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New Mutants Unlimited #15
Post by Chord on Nov 16, 2006, 9:51pm

“Don’t take another god damned step, I swear to god.”

Dillan didn’t make any motions at all. He could tell by the coldness in her voice that she was fully prepared to use the weapon she had aimed at him. The young mutant was almost entirely sure he could’ve used his powers to escape from harm, but the fact that she even had the gun in the first place hurt him more then any bullet wound ever could.

“Are you addled or something?” Dillan pleaded with the young woman standing before him. The blustery evening wind knocked her jet-black hair against the almost porcelain skin of her face. “It’s me, Dillan…”

“…and you don’t really know how much easier that makes this.”


New Mutants Unlimited #15*
Ego tripping

Cover Description: Dillan standing before Current's grave with Cable and girl with long hair aiming weapons at him.

« This issue takes place before mission six and should've been out a while ago. Life and my laziness got in the way. Hope you enjoy »


Addison; her name was almost as pretty as she was. Dillan made sure to tell her that every morning, and as he thought back to it, the time he spent living on the streets of New York City with her had been some of best weeks of his life.

The two had met completely by chance. She had woken him rather violently for sleeping in her “spot,” and it was during this encounter that Dillan’s powers had accidentally activated and he jumped into the future. When he re-synced with time she was there waiting for him and after a short conversation they both discussed the fact that they were both mutants. While Dillan had the ability to travel forward through time, Addison possessed the ability to move backwards through time. Although they had gone their separate ways after a few weeks, with Dillan going to the Institute and Addison returning to the home she had stupidly run away from, she was the first person he thought of when he decided he was going to undo Current’s death.

Dillan could tell that Addison wasn’t in her right state of mind, and he knew for a fact it was a side effect of using her powers. Sometimes after traveling back in time she found herself disoriented, tired, or just filled with a whole range of emotions for no real reason. The two had come to describe this state as being “addled.”

“Look Addison, how about you just put the gun down and I…”

“NO!” she screamed, stepping closer to him, causing him to move back into a tree. “I don’t need to here what you’ve got to say because you’ve said it to me before.”

He looked at her for a moment, confused, before he began comprehending the situation.

“Wait, Addi did you just come from the future? Is that what this is all about?” he questioned.

“Circle gets the square.” she laughed weakly, making sure to keep the weapon pointed at his face. “You’re absolutely right Dil, I did just take a little jaunt from the future, quite a few years down the road I might add, so forgive me if I’m a little irritable.”

She stared at him for a moment. “To think I trusted you. Guess it’s true, love does make you do stupid things.”

“God damn it Addison, just tell me what’s going on!”

“You’re getting a wakeup call Dillan. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should. Let me give you an example. You asked me to help you save your buddy Current from an untimely death, we do, and it’s all well and good, but it doesn’t end there. You keep coming up with other wrongs for us to right, and I go along with it not only because you justified our actions so elegantly, but because I really did love you.

Now this went on for quite some time, years in fact, and we truly did make the world a better place. Alien invasions, demonic hordes, crazy HYDRA plots to destroy the world; thanks to the two of us these things get handled with ease. Then you had to go and take it too far. You took it too far and so many people had to die for your mistake.”

Dillan couldn’t do much more than stare at his one-time friend. Use of her powers had clearly affected her mind and her story could’ve been nothing more than a complete fabrication, but then there was a chance it was all true. There was a chance that his actions could cause the deaths of innocent people sometime in the near future.

“If what you’re saying is true, then there’s no reason for me to press this issue with you. I’ll leave.” Dillan half expected her to lower the gun and let him walk away but that wasn’t the case.

“I’m not stupid and neither are you. I know you have contingencies, other options that’d allow you to travel back in time. Killing you right now would save the world a lot of grief.”

“As true that that probably is young lady, I’m going to have to ask you to drop the weapon.” Both Dillan and Addison turned their heads as a large figure of a man walked from under the shadow of a large tree. The golden glow that emanated from his left eye revealed his true identity to Dillan and Addison before his face had come into view.

“Cable!” the two shouted simultaneously. Addison pointed her weapon at the mercenary from the future.

“Good. I can kill two birds with one stone.” Before she could set off her weapon, Dillan’s former friend collapsed onto the ground. Cable walked over to where she was, and lifted her onto a park bench before turning his attention to the other young mutant.

Waves of fear ran through Dillan’s body as he met the soldiers gaze. He attempted to use his powers to escape, but he found himself trapped in a telekinetic bubble. Cable then flung him into a nearby tree to rattle him, before dissolving the orb that had entrapped him.

“Hope you got the message. Using my powers takes a lot out of me so don’t make me resort to it again.” He pulled Dillan up to his feet by the collar of his shirt and placed his hands on his shoulders.

