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New Mutants Unlimited # 11
Post by Curt "Reflex" Camden on Nov 3, 2006, 11:46am

New Mutants Unlimited #11

Cover Description: Reflex standing with his arms crossed…dressed in a costume closely resembling Sinister's. Sinister is standing slightly behind him with his hand on Reflex' shoulder.

Title: Sinister Revelations Part 2

Continuity note: This story takes place between missions six and seven.

The story starts out with a topless Reflex springing up to a sitting position. Apparently he had been laying down unconscious. Before he can gather his bearings a cold voice chimes "You've awaken much faster than I had anticipated. Your recuperation powers are definitely enhanced".

Curt turns around to see the man who introduced himself as "Sinister" grinning at him. The man is white as ghost but looks definitely alive and tangible. "Who are you? Where am I? How did I get here"?

Sinister grins….his teeth look like miniature daggers. He seems annoyed by Reflex' questions. "I believe I've already answered your first question. It pains me that you X-Students haven't learned intimately about me. By now, there should be at least a semester entirely dedicated to me. In any regard as I said, I am Sinister……MISTER Sinister if you will.

Curt interrupted "Wait. Yes we did hear of you…oh no..nevermind. That was Mojo."

Sinister's face filled with rage. "Xavier warns you of Mojo? That fat, sniveling, spineless, piece of filth! But he never warns you of Sinister?!?!?! I should invade the mansion now, and grind Xavier's head beneath my heels. Yes…then he'll make sure all his students know the name of SINISTER!" Sinister seemed to realize he was being slightly over dramatic. "Ahem" His face straightened….he almost seemed embarrassed by his outburst. "Err yes….as to your location….you are in one of my many laboratories. And you were brought here by me. I am sure your next question will be "Why?" so I will answer that now. Because I know the answers to many questions you have…and some you haven't thought of yet."

Curt tried to reach out with his field to hold Sinister. As he tried to expand his field…he felt a backlash of energy redirected at him. "Unnhh".

The feedback threw him for a loop…as he tried to steady himself on the table..he felt pain in his left shoulder and looked down to see a bandage. The bandage was soaked in blood. He hadn't dreamt it…he had been shot.

His efforts caused Sinister to grin again…that unholy, scary grin that until now…Curt thought was always reserved for madmen in horror films. "My dear boy…your efforts to escape or use your powers on me are futile. But I assure you…I mean you no harm. If I did, well…."

Curt didn't need him to finish his statement. He had already begun to realize that himself. If this man wanted him dead…he'd have let the thug with a gun kill him or, killed Curt himself after Curt had passed out. Curt ran his hand over the bandage. Touching it caused him to wince…but even though he had never been shot before…he immediately realized the bullet was gone.

Sinister again grinned…this time his eyes glowed as well. "Yes, you surprised me with that efficiency and control over your powers".

Curt's face filled with anger. "Efficiency?!? Control?!?! I got fuckin shot!"

Sinister's grin turned stale. In a matter of fact tone he remarked" "Yes. Yes you did. But Mikey aimed for your head. You were able to move fast enough to alter that shot. Also, your field sapped enough energy from the bullet to prevent it from taking your arm completely off. Had you not expended your energy in the melee or had better training in your powers…you could have dodged the bullet entirely…or even stopped it.

Curt's scowl lifted. He strangely felt a rush of pride fill him. Maybe he was more powerful than he thought. Funny, that it took an attempted rape, and his kidnapping by a super villain to realize his potential. Then he started smiling…his smile burst out to laughter. Sinister had a puzzled look on his face. "What is it that you find funny now my dear boy?"

Curt now started laughing uncontrollably now. The laughter seemed to ease his nerve, so he didn't try to control it. "You…haha……hahaha…you….almost…haha……hahahahaha…got hahahaha gang raped by a bunch of thugs! hahahahahah"

Sinister was obviously not amused by this remark. "Yes it appears my attempt to lure you out didn't go quite the way I had anticipated. Those Neanderthals were supposed to kidnap "Mrs. Rolands" not rape her. I needed to draw you to me. Perhaps my appearance was too well endowed." Sinister started laughing too now. "Next time I'll remember to tone it down hahaha"

Curt's laughter stopped. "Lure me? You still haven't told me what you want with me?"

Sinister also stopped laughing. "Thank you, I haven't laughed like that in centuries. But yes, I suppose I should tell you exactly why you're here. You're here because you are special Curtis..much more than you actually realize. What do you know about Gideon?"

Curt's face filled with rage. If his powers weren't being blocked or whatever Sinister was doing to them…he would have probably attacked just at the mention of that name. "He killed my parents and kept me in a lab for years!"

Sinister started to walk away from the table Curt was still sitting on. "Those were not your parents. They were merely there to monitor you until your powers surfaced. Had Gideon not found you when he did…I can assure you…your fate would have been much different."

Curt hopped down from the table. His mind was racing…filled with questions. "What do you mean not my parents? What plans for me? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!"

Sinister seemed to delight in the boys confusion. Seemed to enjoy the fact that he was torturing the boy without touching him in the least. "Why do you think Gideon found you? Why do you think he kept you?"

"Because he wanted to copy my powers……he wanted to keep me around so that he could use them."

Sinister began to laugh again. "Don't be naive. Gideon only needed to be around a person once…..and then he had access to their powers for as long as he deemed necessary. He didn't need to keep you. He did it to hide you….to protect you. Your "parents" were agents of Apocalypse…and as soon as you were "ready" Apocalypse was going to come for you. You would have either joined him…or died".

Curt didn't know what to say. His entire life had been a lie. He had been mourning people that would have killed him with a simple order. He had felt cheated about not getting revenge on a man who had apparently saved his life. "What did Apocalypse want with me?"

Sinister sighed. "I regret to say that I am not sure of his reasons. Apocalypse has vexed me for ages in his reasonings for many things. I do know that he will eventually find you. You are out in the open…an X-Man of all things! You may as well shine a beacon!"

Curt felt like passing out again…not because of any physical reason…but because his world had been pulled from under him. "So why are you telling me this? What do you have to gain from warning me?"

Sinister laughed again. "Why my boy…I too, have a grudge against Apocalypse. I can help you…if you help me."

"Help you?" Curt was shocked…Sinister was obviously leagues above him in power..even with the aforementioned power levels Sinister had hinted at. "How can I help you?"

"Trust me my dear boy. When the time is right….I'll come calling. And both you and your descendant will both owe me a debt". Sinister walked back toward Curt but stopped next to a console that sprang from the floor.

"Descendant? What are you talking about? " Curt didn't think he could be surprised anymore.

"You mean you don't know? HAHA. Can Xavier be that cold to have not told you? Well far be it from me to spoil that conversation when it happens. But my boy, you can't be that blind. Has it never occurred to you the nature of your powers? Have you never thought about how similar they are to another individual? You disappoint me Curtis. But I've told you enough. Just know, that I will call on you. And your choice along with the choice of this other I spoke of..will decide your future.

Sinister presses a button on a console and everything goes bright. Curt feels disoriented…wondering if it's an attack. The blinding light goes away…and he's back in his hotel room, in bed. "A dream….that had to be a dr…." Before he finishes the thought he looks over and notices the bandage still on his arm. It wasn't a dream. It had been real. And the repercussions of this experience would loom over his head for some time to come.

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