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Post by Rogue on May 21, 2007, 4:26pm

New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited # 9 THE TRUTH

Cover – Mike sits in a prison cell with handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit with the number 8252006 on his chest. His entire body is covered in blood and he has a huge grin on his face.

Title: This REALLY Ain’t a Love Song

Written by – Michael “Skitch” Maillaro

Note: This takes place after X-Patriots #8 and details the real events that were suggested during NMIS Unlimited 9

“Drop me off right here!” Mike’s eyes were closed, and he had been pretty much been shouting directions to the Shi’ar pilot for the last ten minutes.

The pilot, a bored looking Shi’ar who had no idea why he had been punished to have to fly an annoying baby Terran home, glanced at Mike with disinterest, “You said you had no idea where this destination was.”

Mike opened his eyes, scowling at the pilot, “This is the place.”

The pilot rolled his eyes, but the shuttle descended. His orders had come from Gladiator himself, “Treat this Terran like a hero.” What a waste! There was a big battle with the Phalanx about to start, and he was stuck playing babysitter to an annoying Terran who had been acting strange the entire flight.

The ship landed softly on the the ground. Mike pulled a beautiful blue ring out of his pocket. The pilot took his eyes off the controls, and whistled with appreciation, “That must have cost you a fortune.”

Mike looked at the pilot and smiled, “Can you keep a secret?”

The pilot almost looked insulted, “I am a loyal member of the Imperial Guard. Of course, I can keep a secret!”

Giant claws sprung from Mike’s hands, “I found it on one of the Brood’s starships.”

“You’ve been inside a whale ship?” The pilot had a look of disbelief on his face,

“Yes…I was born there actually.” The pilot looked up in time for Mike to slash his claws deep into his chest, “Foolish Shi’ar…” Mike tapped his hands on the controls, following the orders that Xavier had carefully programmed into his head. Mike climbed out, and the shuttle took off. About five minutes into its flight, it would send an automated message to the cruiser saying it had an engine malfunction and the ship would self-destruct. Mike didn’t care if the Shi’ar believed it or not. It was irrelevant to his mission.

Mike closed his eyes again, consulting the Cerebro unit that Xavier had hardwired into his brain getting the location of his first target. Xavier had considered it ironic that Mike’s first victim would be his intended fiancé. The girl was believed to be pregnant, and Xavier was amused by the idea of impregnating the girl with a Brood egg along with her Terran spawn.

Mike looked at the rundown apartment building, and was immediately reminded of his own house and his own family. The Brood Queen inside Mike was revolted by these feelings. Xavier had intentionally kept their minds separate in order to keep his friends from being suspicious. This allowed the Brood Queen to use Mike’s own telepathy to keep him in line by sliding false memories in when necessary. Like Mike’s memories of being on the Brood ship.

Xavier had wanted to use a telepath to spread the Brood eggs. He had tried with Oracle, but she had been killed by the Imperial Guard. When Xavier found out about another telepath in the Guard, he put his plan in place.

He first planted a telepathic suggestion in Mike’s head to try to save the day himself by teleporting into the Acanti’s brain alone.

Quite accidentally, the beautiful Shi’ar engagement ring had caught Mike eye. Mike was easy prey for the Brood because he was distracted by a shiny object. If the results weren’t so tragic, it would be funny. Mike looked up when he felt Xavier reach into his mind. The first thing Mike did was snap away some pictures of the “Brood X-Men” but Colossus was able to crush the camera. And Xavier downed him with his much more powerful telepathy. Xavier was able to implant Mike with a Brood Queen…and the Queen immediately used Mike’s telepathy to rewrite his own memories, keeping him from having any knowledge of the Queen’s presence at all.

So far, Mike had been the perfect host. He just sat there quietly, burning with the desire for revenge, but he didn’t question the Queen’s actions. But, that had immediately changed when the Queen tried to move him closer to the apartment building. NO! he said sternly.

The Queen’s mind laughed, “You foolish, foolish little boy. You do not get a say here.” But, the queen was shocked to discover that she could not force Mike to move.

LEAVE HER ALONE! Mike screamed, his body actually physically rocking in the street.

The Queen recoiled, “Perhaps we can reach an arrangement…”

I’m…I’m listening. Mike’s voice said, much weaker than he would have liked.

The queen smiled, “I will leave your nesting partner to be, but you will offer me no more resistance on this trip.”

I can’t let you hurt anyone else.

The queen hissed at him, “You can only resist me for so long. This way we both win…I get what I want, and your woman and child will not be harmed.”

Mike could feel his resistance weakening quickly. He needed to decide quickly. In a soft, pathetic voice he finally said, All right. You win. Just let me take care of something first.


Mike shook his head sadly, No tricks.

