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New Mutants…IN SPACE!! Unlimited #8
Post by Curt "Reflex" Camden on May 2, 2007, 7:33pm

New Mutants IN SPACE!! Unlimited #8

Title: Speedkills

Cover Description: Speedkill (Curt) pummeling Guido. Rahne is hunched over a table of some sort. Random is lying as a pile of goo..recognizable because of his sunglasses and his trademark scarf. Quicksilver is laid out on the floor, costume tattered.

The opening scene is Curt, Sinister and Hairbag in a lab.

“You want me to do what? Are you crazy? How in the hell do you expect me to get into Muir Island plant your device fight off whoever is there and get out without them knowing it’s me?!?!? You’re insane…I’m out of here!”

Sinister motions to Hairbag who quickly flips in front of Curt then restrains him. Curt tries to break free but Hairbag is much too strong. “Curtis, I’m disappointed in you…I’m sure you wouldn’t want our friends to know about our previous arrangement. Nor would you want me to take out my frustration of you on any of your teammates? Hmmm let’s see there is Wreck who thinks he can’t die. Not dying just means I can make him experience that much more pain. Oh, and how about Ms. Johansson? All I’d have to do to hurt her is cause some unfortunate accident to happen to her brother. And the oh so cute Roxanne. I’m sure Apocalypse would love to have her back in his clutches..

“Alright! Alright! I’ll do it…just leave them alone! I’ll do it!” Curt falls almost limp in Hairbag’s arms.

“Thank you, I really hate to resort to such theatrics…but I will not tolerate failure or non-compliance. Again, after this, you never HAVE to see me again. I give you my word. Now as I was saying I am going to help to ensure your success. First this suit. It will provide you with a small level of heightened durability. It will conceal your scent, fingerprints, etc… And also, it will help to preserve the kinetic energy you have stored. Lastly, there is some other assistance I will provide you with…”

Sinister motions to Hairbag who grabs Curt’s arm and holds it out. Curt again struggles…but it’s useless. “What….what are you doing?”

Sinister pulls out a syringe then injects Curt with the contents. Curt screams in agony. Then suddenly tosses Hairbag through a nearby control panel. “What….what was that?”

Ever calm, Sinister smiles and says “Just a little substance of my own creation. In the system of a non-powered human, it gives them superhuman abilities….in the system of a mutant such as yourself…it’s greatly enhances the subjects current abilities. In your case your kinetic energy absorption is boosted to extreme levels. You’ve probably heard of it referred to as Mutant Growth Hormone. I’ve always been curious as to its results in a subject such as you, with so much potential. Theoretically you should never run out energy since just taking a step should provide you with some. Also you only use yours to enhance your speed. But I theorized that your strength should also grow. Not to mention the ways you absorb energy. All you seem to know how to do is hold people in stasis…but my dear boy. Your powers are so much more varied. EVERYTHING possesses kinetic energy, even things that appear to not be moving. And what if you could lend kinetic energy to an object? The possibilities are infinite! With the dose I’ve given you, the effects should last roughly three hours.

The next scene has Curt racing over water towards Muir Island thinking to himself. “As much as this sucks…it’s cool. Running on water. Wow. If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I’d be enjoying myself more.”

“Ok focus Curt. Sinister says that Moira’s not on the island, that she’s back in the states on a dummy mission he fixed her up with. Says that Rahne, Guido and Quicksilver are the only ones there. Damn hate running into Pietro again under these circumstances.

Before he notices it, he’s on land. “Damn I’ve never traveled this fast, I’m already here. Might as well make my way in. they may already know I’m here.

Just then, as Curt is standing there reflecting on his plan a blur comes into focus “Who are you and what are you doing here!?!?”

Curt turns to face the voice “Pie- Quicksilver!”

“Well you seem to know me, but I have no idea who you are.”

Instinctively Curt races off towards the base. Quicksilver gives chase but it’s no contest. Curt leaves him in the dust. “If I don’t have to fight anybody…I won’t but I doubt it will be that easy.”


Inside the base Rahne is looking at the monitor. “I dinnae kno who that is, but he seems to be fastr than e’en Pietro!”

Behind her, Guido and a shadowy figure loom large. Guido chuckles then says “Pfft, who ISNT faster than Pietro..but don’t tell him I said that. I’ll go give the turtle a hand. This guy doesn’t look like much.”

At this point Curt has already gotten to the perimeter of the complex. A large steel door is in his way. “I wonder…” He tries to rip the door off its hinges but it doesn’t budge. “Didn’t think so. Maybe…” He places his palms on the door. “Instead of stealing KE from the door…what happens if I give it some?” Suddenly the door starts to heat up…turning red hot then actually melting. “Wow”

Curt is too pleased with himself to notice Guido behind the now melted door. Guido launches a right cross at Curt and it hits Curt square in the jaw. Curt doesn’t move, in fact he turns and smiles underneath his mask. “Sorry big guy, but I don’t punch on the first date”

Curt runs in a circle around Guido pounded him from all sides. Guido, also seems unfazed. “Curt, you idiot! Guido absorbs KE too! I’m just making him stronger!”

