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New Mutants Unlimited #4
Post by Blight on Oct 21, 2006, 11:33pm

New Mutants Unlimited #4
The Night Calls

Cover Description: Wreck is sitting in the middle of a cemetery at night, glowing red dots showing through behind his sunglasses. Around him are multiple images of himself, laying strewn about and killed in various horrible ways. It resembles a warzone, consisting only of Wreck.

~ ~ ~

<This would be set shortly before Mission #6 began>

It should come as no great surprise to anyone, that I am not exactly what I seem to be.

I talk a lot, but that's mainly a diversion. If I stopped talking, I'd probably go more insane than I am already. When there isn't anyone around, on a night like this, I'm fairly quiet.

To the cemetery I head. I discovered it a bit after arriving at the mansion. Not too far out of the way, and though the estate has one of its own (how very morbid), I always did prefer the company of strangers.

This is where I sleep at night. Finding a nice, cozy headstone and laying there until the sun rises. That would be why my room hardly looks lived in. It isn't.

Suppose there are any number of reasons why I do this. I grew up homeless, so I rest better in the outdoors. And the graveyard? Well…..I suppose, considering that I can't die, I try to be as close to those who have already. Live vicariously, and all of that.

Besides, I'm usually left alone here.

Through the creaky gate I pass, bats fluttering into the air. A full moon is above. It would be a creepy scene, but when you've been in places like this enough, you realize that there isn't much to be afraid of. Contrary to what the movies tell you, the dead don't rise. Ever.

……aside from that demonic invasion we had a few years back. Only in New York could people move on so easily from something like that.

My feet tread on fallen leaves. A dog howls somewhere, and I start scanning around the area.

Names. Nobody I recognize, though I've witnessed my fair share of death. I didn't become so good with my guns by watching spaghetti westerns.

Alright, we'll just stop here. Delores Barbalo, we spend tonight together.


Nudging a few stray leaves around, I kneel and lay in the grass. Not even bothering to remove my sunglasses. Too tired.

No sooner has my head hit the granite though, then I hear a rustling noise. Somewhere in front of me.

I'm sitting up in a flash, guns drawn. If nothing else, my homeless days honed my reflexes something fierce.

"Who's there?", I call.

As if whatever it is really plans on answering me.

"Listen," I continue after a moment. "I don't know what kind of weirdo hangs around a cemetery at night…..besides me…..but I'd suggest you make yourself known. Else I WILL fill you full of bulletholes as soon as I see the whites of your eyes."

"O', a greater fallacy there could not be. For mine eyes bear white no more than thine."

Something's moving now. From out of the gloom he steps, and whether it's his appearance or the fact he's speaking for some god unknown reason in ye olde English, I don't fill him full of bullets.

At first the bizarre thought crosses my mind that I'm looking in a mirror. And then I realize it's just the fact that this…..person shares my habit of wearing dark sunglasses, even in the dead of night. As for the rest of him, he's pale. Really, really pale. About six feet tall, his hair done up in a ponytail and the exact shade of white his skin is.

I don't like him at all.

"Unless you have x-ray vision," I say to him, not taking him out of my sights, "I'd like to know how you know about my eyes."

"This would not be the first fortnight thee hast spent in yon halls of the dead," says he. Still moving towards me. "As a fellow dweller of the necropolis, tis no great surprise if mine eyes hast previously spied thine, correct?"

Still heading towards me. Move, the voice of survival screams in my head. MOVE. And finally my feet listen to my brain, and I pull myself up on the tombstone. He pauses.

"Okay, Shakespeare. So you've spied on me while I was sleeping. That's one strike against you. Now give me two more, so I can shoot you dead."

He laughs, and a chill goes up my spine.

I don't get chills very often. There isn't much that frightens me. But the laugh of this guy…..

"…….you aren't human, are you?"

"O', he be perceptive," the man replies with a flourishing bow. "And his words be true. Nay, human I've not been for many an eon. And so thine modern weaponries may yet prove useless. May I suggest you withdraw them?"

He smiles at me, and I get another involuntary chill.

"Lest thee find the extent of mine lack of humanity."

Slowly, I raise my gun upward. Not putting it down, but for some reason, I get the idea that he may not be bluffing.

"What do you want?", I ask. "Who are you?"

"Ah, such a perplexing order of inquiries!", he replies. He's moving towards me again. I keep myself prepared to shoot him, but at the same time, I wonder. Would it really do any good?

"Very well. In the order of thine questions," continues he. "I doth desire revenge against yon animal ye keep in thine home away from home. The berserker known as Logan. And mine name?"

Another smile. Did I catch a glimpse of fangs?

"I am the one the devils hast deigned…..Bloodscream."

He bows again. And the thought crosses my mind that with a name like that, there's little doubt as to what this guy is.

Now I am nervous. And I hate that feeling.

"Revenge? What exactly did Logan do to you?", I ask. Stalling for time. Though again, what good is it going to do me? There's no one here.

"His crimes against me were legion," Bloodscream continues. "As the plague that haunts and devours all, so hast he throughout mine many years."

Smiling again. God, stop it already!

"But ah, mine chase of the beast yet has selfish pursuits. For only with the blood of an immortal coursing through these veins, can yon curse levied against a poor, innocent man be yet broken. Only in that may he find his salvation."

It takes me a moment for realization to dawn on me. Does this guy know what I am?

Don't give it away. Don't give it away. Be a blank slate. Poker face. Oh, dear fucking hell.

