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New Mutants Unlimited #10
Post by Curt "Reflex" Camden on Nov 2, 2006, 1:32pm

New Mutants Unlimited #10

Cover Description: Reflex standing smugly over 4 or 5 "thugs". A tall shadow is in the background on the wall.

Title: Sinister Revelations

Continuity note: This story takes place between missions six and seven.

The book opens with Curt sneaking out of the hotel the New Mutants have settled in. It's very late and dark.

Curt's walking and thinking to himself. "Man things have been rough lately. I think it's just now setting in that Almond is gone. Now we have this new chick around. I don't know that we should trust her. She just happens to show up in the middle of a battle? C'mon. The others are too stupid to see it…I'm not. If nothing else I'm gonna keep my eye-

"Keep walking and act like you aint see nothing" A voice says.

Curt realizes he's walked into an alley and bumped into a very large mean looking guy. "Sorry…I wasn't paying attention. I'll just be….what are you guys doing?"

Curt notices a lady on the ground obviously shaken up. She has a few bruises and her clothes are ripped. Also Curt realizes the big guy isn't alone as 3 other guys step out of the shadows. They all seem to defer to the leader who steps closer to Curt "Look here wise guy…I told you to just beat it. You don't wanna ask questions. Now beat it!"

Curt grins. The grin takes the big guy aback a bit. Hadn't he just warned this guy to back off? Didn't the guy know he was outnumbered….not that it'd take all of them judging by the look of this guy. He decided he'd call this guys bluff and get back to his "business". "Pete…take this guy while I get Mrs. Roland here "warmed up". Make sure you kick his teeth in for grinning."

"Help me please….." Mrs Roland said to Curt…her words barely more than a whisper.

Curt notices one of the guys step up…pounding his right fist in his left open hand….the universal sign for "I'm gonna kick your ass". Then he reiterates it…."I'm gonna kick your ass…only question is whether Mikey wants me to leave you breathing or not…"

"Wait. Why don't you guys just let the lady go….and get out of here…and we'll call it even". Curt laughed to himself as he said this…no way would they buy it.

The guys all burst out laughing..all except Mikey who was obviously the leader. He just yelled "Get him!"

Curt for a minute, thought about just freezing them all in his field. But where was the fun in that? He realized that Wreck was starting to rub off on him….only he wasn't immortal or indestructible. He didn't have any energy stored…it had been hours since he last tried to absorb any, so he was gonna have to do this the "hard" way.

Curt threw a punch at "Pete". It was slow and clumsy. He hadn't had much hand to hand training…he really didn't need it when he could go from 0-100 before most people could blink. "Pete" easily dodged Curt's punch then countered with a left to Curt's jaw. Curt appeared to stagger. Then Pete followed with another punch to Curt's forehead. Curt fell back.

"Hey save some for me" another guy called out as he ran over to kick Curt.

"Yeah let's teach this uppity shit a lesson" yet another said as he also started stomping Curt.

Finally all save "Mikey" joined in and proceeded to punch, and kick Curt all over.

"So you still a tough guy huh?" One of the previously quiet thugs said smugly.

"Yeah he's too tough to even yell. Maybe we won't kill him then..haha. For being so polite and all." laughed Pete.

At the bottom of the pile…Curt smiled again…his plan worked.

He started to stand. He hadn't felt any of the blows….his field had been up since the trouble started. He had been absorbing the energy from the first punch on.

The guys backed off…amazed this little guy could stand. Then they realized..he appeared no worse for the wear. Pete had just given the guy his patented haymaker…no way was the guy getting up from that…but there he was…not only rising…but still smiling. That god-damned smile. "Wha…wha what's going on…what's with this guy?" a bewildered thug said.

Curt smiled again then in a split second pummeled all of the guys until they were unconscious….leaving Mikey, the leader, for last.

All Mikey saw was the guy grin…then felt a brush of wind as all his boys fell to the ground. The guy never seemed to move. Only now, he was looking directly at Mikey. "What are you some freakin mutie or something?!?"

Curt was on him before he could draw another breath. He toyed with the guy…taking his frustration from all the things going on out on him. He punched then moved…punched then moved. He could have taken the guy out in a blink of an eye….but some twisted part of him was treating Mikey like a cat who just caught a mouse.

Finally, he landed a strong enough blow to knock Mikey down. Curt was almost disappointed the guy was out, but it was fair enough he guessed…his speed was gone already. Between the guys and dragging out his fight with Mikey..he had used it all. He turned his attention to Mrs. Roland.

Was she smiling? Nah…must be a trick of the light.

"Ma'am…are you ok?" He said as calmly as possible.

"Yes I'm fine now, thank you" She responded.

"DIE! YOU FREAKING MUTIE!" Mikey had played possum. He knew he couldn't beat the freak on his own terms. So he decided to use his equalizer. A personal favorite of his, a .50 Desert Eagle. He had just stolen it from a pawn shop..and had been itching for the chance to use it. From this range…it'd take this guy's head off. Freak or no freak.


Curt's shoulder exploded in pain. He turned around to see Mikey standing there…with a gun, no not a gun..more like a cannon….the barrel still smoked.

The pain in his shoulder wouldn't let him think straight. He tried to get up and get after Mikey….but his speed was totally gone now. He tried to extend his field….but he couldn't concentrate.

"How do you like that you god-damned freak!" Mikey was confident now. Although he wondered why the shell hadn't done more damage. Maybe the freak was tougher than he thought. Wait..of course he was tougher than he thought. He just took a beating from the boys and didn't seem to be bothered at all. Better aim for a kill shot next. "Now I'm gonna put the next one in your head and send you straight to.."


A white blast of energy shot out from behind Curt. The blast went through Mikey….literally. Mikey dropped to the ground…eyes open….gaping hole in his chest. The wound was as large as a basketball..and it was now smoking. Curt turned around to see "Mrs. Roland"…this time she was grinning.

Curt didn't know whether to be relieved because he had been "saved" or if something more ominous was in store. The lady had just killed the guy right in front of him. Surely she could have stopped him without killing him. Not to mention…..if she had the means of stopping him….why didn't she stop them when they first attacked? "What….who…are you"

Suddenly Mrs. Roland seemed to turn into a glob..only to be replaced by a white skinned man with a diamond on his forehead.
"Why my dear boy, you may call me…….Sinister"

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #10
Post by K'lar on Nov 2, 2006, 4:33pm

Really nice work, heaty! Shame that the title kind of gave away the ending though. Can't wait to see what happens!

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #10
Post by K'lar on Nov 2, 2006, 4:35pm

15 EXP bonus, BTW

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #10
Post by Amelia "Heaven" Chow on Nov 3, 2006, 2:57pm

I can't stop laughing about the Sinister disguise choice. I mean, it makes sense, but is also funnier than hell.

Nice work, all in all.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #10
Post by Roxanne "Madrock" Madison on Nov 3, 2006, 3:02pm

Yeah, I know. I realize he COULD change into a woman, just never thought he WOULD.

But, then, he does wear lipstick (depending on who's drawing him at the time) and I always thought his animated version was just a little bit…you know…I'll stop.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited #10
Post by Curt "Reflex" Camden on Nov 3, 2006, 3:06pm

Thanks! Glad you guys liked it. Took me long enough to write one. I think I may have caught the fan fic bug…..

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