As this realization hits him, Guido lunges out with his leg to attempt to trip Curt, but at the speed Curt’s moving his perception is too advanced, he hops over it as easy as a child jumps rope. He places his hand on Guido and pulls the KE out of him. and Guido actually starts shrinking and eventually passes out. He then notices Pietro approaching from the rear. Just like Guido, Pietro appears to be moving much slower than he actually is. So much so that Curt reaches down and “loans” the ground some KE and it bursts into flames just as Pietro gets close. He’s instantly engulfed and instinctively runs for the water.

“Two down, one to go.” Curt thinks to himself as he speeds off the main lab. “According to Sinister’s instructions, it should be right about he-“


A blast strikes Curt in the back. “Damn, wasn’t moving anywhere near fast enough…shouldn’t have let myself get tagged.” He turns to see a large gray skinned man with two cannons for arms standing over him, lit cigar in his mouth. “Good thing I stopped by to give the guys a visit. Seems like we got a rat in the building”

Without thinking Curt starts absorbing the ambient kinetic energy in the room. Random is frozen in place. The temperature starts to drop drastically. “Wha..wha..are you doing to me?!?!?” Within a few seconds Random is frozen completely solid.

Curt again races off towards his destination to find Rahne in Wolf form trying to raise backup. Without thinking he races over and tries to stop her. His body pumped up, he starts absorbing kinetic energy again and within seconds she’s encased in a block of ice as well.

He looks around then decides he’s found the machine Sinister told him about and places the device. “Time to get out of here now.” He races off so fast that before he knows it, he’s across the water heading back to Sinister’s Lab. “Good job, Curt, you’ve just taken out part of the X-Men’s sister team.”

The next scene opens up with Curt back in the limo. From the scenery you can tell he’s back in New York and that’s very late, almost morning. He’s quietly sitting across from Sinister who’s got a huge grin on his face. “Excellent work Curtis, you did better than I imagined. As a fail safe I've implanted a post hypnotic suggestion within you. You'll forget most of what you've done here, at least enough to prevent a nosey telepath from discerning anything."

“Yeah well please no thank you cards or anything. We’re done. And yeah thanks because I'd prefer NOT To remember”

“Yes, Curtis you’ve fulfilled your obligation to me. As a reward I offer you this. Sinister holds out a small bag. “Inside you will find a small portion of more MGH, the liquid has to be injected and works instantly, the pills take about 30 minutes to take effect. You will remember the pills however..but again not enough for anyone to-”

“No thank you. I don’t want anything else from you. And I’d never touch that stuff again.”

“I’m disappointed in you Curtis, think of the amazing things you did today, the potential you unlocked. Who knows, a teammates life may depend your enhanced abilities. Take it. Worst case you never use it.”

“I’m not taking it!” With that, Curt grabs his bag and hops out the limo.

Later that night when he’s in his room and getting situated, something falls out his backpack. It’s another “supply bag” just like the one Sinister tried to give him. He shakes his head in disgust then walks towards the toilet….


Curt is sitting in his quarters on the Juber, thinking to himself. “Damn this could be it. They want to kill Nadia and we have to face the Imperial Guard. Maybe…just maybe this one time…

Curt reaches for the “supply bag”.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!! Unlimited #8
Post by K'lar on May 16, 2007, 3:36pm

I'm sorry to say I missed this one entirely (I really hate having to fold the fan fics and cerebro sections like that). I liked it a lot. Especially since it fits really well with my continuity (THANKS FOR THAT). The ending was a little rushed like you said, but it worked! Definitely curious when the "speed bag" will be showing up again!

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!! Unlimited #8
Post by Curt "Reflex" Camden on May 16, 2007, 5:24pm

Yeah, I had planned it out in my head awhile ago…but as I started writing it kept getting longer and longer even with me not really adding anything (except for small details that made things make sense). And I really didn't want to make it 3 issues….because then the third issue would have been basically filler with Curt arriving back to NY. And the speed bag has subtly shown up. I actually was more blatant the last time..and Seph noticed it..but never really commented.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!! Unlimited #8
Post by Star/Muse on May 16, 2007, 5:29pm

I… did?

God, my memory's shot.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!! Unlimited #8
Post by Krystal "Fatale" Stevenson on May 17, 2007, 2:04am

Yeah during the crossover Curt put something in his mouth and you typed "O.o"

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!! Unlimited #8
Post by K'lar on May 17, 2007, 9:12am

::smacks head:: You're right! I forgot that entirely!!

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