"So," he says, that awful voice biting into my soul. "Will thee accompany Bloodscream to Logan, or must he tear answers from thine dripping throat?"

That's it. Act now, retard. Act NOW.

"Sorry," I tell him as I draw my guns and open fire. "I may not enjoy Logan's company much, but even I'm not stupid enough to trust a fucking vampire."

My bullets strike home. The impact of them whips his head back and to the left, also tearing into his ribs. I am a very good shot, when I don't have my fellow New Mutants deflecting lead into unsuspecting Kleinstocks.

Course, fat lot of good that does me. He whips his head back around, and the hole I put in the front of it is already healing.

"Oh, the bag of flesh tickles me so," he laughs. "But if such was his answer, Bloodscream can only respond in kind."

And suddenly his laughing is growing louder. I soon realize it's because he's growing bigger. The funky Hot Topic shirt he was wearing shreds. Before I know it, he's doubled in size, making him around 12 feet tall. He's sporting really long arms, with wicked fingernails on the ends of them. He has huge fangs, dripping saliva onto the cemetery ground as a giant red tongue darts and flaps from between them. And he's still wearing those fucking sunglasses. They've somehow grown with him, wrapped around his damn head.

All in all, he's now a nightmare come to life. So I do the only thing I can do. I run like a goddamn sissy.

Fortunately, this coincides with his first move, leaping straight for me. As I dart to the side, he crashes into the tombstone of poor Delores Barbalo, and his head proves stronger than the granite. The stone explodes into a thousand pieces.

And he's up in a flash. His ye olde English has apparently been replaced by growling. Thank god for small favors. That would be my only favor though, as he leaps through the air and is right on top of me.

He's stronger than ten of me. I throw my head back just in time to avoid literally having my face bitten off. Then that training I've had in the Danger Room flits through my mind, and I roll backwards, planting a foot beneath him. As hard as I can, I buck him off and over my head, quickly getting to my feet.

Jesus. Maybe coming to this mansion WASN'T a waste of tim……

And the thought dies in my head, as an explosion of pain rips through my back. He's somehow up already and has managed to close the gap again and swipe a claw damn near through me. I flop to the ground, turning just in time to see my own blood spray up into the air.

He stands there, trying to catch it in his mouth like a kid drinking from a hose. I think I'm going to be ill.

Ignore the hurt. You'll get better from that, but waking up in his stomach if he fucking EATS you is something we don't need. I pull my guns on him and again set to blasting.

Still nothing. I manage to break his sunglasses, revealing eyes that are only slightly less disgusting than mine, red and pulsing. And that's about all I do to him, as he closes in on me and swats the gun right out of my hand. It goes flying into the distance.

Luckily, I have another. Pulling that on him, I stick it right in his ugly mug and pull the trigger.

Which does NOTHING. He ignores it, picks me up by throat and lifts me right off of the ground.

My first instinct is to let myself die. If I die entirely, my healing will kick in. It's something I don't think I've ever mentioned to the others, but that's the way it works……sick, ain't it?

And then I realize that in the time it would take for that to happen, Draczilla here will have entirely drained me of blood. I don't know where that would leave me, and I really don't care to find out. Which leaves me with one other option.

Damn him. Damn this fucking freak for making me do this. I HATE doing this.

Behind my glasses, I feel that old, peculiar crawling sensation. Memories of long ago flood in, and I remember the first time I pulled this off.

People died. Lots of people. And whether they were deserving or not wasn't important. The point was, I didn't intend to do it and it happened anyway. Out of my control.

I reach out with my hand and plant a palm right on his forehead. The crawling sensation increases, like maggots coming to feast. I will this bastard to deteriorate. I think about his brain simply collapsing and falling into nothing. I will him to die.

And it works……in a way. Not certain what I really managed to do to him, but he growls horribly and drops me to the cemetery. Clutching his own head, he backs off.

For about two seconds. Then he whips his head back around again. Whatever I did, it looks like he's gotten better from it already.

Resignation. That's it. I hit him with the best shot I had, the thing so horrible I try to pretend it doesn't exist. And it didn't do much more than make him flinch.

I shut my eyes, waiting for the end to come.

And then rather than my own screams, I hear his. Animal-like and horrible, he howls in agony. I open my eyes to see the biggest goddamn sword I've ever seen, impaling him through the back and out the front of his stomach.

"What the hell…..?"

Bloodscream manages to get his bearings long enough to turn and swat his new attacker away. Then he looks down, sees the sword still sticking out of him. He roars again, and suddenly a swarm of rats emerges out of nowhere. It rushes him, climbs up him, covers him up entirely. And finally just as quickly, the pile falls with him gone, and the rats charge off into the woods, leaving only the sword as evidence that he was ever there.

I hear tromping, as someone calmly walks up. He fetches the sword off of the ground.

"Kid, don't you know better than to hang around cemeteries at night?", Wolverine says to me, setting the blade on his shoulder. "Bad things happen in them. Just like the movies."

Silence for a moment.

And then I laugh. I laugh as I'm still bleeding all over the graveyard. I laugh until I can't stand the pain, and my head slumps to the ground.

"Kid? Kid!", is the last thing I hear, before everything fades to black.

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«Damn good. 10/10, would read again.»

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« Great read. »

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Agreed. Very nice!

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Very, very strong!! Damn, this means I have to do a Cerebro fro Bloodscream now And I've never read a comic with him.

15 EXP bonus!

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Nice job. I had forgotten about Bloodscream. The "Blood of the Immortal Arc" was a favorite Wolverine Arc of mine.

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