“Very well, do what you must.”

Mike walked to a nearby corner store. He said to the guy at the counter, “I need an envelope, and a pen.”

The guy looked at Mike, who had sweat pouring down his face. The guy handed Mike what he wanted. Mike tried to pay, but the guy just sent him out, “Don’t worry about it, just get out of here!”

Mike put the ring in the envelope, and jotted a quick note on the back. His hands were shaking horribly and the writing looked nothing like his usual writing. He doubted Amelia would have any clue that he had written this note. All the note said was, “Amelia, Sorry. Did what I had to.”

Mike brought himself to the roof with a quick burst of telekinesis, far beyond what he could ever handle on his own. He shoved the envelope under the Chow’s door. Mike could hear voices inside the building, and he quickly stepped off the roof, pretty sure that no one saw him make his escape.

I’m so tired…

The queen said in an oddly sweat voice, “Just rest, my love. You don’t have to do anything at all for a few days now.” With that, Mike’s voice went completely silent in his head, and the queen was allowed to get down to business.

Mike walked out into the street, and was surprised to find cop cars moving towards him. Apparently, the store owner had called the police. Mike could have easily gotten away without hurting the cops, but his “Cerebro” was humming. One of these cops was a mutant! Mike smiled widely, standing with his hands up.

“Sir?” One of the cops said, approaching him slowly, “Are you all right?”

Mike nodded, “I think so, officer…I just feel a little dizzy…” Mike stumbled slightly

The cop approached Mike quickly to help him. Mike’s whole demeanor changed suddenly. The claw emerged from his hand and jammed right into the cop’s chest, implanting a Brood egg inside his body. The other officer pointed his gun at Mike, “What did you do to him?”

Mike sent a quick burst of telepathy towards the cop, and just walked away. The cop couldn’t stop himself. He turned his gun on himself. Mike put his hands in his pockets and walked up the block whistling a bouncy little tune. Mike was about a block away when he heard the gun go off.


The Cerebro unit guided the rest of Mike’s trip. The next several days, he headed east, impregnating every mutant he came across with a Brood Egg. The Queen lost count of how many times she had struck during the trip. Easily a few dozen eggs had been laid.

Non-mutants that got in his way, the Queen killed in horrific ways. She seemed to enjoy torturing them, as if she was daring Mike to put up some resistance to allow her to renege on her deal. But, Mike was completely silent. The queen was amazed how much power she had using Mike’s telepathy and telekinesis, able to easily ignore the blocks this reality’s Xavier had set up to let Mike’s powers develop more naturally as he grew older. She was going to regret giving control at the end of this week, but orders were orders. Besides, there were many other worlds out there to seed.

Surprisingly, many of the Queen’s victims had put up resistance. One group in particular was particularly stubborn…


Mike was walking down a street in the town of Danville, Indiana when he heard what sounded like a local radio broadcast, “Still no leads on the serial killer that the media is calling ‘The Walking Man.’ Very little information is available, except that he has killed 19 people so far, in horrifying ways using what appears to be powerful psychic powers.”

“This situation seems further complicated by the fact that many of the so-called superhero mutant groups seem to have vanished. The government-sponsored X-Factor has been run ragged trying to compensate, but their liaison Forge had this to say, ‘The Walking Man killer will be brought to justice. X-Factor is making his capture their highest priority!’ ”

The Queen used telekinesis to smash the radio. Immediately, he was overwhelmed with a loud buzzing from Cerebro. It seemed to be coming from the basement of a small brick house further down the block. A strong collection of mutant energy. At first, the Queen was going to avoid it, as it seemed like one powerful mutant, but then the Queen realized it was actually five separate mutants. The Queen was intrigued and moved towards the house.

Mike looked at the front door, and started to laugh loudly. The doorbell had a little note, “Please Ring for the Danville Defenders!” Mike rang the bell. Immediately, he heard some hurried movement in the house. The door sprang open suddenly, and Mike found himself facing five of the strangest looking superheroes ever.

“Uhm…my name is Chi. I was hoping to join your elite group…” Mike said, feigning being nervous.

The Danville Defenders were five guys, none of them older than 30 years old. They were all a bit overweight, and smelled like their undersized costumes hadn’t been washed in weeks.

The leader of this group wore almost painfully yellow tights. He was the skinniest of the bunch, but that only meant he was about 200 pounds. He stuck out a sweaty, clammy hand for Mike to shake, “I’m called Watt…I control very small amounts of electricity!” Mike shook his hand, and then wiped his hand surreptitiously on his pants leg.

Next up was Cymbal, Cymbal was tall, almost 6 ft 4, and when he slammed his hands together, he created a pretty intense soundwave. Cymbal was by far the most powerful member of the team, but he seemed to have no clue. Mike told him, “I bet you can do a lot of damage with that, Big Man.” But, Cymbal just blushed.

