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New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #2
Post by Rapt "Roc"/Fragment/Fraternity on Mar 21, 2007, 2:29am

New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #2

Title: Reflection

Cover – The Super Skrull with one leg up on a kneeling (and bloodied up) Rapt, pulling on Rapt’s wings

Note: This takes place after Oracles preliminary briefing, but before mission #2

Excerpts from Roc’s Journal: I’ve screwed up. Royally. And we’ve barely been up here; we haven’t even started the second mission. And I’ve screwed up. Again.

The doors to the danger slide open, then close once the last wingtip passes by, sealing the teen within the expansive holographic chamber. Rapt slowly looks around the Shi’ar danger room, then strides to the center of the room.

“Juber, activate the training room. Create scenario as follows.” Rapt took a moment, reviewing what he’d prepared for this, before continuing. “Multiple scenarios. Draw upon the X-Men’s files. Randomize the scenario upon a reset or victory. Place a handicap upon the scenario’s so that victory is always possible, in at least one way. Conditions for ending are… conditions are imminent unavoidable death of myself, sufficiently subduing the opponent, loss of consciousness on my behalf. Ensure all safeties are on, to prevent permanent harm, and create a sledgehammer, of whatever Shi’ar materials will strengthen it, while keeping it within one pound of weight as the one I have brought in, in previous sessions.”

I should have expected I would do this again, I suppose. I wonder if it’s a sign of extreme mental illness that I always end up ruining anything I get going. But, then again, things were…well, aside from Amelia, things were probably the best I’ve ever had it at Xavier’s Institute. But, now I’m …an astronomical distance away from there, There’s seven of them here, at least. And I’m friends with, well…I think I am, with two of them, so I suppose it could be worse here. Of course, on the other hand, most Shi’ar planets will hate me because I have features that their genetic ‘throwbacks’ do. Fun for me. At least I got a promotion for that.

Picking up the hammer as it manifested, and giving it a cursory look over, Rapt smiled in satisfaction. At least that had gone well, it was a nice strong weapon, made of some metal he’d never heard of, and probably never would hear of again. Shi’aranium. As soon as he finished looking at it, he looked around. It was Xavier’s, but everything was…off. Older, less advanced looking. There to the side was…a snowman, a…huge looking guy, almost seemed like an ape, standing next to Cyclops and a redhead. It took a moment, before taking in the uniforms, Rapt realized it was the original X-team, and, looking down, realized he had taken Angel’s place in this scenario.
But what WAS this scenario? Looking around, all Rapt could see was the machine in the corner wailing its head off, while Xavier sat in front of it.


Was the floor rumbling? Noting the fact that the pictures on the wall were falling off due to the shaking of the wall, Rapt surmised that, yes, the floor WAS shaking.

And then the wall exploded inwards, splinters and shattered boards impaling themselves in the opposite wall, preceding the huge red armored man’s entrance to the room. THIS one Rapt recognized right away. The Juggernaut. Invulnerable to everything except menta- As he held his mental monologue, snow-Iceman tackled him out of the path of the incoming strike, allowing him to keep his head for another few minutes.

Raising his voice, Rapt voiced the only thing he remembered about stopping Cain, “Get the bolts keeping his helmet on, then we can stop him!”

Taking his own advice, Rapt took to the air, hammer in hand, and moved back and out, waiting for a shot, even as Marvel Girl and Cyclops managed to get one of the bolts keeping the helmet on off. As Iceman provided a distraction, Rapt swooped in, and swung the hammer, the Shi’aranium head straight into the protruding edge of the bolt…and sending it flying like a golf ball out. Shi’ar metal rocks.

