sara! Dinner!" her mom yells

Sara hops out of bed and runs downstairs to greet the family and sit down.

"So how was everybodys day?" her mom asks

"Practice was canceled because we did so good at the game the other day, so it was ok. I got a little homework." Sara says.

Her dad says nothing, he rarely says much to her.

"That's good sweety." Her mom tells her.

"I got a test back today in my AP Bio class, A+." Molly says to one up.

"I knew you could do it honey." Their mom says, not giving special treatment.

"You could stand to learn a thing or two from you sister, Sara." Their dad says, breaking his silence.

"Excuse me?"

"Your sister gets A+'s in AP classes, you can't even get a B in a regular class. That's completely unacceptable."

Molly looks at Sara in a taunting manner, and their mom stays quiet. Sara's hurt, just like every night when he does this to her.

"I try my best…"

"Your best isn't good enough, I don't raise failures."

"A B isn't failing…."

"It's not an A, that makes you a failure."

"She's also gay." Molly chimes in, "She was making out with Stacy in front of the entire school."

The room dies, Sara is in shock, she didn't know that Molly had been there, and especially not that she'd bring it up. Their mom covers her mouth and looks right ahead at them, but their dad goes quiet and puts his silverware down.

"Is this true, young lady?"

"Daddy I…" Sara starts

"I asked you is this true, no excuses."

"I…yes, it is." Sara says defeated while Molly looks at her as if to say 'Busted!'

"Then you're going to change it."

"Ex—-excuse me?" Sara asks, genuinely confused.

"No daughter of mine, living under my roof, is going to make a fool out of me. You're going to live up to my expectations, and if you don't, then you get out."

"But daddy, I can't just change who I am!" Sara yells as she jumps to her feet.

"Sit down."

"No! I will not! You're being totally unreasonable! I…" Sara is cut off by her father, though not by words. He's stood up and grabbed her by the throat.

"No! You listen to me you ungrateful little mistake, you live in my house, you eat my food, you follow my rules. If you don't like it, then you get out!"

"You're an asshole!" Sara chokes out crying.

And with that he hits her right in the face, a bank handed slap. Sara falls back out of his hand and down to the ground where she immediately rubs her mouth. She pulls back her fingers to see blood on them, her lip is busted open.

"Honor your father."

"Mommy….help…." Sara chokes out between the tears.

Her mom does nothing, not even look, she just goes back to eating and acts as if nothing is happening in the room.

"Your mother is not a part of this, you will listen to me."

"Leave me alone! Mommy!" Sara screams out.

She tries to stand back up, but at the sight of his imposing hand being reached back as if to ready another slap, she falls back to the ground.


"Now go to your room, and when I see you tomorrow if you're smart, you'll never let me even so much as think that a daughter of mine would be such a failure."

"I HATE YOU!" Sara yells as she runs up the stairs.

Her father goes back to his seat and resumes eating. He, her mother, and Molly don't even acknowledge what just happened.

Sara goes to her room and starts packing bags before throwing them out her window and jumping out herself. She takes them and heads next door to Chris's house and goes to make herself at home in his basement. She's crying, her lip is bleeding, and her face is still red from the slap. She just wants to try to her best friend. But when she walks in, she sees him having sex with Amy, and the site just breaks her.

Sara grabs her bags and starts running, without saying a word, without looking back, and she doesn't stop until she's sure that her old life will never be around her again.

The Present

Sara is crying on the hill now, having relived the horrible memories. She looks down at the phone again and sniffles. She lied to everyone, she said she lived with her cousin, that her sister and her were close, that Chris took care of her. She's a liar, she ran away that day and never looked back. Not until today.

"Sara? Sara? Are you up here?"

Sara turns around and sees Meghan looking for her. The only person to ever really accept her, she feels. Someone who doesn't ask the hard questions, who doesn't care who she used to be, just who she is.

"I'm up here Meg!" Sara yells down trying to dry her tears.

Meghan walks up to her and notices how red her eyes are.

"Sweety. what's wrong? Were you crying?"

"Yeah, a little but don't worry about it, I just was thinking about a sad time."

"Want to talk about it?"

"Maybe later, right now, I just, do you want to go to the movies?"

"I…sure." Meghan knows better then to pry, she knows that Sara will tell her when she's ready.

Sara stands up and puts her sandals on and takes one last look at the phone.

*Happy birthday mommy*

"Let's go!" Sara says with fake excitement, ready to take her mind off of all her problems. Ready to run away again.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #46
Post by Nephy "Lifebeat" Nephrahim on Feb 27, 2007, 4:07am


That's not an issue, it's an entire arc. Or maybe I'm just amazingly lazy.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #46
Post by Sara "Radical Dreamer" Lincoln on Feb 27, 2007, 4:08am

It's one issue, I just write like Bendis.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #46
Post by Alkaline on Feb 27, 2007, 4:10am

Don't ever take the Lord's name in vain again.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #46
Post by Daniel "Incendiary" O'Conner on Feb 27, 2007, 4:16am

The only thing have to point out is that it's kliq not click. Otherwise it's good, didn't read the end though.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #46
Post by Armando "Army" Rosewell on Feb 27, 2007, 4:16am

Well, it is called 'the Longest Day'. Wasn't expecting a short read.

Anyway, nice work. The narration was a bit more on the skinny side, but I read through and like it regardless. Poor Sara…but, eh, she turned out all right. Infinite giggles aside.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #46
Post by Cheshire on Feb 27, 2007, 4:18am

Feb 27, 2007, 4:16am, Daniel "Incendiary" O'Conner wrote:The only thing have to point out is that it's kliq not click. Otherwise it's good, didn't read the end though.

Actually, it's clique.

And good stuff.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #46
Post by Daniel "Incendiary" O'Conner on Feb 27, 2007, 4:21am

Feb 27, 2007, 4:18am, Cheshire wrote:
Feb 27, 2007, 4:16am, Daniel "Incendiary" O'Conner wrote:The only thing have to point out is that it's kliq not click. Otherwise it's good, didn't read the end though.

Actually, it's clique.

And good stuff.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #46
Post by Protoman on Feb 27, 2007, 8:23am

I liked it…poor Sara.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #46
Post by Sara "Radical Dreamer" Lincoln on Mar 2, 2007, 2:05am

Just wait for the next one, work already in progress.

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