Scruffy kind of resembled Cousin It from the Adams Family…Mike looked at him several times wondering if there was actually a body inside all of that hair! Scruffy didn’t say much, but Watt said that he was good in a fight. Mike couldn’t help but wonder what kind of damage a human hairball could do.

Rumble was even shorter than Mike, which was pretty surprising. And yes, he did name himself after the Transformer. He could cause the ground to shake for a short range around him. He was no Richter. Rumble greeted Mike with a big hug, and asked him lots of questions like, “Did you ever watch Beast Wars?” and “Did you cry when Optimus Prime died?” If Mike wasn’t carrying around a Brood Queen, he probably could have struck up a pretty good friendship with Rumble.

Last up was Daydream. Daydream was apparently the brains of the group. “When I sleep, I come up with all these really awesome inventions and I know exactly how to build them…the problem is, when I wake up, I forget how to do it.”

When they learned that Mike was a low level telepath and telekinetic, they were pretty quick to let him join. Ironic that he went from being the lamest member of the New Mutants to the most powerful member of another superhero group.

Later that night, the team went on patrol. Watt was quick to tell Mike, “We don’t really get to see that much big crime around here. Some vandalism, maybe a few domestic disputes.” The Denville Defenders don’t even bother skulking rooftops or hiding in shadows. They squeezed in Daydream’s Pinto and drove around town.

Mike was holding his hand to his head, claiming he was telepathically monitoring the area. His new teammates seemed pretty impressed by that, although secretly they all thought it was pretty much a waste of time.

About fifteen minutes in, Mike let out a scream.

Daydream let out a pretty girly scream of his own, “OMG, R U OK?”

“I think so…I felt something odd though?”

Daydream looked at Mike nervously, “Wot wz it?”

Rumble shook the car slightly, “Double D, knock off the geek speak.”

“Sry. I was nervous. Chi, what did you feel?”

Mike shook his head, and looked out the window nervously, “I think it was the Walking Man.”

Rumble shook the car even more violently, “No way!! HERE! That’s awesome!”

Watt said, “Awesome? The guy is a serial killer…”

Rumble grinned, “Well, yeah. But, if we capture him, I bet we make the front page of the Denville Digest.”

Mike shook him head, “He’s too powerful.”

Cymbal grinned, “Oh come on, we can take him! Rumble’s right. We could make a name for ourselves.”

Rumble nodded eagerly, “Yeah! Like the Great Lakes Avengers!!”

Daydream actually giggled, “That would be so cool!”

Watt was silent on the subject. And Scruffy was pretty much silent on every subject. Finally Watt said, “Chi…do you think we can handle him?”

Mike hesitated for a second before saying, “I don’t know. But, if we don’t, he’ll probably kill again, right?”

The rest of the team fell quiet at this. Watt pulled the car over, and they all climbed out, “All right, spread out. If you see something suspicious, just send it to Chi and he’ll have the rest of us come running.”

The team moved cautiously out into the sleepy little town. Mike hung back for a few minutes, watching them spread out. He decided to start with Daydream. Mike crept into the shadows and moved along behind him. Daydream was entering a dark alleyway. Mike could hear him saying in a quivering voice, “Is anyone in there?” Daydream heard some rustling of some stacked cardboard boxes.


Mike send him back, On our way. Give me two minutes!

Daydream started creeping back towards the mouth of the alley. He obviously wasn’t too keen on the idea of facing a powerful mutant serial killer on his own. He took a step backwards, and bumped right into Mike. “Thank god, you’re here! He’s hiding in those boxes.”

Mike chuckled, “Uhm…Daydream? That’s a cat!”

Daydream turned to look and sure enough, it was a black and tan striped cat climbing over the boxes. Daydream was pretty embarrassed. He turned to Mike to apologize for freaking out like that, and that is when Mike rammed his claw deep into Daydream’s chest implanting him with an egg.

Mike quickly sent a message to Rumble We’ve got a problem guys! Daydream has been hurt!

Mike crouched down over Daydream, pretending to check his pulse. The ground started rumbling beneath him. Rumble ran into the alleyway, “What happened?”

Mike said, “Probably something like this…” Mike stood up and telekinetically slammed Rumble into the wall of the alley.

Rumble said, “You’re just messing with me, right. RIGHT?”

Mike impaled him, “Wrong.”

Unfortunately, Rumble’s powers were far from subtle. Mike could hear the voices of the other Denville Defenders moving towards him. They seemed to be trying to send him telepathic messages, but Mike had just stopped listening.