Another bolt down. One left, this might actually be easy. Rapt was beginning to feel confident in this, when the wall beside him become covered in a splash of slushy snow. Rapt looked, rapt, at the snowman, as with Juggernaut’s fist in place of the third, smallest snowball, the other two snow balls…just collapsed. …Drake’s dead. …this isn’t right. He lived past this mission. …I got him killed. Swinging his Shi’arhammer, Rapt managed to hit Marko, right in the helmet’s forehead, where it bounced off, leaving only the smallest dent as a mark of the impact. Cain pulled a hand back to swat Rapt away, but it was too late. Extending his telekinesis, Rapt and Marvel Girl managed to turn the remaining bolt a quarter of a turn. Then another. And another. And then it was out, and the helmet was being lifted off. And Juggernaut collapsed, as Professor Xavier thought really angry thoughts at him.

There’s Mike; …seems like a decent enough guy. He’s not as confident in himself as he could be, and he should practice his powers…unless he really did lose them. I like him, aside from his being seduced by Amelia. I hold no responsibility when she eats his soul. Other than Seed, he’s probably my only friend here. Apparently he also either has someone showing him alternate timelines, or he’s dreaming about me. Who knows.

Then there is Kalvin… I like the guy. He’s just in a bad place, and I think if Prime does get to command us in everything, she’s going to push him too hard, too fast, and he’s going to break, not bend like she wants him too before her. I need to get ahold of some seeds, and a spare room on the ship, and we’ll build a miniature city of animated plants. There’s no reason we can’t practice with his powers and do something amusing at the same time.

The scenario ended with the shimmer it began with, before the aftermath of the dead Iceman could be dealt with. Rapt knew he’d lucked out with that victory, if Marvel Girl hadn’t been trying to turn the bolt when he did, he wouldn’t have been able to move even the flakes of rust on it. Then again, he did have the handicap on, which is probably the only reason more of them didn’t get hurt, or killed. Cheery thoughts.

The next scenario began; A city, seemingly abandoned, the only other person in sight was a teen, light red hair, wearing a black and yellow X-uniform. Rapt shook his head, he didn’t recognize her, let alone if she was ally or enemy in this scenario. That question vanished fairly quickly, when the girl made a motion with her hand, and the ground began to shake, a tremor racing from her, to him, visibly ripping the ground apart in its wake. Taking flight to avoid it, Rapt only noticed the glowing hole below him a few seconds before it burst into flaming life, a pillar of glowing magma, narrowly avoided, a tail feather smoking as Rapt pivoted away and up into the air.

Surveying the space between him and Magma, Rapt felt the updraft from the rapidly heating air coming from below, before he saw the new lava vents being formed. Accelerating, heading directly for Magma, Rapt swerved to the side to dodge the rapidly, and seemingly random pillars of magma bursting between him and his target, propelling himself forward as well as side to side, gaining ground slowly, before diving down in an arc, changing from down, to level, to directly up in direction, letting go of his hammer as he began to turn upward, the forward momentum carrying with the hammer, towards the distracted Magma, as she aimed more lava pillars towards the flying annoyance, only noticing the hammer right after it was too late, taking the weapon to the torso, and going down hard, with a *thwack*.

Moving to check if she was still alive, Rapt got to her just in time for the scenario to end, the room shimmering away into nothingness.

Roxanne… I like her, but no matter how much I focus on the fact that she has more than ten times the experience I do, I can’t think of her as anything but an innocent child. A little sister protecting type complex, I suppose. She’s powerful, and …well, this will sound stupid, but this IS my log, and nobody else is going to be reading it…I want her to look up to me. I’m egotistical, I know, but I really think that.

Nadia…Nadia….I know nothing of Nadia, really, except her powers. She probably will have the most chances, next to Seed, to expand and experiment with her powers up here, with all these new materials to work with. Same goes for Reflex. The not knowing anything about him bit, that is. I really need to talk with these two sometime, and at least try to get to know them.

…And finally, Nicolette. ‘Prime’. I think I hate her. Or maybe not hate, but I definitely have strong feelings against her. She’s…she’s …she plays as a leader too naturally. Everything is so easy for her. And then she complains about it. She gets everything anyone could want handed to her…and she complains, wanting more. She’s smug, she’s overly confident…and she is the kind of person I can see ordering people to their deaths, for a ‘greater good’. She’s cold…calculating…and everyone’s friend. Its infuriating. At least I outrank her now. I’m sure that stung at least a little.