“Me and you need to have a bit of a talk.” He stated, leading Dillan out of the park.

“Wait!” he yelled in protest. “We can’t just leave Addison lying there.”

“Don’t worry; one of my people is stalking around here. When she wakes up they’ll be escorting her to a nearby rest home.”

Dillan stopped dead in his tracks. He knew Adi hadn’t been in her right state of mind, but she wasn’t crazy. The side effect of her powers usually wore off after a few minutes. There was only one explanation…

“…when she passed out…that was you wasn’t it? What the hell did you do to her?”

Cable forced Dillan to move forward with his large arms, but he wasn’t shy about answering the question.

“I was trying to help her. From what I could gather, she wasn’t in perfect mental health before making her jump back in time, and all the use of her powers did was send her deeper down the hole. The most I could to help your friend was take her memories of the next few years away from her.”

“And how the hell does that help her?” screamed Dillan, pushing Cable away from him. Cable’s eye pulsated as he glared at the young man.

“Your friend witnessed some horrible things in the when she came from…horrible things done either by you, in your name or to stop you. She’s still nutty as a fruitcake but at least she’ll be somewhat at peace. Her memories of the next few years also help me; my historical records for most of this time period were sketchy at best.” He stopped speaking as the pair reached their destination, a small tea shop.

Cable didn’t even have to order Dil to stay put as he entered the shop. Within a few minutes the mutant freedom fighter had exited the shop holding to cups of tea. He pointed to a nearby table and the two continued their conversation.

“What the hell is this?” questioned Dillan as he gulped down the dark swill Cable had given him.

“That, my young friend, is freshly brewed ginger tea. It is…well, it will be your favorite one day.”

It didn’t take the New Mutant long to figure out what was going on. There’s no way Cable could have just randomly come across him and Addison in the park, plus he seemed to have some sort of familiarity with Dillan’s older self.

“So how long have you been monitoring me?”

“You and your friend have been on my radar since your powers even manifested. Neither of you has made a time jump that I haven’t been privy too. I had hoped that the two of you wouldn’t make problems of yourself but when I noticed a large stream of temporal energy entering your friend’s body I knew I had to make a house call.”

“What possible threat could we pose to you that required such close scrutiny?”

“Alone, your friend was harmless. She hasn’t got the intelligence or fortitude to alter history, but if we toss you into the mix there’s a problem. You do have the intelligence and fortitude to muck around with history.” stated Cable, finishing his tea.

“You couldn’t be more wrong. This is isn’t about changing history, it’s about undoing a death that should never have happened!” enraged, Dillan knocked his cup over onto the floor.

Cable laughed. “You can lie to yourself all you want kid, but don’t lie to me. This was never about bringing your friend back from the dead. This has never been about anything more then you and your problems!” Cable yelled back.

“You’ve always had a bit of frail ego haven’t you? Getting powers didn’t help with that, especially not after you saw how much more powerful, and combat useful your teammate’s abilities are. Them making you, the least powerful member of the team wounded you even more. That’s why you’re always so willing to sacrifice yourself in your battle-strategies, to show everyone how useful you can be. All Current’s death has done was push you over the edge and made you want to play God.”

Dillan didn’t know what to say. He wanted to tell Cable he was wrong, that he was a liar…but he was absolutely right. Dillan didn’t care about helping Almond; everything he was attempting to do was for himself.

Cable stood up and prepared to body-slide back to his headquarters.

“I’m going to say this once Dillan: If you even think about asking Addison to use her powers so that you can alter the past, I will be there. If you seek out any precogs so that you can alter the future, I will be there. Shit, if you seek out anyone that I even think could help you attain the gift of time travel, I will be there.” Dillan was easily able to hear the meaning behind Cable’s words.

His “I will be there,” really meant, “I will be there and I will be there to kill you.”

“You son of a bitch.” Dillan cursed under his breath.

“What was that?” asked Cable smugly.

Dillan leapt from his seat and pointed at the large man. “You heard me you son of a bitch! You think you’re all superior and you aren’t! There’s no difference between you and me! I’ve read your file; you came back to this era for the soul purpose of changing the future. What gives you the right do what you do when you’re standing there telling me I can’t use my powers for the greater good!?”

“Don’t you dare preach to me about the greater good. I’ve already seen what maniacs with a complex can do to innocent people…” Dillan cut cable off.

“Like I haven’t? Because of Magneto my entire family is dead!” cried Dillan, tears running down his face.

“You really think I was talking about Magneto? If I showed you the things I plucked from your friends mind you’d beg me to put you down right this instant. You’re lucky I’m kind enough to give you a friendly warning. Now if you don’t have anything else to say I have other things to attend to.”

