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New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1
Post by K'lar on Mar 13, 2007, 2:15pm

New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1

Title: BFF

Cover – Sephula grabbing Mike by the neck, while Mike is trying to punch him.

Note: This takes place a day or two after NM in Space’s first mission.

By blackmore and Sephula

Mike stood in the control room for the holographic training room. He didn’t really get permission for what he was about to do, but that had never stopped him before. He had synched the training room to the mansion’s computer like Hussar had showed him. In a few minutes, he was able to access his own training programs saved on the Danger Room’s computers. After a few minutes of searching, he found what he was looking for.

He entered the training room, and without a word, delivered a hard punch right into Sephula’s face, “Hey, pal!” Mike said with a scowl, stepping back and circling him slightly, ready to punch him again, “How’s death treating you?” Mike is almost radiating anger.

Sephula smiled lightly, rolling his face along with the punch.

“My, don’t we seem aggressive today?” Sephula stood in place passively, waiting for him to act again. “But that was a sloppy punch. I thought I taught you better than that?”

The smile lingered across his lips and looked as if it might falter for a moment. Only a moment. It stuck, proudly, on his face.

“Oh, I’m quite sure I’m being tortured by ‘Mephistopheles’ right now.”

Mike frowned, “That sucks. But, right now, I am hard pressed to say that you don’t deserve it."

“You don’t want to hit me again?” Sephula laughed, walking towards the nearest wall, a little absent mindedly. Sephula ran his hand down it, stopping at the grooves and indentations. The realism of the Danger Room had always amazed him…

“It would be fun, you know! Why stop?” Sephula threw a glance at him over his shoulder. “But in regards to what you’re saying; I’m not. Hard pressed either way. I deserved it. I’m aware.” Sephula tapped the wall once before walking back towards Michael. “But that isn’t particularly important now.”

Mike scowled, “You’re right…it isn’t.” Mike leans against the wall of the control room. A million questions run through his head, but finally Mike settles on some small talk, “Do you have any idea where we are right now?”

Sephula took a brief look up at the control room, and then around him.

“The standards are above that of the Danger Room.” Sephula crouched down and ran his hand along the floor. A thin layer of dust came off of it onto his fingers. “The integrity of the simulation is of an amazing level. I haven’t actually seen anything this advanced on earth. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say the Avengers Mansion; only because it would be the first place that comes to mind with the resources to make something like this other than Xavier.”

Sephula arched an eyebrow. “Unless we are simply at the mansion, and the Danger Room has been updated.” Michael’s question was curious…

“You’re onboard a Shi’ar starship. The Juber, actually. These guys invented this technology, of course it's better than ours. We got last year's model!"

"I’ve finally become a real space case.” Mike pauses before saying, “Kidd, Tangle, and Stryker all died too… Things were a real mess. Bad timing, but the Shi’ar came to town asking for volunteers for exchange students. A bunch of us decided to go. I figured it was better than sitting at home complaining that my powers sucked.”

Sephula stood still for a moment; no new emotion came over his face. The light, non-committal smile lingered still. He traced the floor with his toe, having already kicked his shoes off once he’d formed. He’d never felt comfortable in those things. They always kept him from being fast enough… nimble enough… agile enough… good enough. They were a limitation. Something that hampered him, and along with any other thing (including the length of his hair) they could have cost him or the others at precisely the wrong moment.

Sephula punched the nearest wall savagely and the smile faded, his face contorting into an expression of rage. Again. Again. And again. His knuckles cracked on the hard light; he hadn’t increased his strength – there had been no need and it would have been a waste of energy. He withdrew his bloodied wreck of a hand after a few minutes.

Mike sighed, "Yeah…that is pretty much exactly what I did. Amelia came about" Mike holds his fingers about a centimeter apart, "This close to dying. The funny thing…a part of me wants to hate you for everything that happened afterward. But, I can't. I knew that you would never do anything like that."

"So, that's not why I'm pissed at you. But…"

“God damn it!” Sephula spoke again. “God damn it…” more quietly this time. The word trailed off, each syllable seeming as if it faded from the one before. It carried on the air for just a moment, before vanishing.

“I should have stopped it all, don’t you see? Gerald… I knew how to save him! I knew it once, much, much earlier… and then I lost it. It faded from my mind after I got caught in the middle of Wolverine and another one of his stupid enemies! All of the work burned. It faded from my mind! All because of my own, stupid, bloody failsafe! And that didn’t even work!” he yelled, his head tilted at the floor as he smashed the base of his bloody palm into the side of hi head; at the temple.

“Kidd… she was just fourteen. She should have been safe from all of this. There’s absolutely no reason she should have died… damn it, this is why I did all of what I did! To keep anything like this from happening!” Sephula pushed himself shakily to his feet and turned away from the wall. In a turn of temper, he swiveled back to the wall and kicked it as hard as he could. Panting slightly, he turned back to Michael, wiping the sweat away from his brow.

“And you don’t understand either… it was me… I could feel it every time.”