He stepped out of the alleyway, not even bothering to pretend anymore. Scruffy, Watt, and Cymbal were running towards him. Mike decided to go for Scruffy first. He tried to TK him, but was surprised when Scruffy flattened himself to the ground. And I do mean flattened. Scruffy was 2-dimensional. Mike stared in shock, which left him open to a nasty electrical blast from Watt, “Chi! You’re the Walking Man?”

Chi’s heart felt like it was going to rip from his chest, but he managed to say, “Of course, I am! Did you really think anyone would want to join this pathetic group of superheros?”

Watt scowled, “Pathetic? We’re move than enough to take you down.” Electricity crackled between Watt’s hands.

Chi smiled, “This I have to see.” Chi was ready to telekinetically rip Watt’s head from his shoulders, when Scruffy leaped up from the ground and wrapped himself around Mike’s face, cutting off his oxygen. Mike could feel his lungs burning, suddenly being cut off from oxygen. He dropped to his knees, and felt Cymbal grab his shoulder firmly.

Mike reacted quickly, sending a telepathic suggestion deep into Cymbal’s head. Cymbal slammed his hands together, hitting Mike and Scruffy pretty much pointblank range with a sonic blast. Mike slammed hard to the ground face first. Scruffy was sent flying it the air, and lay motionless on the ground.

Mike got back to his feet, seeing Watt taking aim at him, “Stay down, or I will kill you!”

“You don’t have it in you…”

Watt’s electrical arc crackled, “You have no idea! You’ve killed my friends.”

“I didn’t kill anyone! They’ll be fine in a few minutes. Better than fine, they will be Brood!”

Watt send the electrical blast towards Mike, who easily sidestepped, letting Cymbal take the brunt of the blow full force to the chest. Mike moved quicker than Watt could have imagined, implanted an egg in his chest before he could even realize that he had killed Cymbal.

Mike pouted at this. Cymbal was by far the best candidate to get implemented, but not if he was dead. Mike telepathically probed Scruffy, and found no life there either. Out loud he said, “Oh well…plenty more mutants where they came from.”

Mike walked back to the Pinto, and hopped in, wondering how far this junky little ride would take him.


About a week after this journey had began, the Brood Queen had finally made her way back to the mansion. Most of the inhabitants were still off world, but that didn’t matter. Xavier’s orders were clear, DO NOT INFECT ANYONE CONNECTED TO THE X-MEN. Xavier did not want his plans to come out yet. Subtle was the word of the day.

Just one last thing to do…the Queen used Mike’s telepathy to rewrite his own memories of what had happened during the week. Rejected by his desired mate’s family. An innocent victim on the run from the authorities. The Queen was careful to keep a lot of things vague. If someone pressed Mike on the details, they would just think that he was afraid to tell the truth…but the reality was, Mike had no idea what had happened to him. The Brood Queen faded into the background, and let Mike take back control.

Mike came out of a mental fog to find himself back on Xavier’s front lawn. No Storm to greet him this time. Just a lot of bruises and a mishmash of torn up clothing and grime. Mike had done a lot of things he wasn’t all that proud of to get back here, but he was finally home. He slipped into his room, and got some fresh clothes, and took a long overdue shower. Mike leaned against the wall of the shower, tears running down his face with the water.

Mike’s options had turned to zero now. Mike’s name was all over the news now as an escaped mutant terrorist. He couldn’t go back to Seattle, which meant he couldn’t be with Amelia or his child. He would try to send her a message as soon as he could, but he knew there was very little chance of her getting it. He couldn’t stay at the mansion and risk Xavier and his old teammates being in danger. He sure couldn’t go home. His mother would be heartbroken if she found out the things Mike had done…

Mike had to go back to the Juber. Back to his friends and family. Back to the only place where he still belonged.

Re: New Mutants Unlimited…IN SPACE!! The Real #
Post by Star/Muse on May 21, 2007, 4:51pm

Just wondering… do you want to be tarred and feathered?

Re: New Mutants Unlimited…IN SPACE!! The Real #
Post by Curt "Reflex" Camden on May 21, 2007, 4:51pm

Nice. You're a sick man though. I always wondered how exactly the Brood infected people with eggs…had no idea it was a claw through the sternum

Re: New Mutants Unlimited…IN SPACE!! The Real #
Post by Rogue on May 21, 2007, 5:01pm

May 21, 2007, 4:51pm, Star/Muse wrote:Just wondering… do you want to be tarred and feathered?

::chuckle:: Yeah, I kind of expected people to freak out at me for this. All I can say is blame hav! He did it, I just came up with a way to make it cooler

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Well, I think that the best course now is to build up your pain tolerance .

Re: New Mutants Unlimited…IN SPACE!! The Real #
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Hanging around these boards has already given me a very high tolerance for pain

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No, Mike. Ignore that buzzing.

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