As Cable turned around, he felt a hand grab his arm.

“You said that you know me in the future.”

“Yeah.” replied Cable. “When I first met you, I was a hell of a lot younger and you were a hell of a lot older. Funny how things work out.”

“How did our first meeting go exactly?” pressed Dillan.

“You made tea.”

“I’ll try and remember to spit in it.” Spat Dillan as he turned away from Cable, who promptly body-slid away.

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Post by Chord on Nov 16, 2006, 9:54pm

It took Dillan a few hours to get back to Westchester since he didn’t want to use his powers. The time he spent either walking, or on a bus was time well spent. He kept looking inside himself for the answer to the question that was eating him up: Would it really have been wrong for him to bring undo Current’s death to make himself feel better?

Cable had been incredibly accurate in describing Dillan’s problem. He did have a fragile ego and had he been on the mission where Current lost his life, he probably would’ve sacrificed himself just so that he could die a hero. As sick as it was, it was the absolute truth…but no matter how many times he looked within his soul he just couldn’t figure it out. If he really wanted to get any answers, he’d need to ask himself. Directly.


“So you’re finally here.” greeted Dillan the bright light that had filled his office dissipated. He eased his younger self into a large armchair so that he wouldn’t collapse due to the fatigue of making such a large time jump.

As the younger Dillan’s eyes came back into focus, he found himself staring into the face of his bearded and bespectacled older self.

“Glasses?” he asked weakly. “I’ve got twenty-twenty vision, why the hell do I need glasses in the future?”

“Took a light blast to face from a possessed Dazzler, but trust me, we got off easy. She seared off both of Babylon’s arms before we could take her down.”


“Shit, you’re from 2006 aren’t you?” older Dillan pointed to the far wall of his office. His younger self gathered the strength to walk over to it, and view the pictures that were hanging there. Each one seemed to be a class picture of the New Mutants. Sometimes there were more, other time less, and for at least three years in a row he couldn’t recognize anyone on the roster before spotting some older versions of his friends.

“As you can probably figure, no one called us the New Mutants by then.”

“Obviously.” remarked Dillan, before stopping on one particular picture. “Why the hell do I have a Mohawk in 2009?”

His older self laughed, before taking on a look of regret. “Oh god…yeah, there was this whole neo-punk revival whatever fad going on that you got swept into. Turns out it was just a plot by the Hellfire club to steal souls for some reason, can’t really remember why.”

Dillan turned away from the pictures and began examining the rest of the room. The office he was standing was at least three times as big as any he had seen in the mansion.

“We’re not in the mansion are we? This room seems waaaaaaaaaay to big.” He noted.

“Things change in thirty years kiddo.” He replied. “Once this place became an honest to goodness school we needed to remodel a bit. Would you believe this place has almost a thousand students now?”

“And this place is still the X-men’s headquarters? That really can’t be safe.” While Dillan was sure they would’ve beefed up security, the defenses at the mansion in the past were great, and someone Mojo had still managed to kidnap them.

“The X-men aren’t that irresponsible. They haven’t operated out of the mansion in years, they do their thing, and the teaching staff does ours, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t travel all this way into the future to ask me these stupid questions. C’mon, let me hear it.”

“It’s about Current.”

“Oh, that.” the older Dillan looked at his younger self grimly. “You don’t even have to explain to me what you’re going through right now and it didn’t start at Current’s death, it began when we refused to help him with his condition because we were afraid of…”

“…getting stuck here, in the future.” Dillan fell back into the armchair and buried his face in his hands.

“Relax kid, when the time comes I’ll get you back home safe and sound but for now we talk. You’ve got a fragile ego, and you’ll have it until the day you die. I know that everyday when you wake up you just want to leave the mansion and go on with a normal life since you can’t contribute as much as everyone else. Well guess what? You’re wrong.”

“Being a New Mutant…no, being an X-man isn’t about what kind of powers you have, it’s the fact that you’re willing to lay down your life for a better tomorrow. You only feel useless right now because you’re making yourself so. Sit down and chat with Psylocke next time you’ll get the chance. She’ll tell you that if you can’t find a way to make yourself useful, at least find a way not to be a liability. Design an armored costumed, learn to fight or use a weapon!” Dillan’s older self yelled enthusiastically.

“Oooh, can I get a Katana? Like future Hiro from Heroes?” Dillan asked jokingly. “How does that show end anyway?”

“It’s actually all Isaac pitching his idea for a comic to his publishers. There’s no actual resolution to the story.”

Dillan glared at his older self for seemed like an eternity.

“Part of me wants to off myself just to spite you.”

“Fine. Since that news only pissed you off I’ll play a game with you. You can ask me one question about any of your teammates. Make it quick before I change my mind.”