Mike winced at Seph’s ranting, “Dude…I’m sorry, I didn’t bring you here for any of that. I honestly didn’t know holo-you would feel guilt. Shit, I just wanted to ask you a question."

Mike decided to go forward, even though he felt really uncomfortable. He was about a second away from just closing the program and trying to relieve Sephula's pain…even if he wasn't real. "Why didn’t you trust me?”

Sephula looked at him blankly.

“What do you mean?”

Mike looked at Sephula like he was nuts, "Uhm…hello! Wreck and Kidd both knew how to stop you, they both knew this was going to happen. They even had a special…knife or something…to kill you. I missed the details, I was knocked out at the time."

Mike shook his head, "We goofed around a lot, but I thought you knew how much I really liked you. Did you really think I would let you down?"

He let out a bitter laugh. We were in one of Michael’s simulations. That meant I could count on several things.

“Swilt-handled rapier; commission level B.” A well folded rapier appeared in his hands with an impressively carved handle. Sephula looked over it for a moment, running a single finger down it and admiring it. Eventually, he handed it the Michael.

“I’m a simulation of Sephula, Michael. Just that. Nothing more. I’m not real. I’m not alive.”

he nodded at the rapier.

“Do it. Kill me with that.”

"If I killed you now, I couldn't finish yelling at you." Mike turned the weapon over in his hand, "Nice sword though. Besides. It's different. You don't NEED me to help you now. You're already dead."

Sephula arched an eyebrow again and then started pacing. He finally decided to heal his hand.

“Do you want to know what I think?” Sephula asked. He didn’t wait for an answer. “I think that, even now, even after all “I” did… you still can’t kill me. Even when I’m not real.” He looked over the rapier again, carefully. Sephula took it from Michael’s hands, and ran his slowly down onto the handle, clasping them around it firmly. “If you wanted to yell at me some more, then you could always just restart the simulation.”

“It’s this simple…” he ran the rapier through his chest. he deliberately avoided the heart, but it pierced his left lung, causing it to collapse. Blood and air forced their way up out of his chest, and the pressure crushed parts of his oesophagus as it made its way up to his mouth and bubbled out in a spray of bloody expelled air. It trickled down his mouth and he wiped it away immediately. Pulling the sword out, the wound closed. he forced air back in after healing the lung, and it re-inflated.

Wiping the rapier with his hand, Sephula handed it back to Michael.

“That easy.” It still came out as a bit of a gurgle. “Go for the heart.”

Mike took the blade and scowled, “Must you always be such a jerk? It’s different, and you know it. You are…were…” Mike shook his head, “You were one of my closest friends. Even if you didn’t trust me to kill you, which I totally could do if I had to! You could have told me, ‘By the way, I might go nuts and try to kill you one day’.”

Mike closed his eyes for a second. He opened them, and his eyes took on that cold focus. He moved faster that Sephula had seen him and swept Sephula’s legs out from under him, “I have no idea how…but ever since you died, I’ve been different. And I hate it. My powers even worked right. Unfortunately, it was a one time thing.”

Mike helped Sephula up, “We were going to screw with Iceman and make him an ice sculpture at your funeral. You would have tried to stop me. And in the end, you would have gone along with it. Do you wanna know what I said at your funeral?”

Sephula looked up at the ceiling pensively. He fully intended to address his points, but something felt… cold. Off.

“I wonder… this program. This… me. Did I program it, or did you? I left a program of myself… to try and help as much as I could, even after I’d be long gone. I don’t even know if it worked though; I never got the chance to test it. So I have to wonder. Who programmed me?”

Mike pauses, " The Danger Room always recorded us when we are doing training sessions. I have no idea how it really worked. I kind just expected you to be here to yell at and give pat answers. I wasn't expecting you to be so…well…you!"

Sephula looked Michael over, a little sad. “I’m less me than I might seem. Can you interface directly with the Danger Room back home?”

Mike nods, and heads over to the controls. He sets up the link, “Go ahead.”

“Bring up my simulations, and download the most recently saved one directly into me,” Sephula instructed him.

Mike did as he asked, very curious.

He processed everything as the programmed rushed into him. It was liberation. So much repression for so long…

He sat down on the floor.

“What’re you waiting for? Get back down here!”

Mike came back down, "You okay now?" Mike actually looked a little annoyed, "I was having a dramatic moment!"

“Yeah, I’m fine…” Sephula stared up at the ceiling solemnly. There was an influx of colour that had just been introduced. The colours met each other and intertwined It was fascinating; almost invigorating. It was something he could just continue watching for as long as this simulation could last… but he had to turn back to Michael. He needed answers.

he pulled his gaze down slowly.

“You know… this is the first time in my life I’ve actually remembered everything… and I’m not even alive for it.”

Mike watched Sephula curiously. With a smile he said, “You know, this is supposed to be about me! You’re dead! You don’t get to be self-indulgent.” Mike paused before saying, “All right, you’ve got me in suspense now! What are you remembering?”

Sephula looked at Michael from the corner of his eye.

