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New Mutants… IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #6
Post by Pester on Apr 19, 2007, 1:46am

Title: Too Much Information.

Cover: A black page, with a single spot of light in the middle.

There's nothing Adam can do as he is pulled by some unseen force, backward through the emptyness. The cold blackness permeates his being fully, and after awhile he becomes one with it, grows to accept it as something natural. Miles away, the Xavier Institute can be seen quickly moving into the distance. Just as soon as it appears, it is gone into the black, it's residents accompanying it. They can't even see him from where they are.

"Hey buddy, you okay in there?"

From behind him, Adam can hear laughter. He tries to turn around to see what's going on behind him, but he is unable to move. The laughter slowly gets louder until it passes through him. He is now able to see the source: Nicolette, Roxie, Mike, Nadia, Rapt, Kalvin, and Curt are all laughing and talking about something; It's impossible to tell what. As they pass through him, their speed slows until finally they come to a stop in front of him, then very slowly gravitate toward him. As his teammates approach, heat returns to his body, their warmth passes to him. The six of them notice him and they begin waving him over. Seeing that he can't move, they slowly move closer to him. After what feels like years, they finally reach and embrace him. His body warming, control returns to Adam's arms, though his voice is silent. He uses his arms to hold his friends closer to him. As a group, they revolve him so he is able to see what is ahead, and everything is well.

"Looks like he had a brain fart or something."

In the distance, Rapt appears again, but somehow he's different. Adam smiles at him, but for some reason the smile is not returned. As he approaches, Rapt extends his arm, causing Roxie, Mike, and Curt to suddenly break away. Adam sees the three of them shatter, disappating in the distance until they are no more. He looks back around just in time to see a pair of enormous hands reach down and tear off Rapt's wings. Rapt gives a pained scream as he loses control. Adam tries to reach out and help him, but he's not nearly strong enough. The older Rapt's body collides with the younger version, both of them tear away and sink into nothingness. As his teammates fade from existence, the cold begins to return. Only Nicolette, Nadia, and Kalvin remain, none of them seeming to realize what is happening.

"Maybe someone should call a doctor."

Seeing something far off, Adam squints and sees Kalvin approaching. Getting closer, Adam is able to see that this is almost an entirely different person. In his eyes is no longer the friend that needed comforting when his girlfriend died, rather these eyes were cold and dead. Accompanying him is the sound of screaming, so many billions of voices crying out in terror that they blend together in a blanket of fear and death. The screams get louder and louder as Kalvin's approaching figure lifts his hand. Adam tries begging Kalvin not to do it, but his cries are unheard. Kalvin clenches his fist, and the screams are extinguished. The older version of Kalvin moves forward toward his younger self. The two collide, Galactus' herald dragging Adam's old friend off into the darkness. Adam is almost entirely unable to move, his body very nearly reclaimed by the cold. He stares ahead, sadly. Nicolette and Nadia float along by his side, unaffected.

"I didn't hit him that hard…"

Nadia's approach brings a feeling of dread. Adam struggles against his lack of sensation, hoping to get free and save his friend from her inevitable fate. He is unable to do so. When she gets a few feet away, Nadia's body is wracked with pain. Flames embrace her body, so bright they are almost blinding. Adam can't look away, the flames reduce her to ashes just as quickly as they appear. The ashes coat the Nadia right next to Adam, and he is unable to help her. The substance stops her from breathing as it covers her body, and her stifled gasping can be heard as she falls back into the distance. Nicolette looks forward, oblivious to what is going on around her.

"Hard enough, apparently."

Nicolette's future self approaches, her eyes not wavering from Adam. She is wearing nothing, and unashamed. Arms slowly outstretching, she moves in to embrace her old teammate. The warmth returns to his body, Adam feels more than he's ever felt before. Fully in control of himself for the first time, he opens up his arms to embrace her. The heat fills every part of his being, Adam can only yearn for Nicolette's touch as she slowly approaches. Only thinking about who he sees in front of him, he ignores a faint buzzing in the distance. But soon the buzzing becomes impossible to ignore. As it becomes deafening, Adam screams to Nicolette, telling her to fly away from him. His voice is not strong enough to overcome the sound, she can't hear him. He tries to fly toward her, but it is too late. The bugs appear from every square inch of the void, infinite in their scope. Prime is able to hold off the bugs until Adam gets to her. His attempts to help her fight off the bugs are met with apathy, they don't even consider him enough of a threat to fight him. Nicolette's older self tires, and finally she is unable to continue the fight. At first only a pained moan can be heard escaping her lips, but this is replaced by a scream of agony. Her strong, compassionate eyes widen with pain as her body is slowly torn apart and devoured by these creatures, until she is no more. The bugs fly off into the emptiness they came from.

"I hope he'll be alright."

Adam looks to his side and desperately tries to wrap his arms around Nicolette to protect her. It is futile. She gives him a sad smile as her body slowly fades away. The numbing cold returns, all the worse now that the warmth was taken from him. Now completely alone, Adam simply floats on into the darkness…

"He's waking up!"

Adam's eyes flutter open as he lay on the floor, the room spinning around him. The faces of Mike, Curt, and Roxie come into focus as he sits up. He sits up and sees that the holo-chamber has been set up to look like a gymnasium.

Curt, holding a dodgeball, is the first one to speak. "Sorry man, I didn't mean to hit you in the head. You gonna be alright?"

Mike grabs Adam's shoulders and helps him stand up. "Sure he will, or else the teams'll be uneven!"

Roxie speaks up. "I'm glad you're okay, you really worried us! You should get to the medbay so they can take care of you."

Adam slowly looks around as he gains his composure. As his friends look back at him, he is only able to utter "I have to go…" He says nothing more and leaves the room.

The three of them stand in confusion for a moment, before Mike breaks the silence. "New game?"

Re: New Mutants… IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #6
Post by K'lar on Apr 19, 2007, 11:27am

I like the writing here, though I am not sure Mike would have done that in the end. Even he's not that obvious

Re: New Mutants… IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #6
Post by Protoman on Apr 19, 2007, 1:22pm

I really like it, well done.

Re: New Mutants… IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #6
Post by Pester on Apr 19, 2007, 9:29pm

Apr 19, 2007, 11:27am, K'lar wrote:I like the writing here, though I am not sure Mike would have done that in the end. Even he's not that obvious

In what sense? He wouldn't have let Adam run off like that, or he would have been more concerned?

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