The room hummed, and the city returned, but this time instead of a girl from the institute, it was a green humanoid. A Skrull, Rapt recognized. Race of shape shifters…. watch for anything Marisol might do. Figuring to get it over with, and finish this exercise in trying to get a distraction from his recent screw ups, Rapt took his hammer, and charged the alien.

I want to be leader. I want to be in charge. Why?

Rapt swung his hammer down to be in a better position to strike from, and nearly dropped the hammer, as a small ball of flame whipped past his face, singing his left cheek, causing him to stumble and fall, looking up at the approaching Skrull, who had one arm covered in flames.

…I didn’t know…they could do that. Scrambling to his feet, Roc backpedaled, trying to get ground, and tripped again, this time over solid air. After regaining his feet again, Rapt cast out his touchsense, and paused. The area around him was filled with odd shapes that simply weren’t there, yet he could feel them. Bending and folding his wings tight, Rapt didn’t dodge the constructs in the air. Instead, he climbed them, until they collapsed around him. Snapping his wings out, Rapt used their vanishing to take flight, and circled above the Skrull below him. Things weren’t adding up, Skrulls didn’t have these powers, not by the files he read anyway.

I want to be looked up to. I want to be needed. That’s why. I can admit that to myself, here…by why can’t I get over it? I shouldn’t HAVE to feel like I need to be the one in control of everyone…I can barely control my own life.

Rapt landed, and slowly advanced, moving the hammer between hands uncertainly. As the green alien approached, Rapt tensed his legs, and with a few running steps, beat his wings, and took off, dodging a streamer of flame, and moving over the skrull, a single arms length above him. Rapt slammed his hammer down to the back of the alien’s head. The only effect the blow had was the reverberations knocking the hammer clean out of Rapt’s hands, landing behind the skrull with a faint thunking sound. As the hammer fell, Rapt continued flying on, while the Super Skrull reached back, without turning his head, reaching, and reaching, arm extending until it was twelve feet long before catching Rapt’s leg, and ‘springing’ back, dragging Rapt literally through the air backwards, the hand holding his leg growing bigger, thicker, rougher, and covered in rocks, and then squeezing until there was a ‘crack’, followed by a pain yell, cut off as the Super Skrull tossed the leg down, and raising a hand above Rapt, the stones catching flame, and descend rapidly. An instant before the impact, the room shimmers, and returns to the plain striped danger room. “Condition 1 Reached. Continue Simulations?”

“…No, end the program.” Rapt tried to stand, and promptly collapsed. “Juber…initiate any medical expert programs you have that can help me.” The room shimmered, and a medical bay took form, a pair of Shi’ar medics boosting Rapt onto a table, while a third Shi’ar examines the leg.

But, I didn’t make this log to rant. I made it to record who I am, at least for now. I get to go and try to fix a Shi’ar mistake soon, and I don’t know if I can do this. I want the power…but I don’t know if I can handle it. I just hope I don’t ruin any of these people’s lives if I make a mistake. But until that mission…I can’t sleep. I’m going to go to the training room, run something to take my mind off of all this. Some light workout, maybe see how Cyclops or others handled taking command.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #2
Post by K'lar on Mar 21, 2007, 7:41am

Really nice insight into the character. I like how this was written quite a bit!

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #2
Post by The Sacred Digits on Mar 21, 2007, 8:37am

I really liked this too.

And, as always, the more I know about a character, the more I get to mess with them.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #2
Post by Prime on Mar 21, 2007, 9:01am

But if both Rapt and Nicolette want to be leaders, how will you handle messing with them?

It's a good story. I liked the interchanging action and journal entries, but I felt the entries could have been distributed more evenly throughout the bulk of the story instead of being in bunches. Maybe it's just me, being a sucker for symmetry.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #2
Post by The Sacred Digits on Mar 21, 2007, 9:10am

That actually makes it easier to mess with them, not harder.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #2
Post by Prime on Mar 21, 2007, 9:15am

I'd assume so, I just don't know how. Maybe I just don't know much about messing with people…

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