He didn’t have to think long. Certain things had been bugging him about his teammates and he wanted answers.

“What’s the deal with Roxy?”

“She’s really the daughter of Ben Grimm and some Inhuman chick.”

“What’s the future hold for Stryker?”

“After being possessed by the Shadow King, Professor Xavier systematically cripples dozens of physics around the world, Gerald is one of them. He took it pretty well I must say, even started shaving his head…not sure why he became such a jerk though.”


“What about him?”

“Not quite sure what to ask.”

“Most I can tell you is that he becomes a SHIELD deep cover agent, and from what I heard he was pretty damn good. Guy took down an AIM nuclear facility, actually walked into the freaking reactor core. Haven’t spoken to him in about seven years now so I can’t tell you how he’s doing.”

“What’s going on with Heatwave?”

“Head chef at one of the restaurants in this swanky hotel Worthington built in Vegas, pretty swanky life he lives.”

“Kind of ironic, but okay. Reflex?’

“Died. Twice.”

“…you’re joking?” questioned Dillan.

“No, that one was true. All the other ones were lies though. Did you really think I was going to start revealing the future to you? I’m not stupid. Cable would jump up my ass and out my nose if I revealed any vital information to you.”

“What’s Cable got to do with this?”

“He’ll probably teleport in and mind-rape both of us if I tell you so I think its best you get home.” Dillan’s older self patted his younger self on the shoulder. “I know you’ve still got one question so just ask.”

“Can you send me back to when Current died? I can save him.” He pleaded. “This isn’t even about my ego anymore; I think I can really do it.”

A silence entered the room and it was almost as if a stream of emotions began flowing through the two mutants.

“So he can spend the few months slowing degenerating into a vegetable? No, you don’t need to see that.”

The younger Dillan didn’t bother pressing the issue. If at some point in his future he will wind up saving Current only to watch him die later…well…he’d just have to prepare himself for that.

“OUCH!” yelped Dillan as his older self stuck a syringe in his arm. As he faded into unconsciousness he could still hear the words of his older self.

“Learn to start taking leaps of faith kiddo, it’ll take you far.”

As Dillan regained consciousness back in the year 2006, sinister events unfolded back in the year 2036.

“Damn it Dillan, did you send the kid home yet?” questioned a vaguely female voice over the mansion’s intercom system.

“Yeah, sent him back. You can power down the holograms now.” replied Dillan, falling down onto his couch as the holograms around him faded. The once luxurious office proceeded to revert back to its true form, a run down and dingy bed room, as did the rest of the mansion. Even the future Dillan changed, his beard grew longer and shaggier while his clothes became little more than rags.

The female voice came on back over the intercom.

“We shouldn’t have wasted all that power, Dillan. If the mansion is attacked again we’ll probably be unable to defend it.” she stated, worry seeping through her words.

Dillan knew she was right, if their enemies came for them and the mansion’s generators hadn’t recharged they’d die, but Dillan was feeling fairly confidant. The visit from his younger self had come exactly when he expected, and while he didn’t enjoy the fact he had to lie to himself if he had been honest with his younger self everything would fall to ruin.

The X-men, The Avengers, The New Warriors, The Fantastic Four…all dead, and the Earth itself wasn’t faring much better than the status of those organizations. Every single day was a fight for survival and both humans and mutants were on the brink of extinction. These were truly the end of days but Dillan was damned determined that no matter what happened, the events that led to the future he lived in would come to pass.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #15
Post by Amelia "Heaven" Chow on Nov 16, 2006, 11:23pm

Nice twist ending. Good stuff.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #15
Post by Risk on Nov 17, 2006, 4:02am

Great work. Fun to read. Interesting way of furthering the character.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #15
Post by K'lar on Nov 17, 2006, 10:53am

Just about to start reading this. Can I say it's about damn time you finished this

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #15
Post by K'lar on Nov 17, 2006, 11:04am

Wow, not at all what I was expecting! +20 man and well deserved!

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #15
Post by Alexander "Cadmus" Baptiste on Nov 17, 2006, 4:19pm

Oooh. Nice work. Loved the ending.

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Post by Roxanne "Madrock" Madison on Nov 17, 2006, 9:51pm

Nov 17, 2006, 4:19pm, Alexander "Cadmus" Baptiste wrote:“What’s the deal with Roxy?”

“She’s really the daughter of Ben Grimm and some Inhuman chick.”

Heh, cute.

Nice fic. Was wondering where you were going with that whole 'Dillan in the past to save Current' thing, glad you didn't leave it hanging!

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #15
Post by Protoman on Nov 21, 2006, 6:52pm

Wow, good read. Not at all what I was expecting.

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