“Everything, really… blank spots… I have a family, did you know? Not even just parents and siblings; I had that roughly… six thousand years ago, I think. It’s all so much to go through.” he took a hand to his forehead and sat there for a moment, thinking. Processing all of the information.

“My parents are long dead. I had a sister, though… she was powered, like me. I don’t really know what we were. I wasn’t a mutant, I know that. There was some level of magic to my powers… more so in hers. And one day, she just disappeared. I think…” he paused again, returning to his thoughts. “I think I may have met her again after that, but it’s hard to remember at the moment.”

Sephula pulled his eyes away from him for just a moment as they widened in surprise.

“I have children.”

Mike tilted his head to the side, “Congratulations, Daddy! But how are you remembering all of that? And maybe more importantly, what happens when I shut the program down…I am already going to be in enough trouble for improper use of training equipment. Hussar already thinks I’m useless.”

Sephula shook his head slightly and looked at the floor in confusion.

”I have no idea. I really shouldn’t be able to… I mean, I couldn’t remember this when I was alive. Could I? That’s the only way that it could make sense… that when I programmed this, I was finally aware of everything… I can see another thing.”

His lips stretched slowly into a light smile. “I actually knew peace, once. I had a life of it. Well… more a time than a life. When I met Fury in that one, everything changed.” he looked at him again and the smile faded. “When you shut the program down? Unless I’m sav- I lose all of this. I’ll fade away.”

Sephula forced the smile back onto his face, and it lingered a little faintly. “But that doesn’t matter. I’m already dead. What… what do you want to know? I can tell you anything. Well, within reason.”

Mike shook his head, “I didn’t know you that way, Seph. I liked the you that I used to hang out with. The you who used to kick my ass. And that is how I’d like to remember you. I am happy that you are whole, FINALLY, but we can talk about that some other time.”

Mike ducked his head. “I am still so pissed at you for being gone, Seph. Not a day goes by where I don’t see something that doesn’t make me think of you. I raided your room for stuff for his new gear. I didn’t think you’d mind.”

A voice came over the intercom, “TRAINEE CHI, YOUR TIME IS UP!”

Mike sighes, “Man…I need more time. A lot more!”

“I don’t mind. But Michael… the Sephula you used to hang out with was a lie. I’m sorry. But it’s the truth, and you need to know it. Also, at one point, I did think about letting you in on the whole ‘killing me’ deal. Take a closer look at your sword. But I realized it wouldn’t be fair on you. It wasn’t fair on Wreck or Kidd either. But at least they would do it. You never would.”

Sephula looked up at the control room.

“I’m glad you did this, but you have to go. Maybe you could do this again sometime,” he told Michael, jumping up to his feet. “You joined the team after the first Apocalypse mess… you met me after that.” he extended his hand to Michael. “I think there’s something to be said for proper introductions. Sephula Thorne.”

Mike nods, "I know that, and I can't wait to meet the real you, but no time for that today." Mike takes Seph's hand, "Michael Anthony Placio, known to his teammates as Chi. It's nice to meet you." Mike says with a smile, "Now, I need to get out of here before angry whip woman comes looking for me."

Sephula smiled back a little sadly. “Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like it’s possible, Michael. I’m not sure how this thing works, but I don’t think it saves automatically. I don’t know, I may be wrong. But if I’m not, then it looks like this is farewell, also. Goodbye, Michael. Be good.”

"Don't know how, and I don't plan on starting anytime soon."

Mike tapped on the controls telling the Computer, to save Sephula version 2 and transmitted it back to the the mansion saving it with his training files. He looked down at the Sephula in the training room one last time, "Close program."

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1
Post by Prime on Mar 13, 2007, 2:17pm

Anything that involved Sephula gets a thumbs down from me. <_<

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1
Post by Nephy "Lifebeat" Nephrahim on Mar 13, 2007, 2:20pm

This is painfuly depressing to read….

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1
Post by K'lar on Mar 13, 2007, 2:21pm

::chuckle:: Not really surprising. I was painful depressed when I came up with the idea.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1
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You accidentally gave your real name instead of Chi's name.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1
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::chuckle:: Fixed. Thanks, Hav. No real surprise about that. Type your name that way your entire life and the brain ain't willing to change

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Mar 13, 2007, 2:17pm, Prime wrote:Anything that involved Sephula gets a thumbs down from me. <_<

Huh. That says a lot, really.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1
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All the depressing stuff was Bm, and Bm alone .

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Mar 13, 2007, 2:39pm, Star/Muse wrote:All the depressing stuff was Bm, and Bm alone .

Most of it

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1
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Oh come on. There are some definite emo moments to the Sephula parts too. I can tell the writing styles apart, especially since not all of the first person-ness was cleaned up.

I mostly liked it. Chi's got to clean the lavatories for a few weeks, though.

Oh, and I'm happy to finally get an Unlimited story. I was feeling like the leper GM.

Re: New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited #1
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I didn't get all of the first person? Crap.

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EXP awarded to Seph

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