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New Mutants/Hellions Crossover #3
Post by Last Hero on Jan 19, 2007, 12:56pm

New Mutants / Hellions Crossover #3
Fighting Tooth and Klaw

Cover Description: Tangle and Chi staring each other down, while Klaw watches with a bewildered expression.

Author's note: This is a first draft as I have to get to a meeting, so I might change it a bit

A limousine arrived in the middle of Times Square. The chauffeur came around to let his passenger out, Chris "Tangle" Baker. Chris scowls, as the driver pulled out his crutches, and waited for Chris. His leg was still sore, and all he really wanted to do was stay in bed, but he could not avoid this trip. Not today of all days.

The driver walks next to Chris for a week feet, but Chris shakes his head, "Thanks, John. But, this mission is personal. Just pull around to the lot, and I will call you when I'm done."

"But, Mister Shaw…"

Chris shook his head again, "I know, John. But, this is something I really have to do alone." John looked at Chris's face, and was surprised to see Chris had a pleading look on his face. Chris was a decent enough kid, John reflected, but far from humble.

After a moment's pause, John nods, "All right, but you tell Mr. Shaw, and I'll stop passing you Playboys."

Chris chuckled slightly, "If I told Shaw, he would be more pissed at me anyway." Chris knew that a complete lie, but John had always been cool to him, so there was no reason to make him more nervous than he already was.


A few minutes later, Michael "Chi" Placio emerges from the Virgin Megastore, clutching his prize in hand. Someone had left a newspaper sitting on the kitchen table yesterday morning, and when Mike flipped through to find the comics, he had come across an ad for a Rick Jones Book signing. He knew that Stryker was a fan, so he set off on a heroic quest to bring back the fabled autograph and cheer up the New Mutants resident psychotic telepath.

Worried about beating the crowd, Mike had actually headed over to the city the night before. He was surprised to find a small crowd of people had already gathered there. They all seemed to be superhero groupies, and Mike was tempted to show off, but he quickly decided against it. Superheroes are popular; mutants on the other hand…not so much. Mike never could quite figure that one out. Did getting powers because you happened to get bitten by a radioactive wombat really make someone better than someone born with their powers?

But, none of that mattered now! Mike clutched his Virgin Megastore bag to his chest and walked down the street looking for a taxi. He couldn’t wait to show Stryker. Unfortunately, we would have to wait. A tendril of energy wrapped itself around Chi’s legs and tripped him to the ground. “What the hell?” he yelped as the bag slipped from his fingers and slid under a parked car.

Chi looks up to find Tangle hobbling towards him, “WHY ARE YOU CHASING ME?” Tangle screams.

Mike looks at him bewildered, “What are you talking about?” Mike’s forcefield wraps around his arms. He’s ready for a fight, though he has no idea who this lunatic is.

Tangle looks annoyed, “Don’t lie to me! You’re a New Mutant! I saw you beat up on Cricket! You followed me here! Didn’t you?”

Mike chuckles, “You must be one of those damn Hellions. Newsflash,, genius…I don’t even know who you are, much less have the time to follow anyone. I just want to get home and take a nap. I’ve been up all night listening to fanboys yap whether Rick Jones looked better in his Bucky costume or when he wears Nega-bands. So, why don’t you just leave me alone, or I will be forced to kick you ass just for general principles.”

Tangle looks uncertain, “But…but…” Tangle is not normally a fighter, but he still felt he owed the New Mutants for the way Reflex wrecked him during their fight. The tendril worked it’s way up Chi’s body reaching for his neck.

Chi sighes, “Have it your way then.” His force field wraps around his neck, preventing the tendril from choking him. “You know…your powers could be great, if you had any clue what to do with them.” Chi rocked backwards, rolling up to his feet…not an easy feat when they when still wrapped in an energy tendril. The sudden shift pulled Tangle off balance.

Chi darted forward, remembering what Reflex had told him about their fight. He was about to take Tangle down, when suddenly he heard screaming from behind him. Chi turned, expecting to find another Hellion waiting for him, “Are you guys trying to ambush me?”

Instead, he was surprised to see Klaw running down the street towards them. Tangle lets his tendrils drop from around Chi, “Is this guy with you? Why does he have a satellite instead of a hand?”

Chi glances at Tangle, “Don’t they teach you anything at Baby Badguy Camp? That’s Klaw. He’s a super-villain, body’s made of sonics. Dazzler managed to beat up on him.”

Tangle shrugs, “Never heard of him…” At that moment, Tangle’s phone rings. He picks it up just long enough to say, “I’m running late. No, I promise! I’ll be there after I take care of something.”

Klaw sees the two of them and aims his sonic gun at them. They are bowled over by a sonic blast. Klaw yells, “The New Warriors are after me, too?”

Chi rubs his chest where the impact hit him, “"What is this? Confused super-villain day??"

Tangle was not going to be shown up by a New Mutant. “Stay out of my way!” he yells towards Chi. His tendrils spread out, looking to trip Klaw up.

Chi brings the rest of his field up, and says, “What are you going to do? Tickle him with those things? I’ll take care of this!”

Klaw’s dodges Tangle’s tendrils, and he opens fire, ducking down a nearby alleyway. Chi glares at Tangle, “You let him get away!”

Tangle ignore Chi and starts to follow Klaw. Chi sighes, “I am tired of this guy making us look like idiots! Maybe we should work together on this on.”

Tangle looks at Chi, and makes a decision that Chi would make really good bait. “All right…together. You’ve got the forcefields, so you go first.”

“All right…but try not to stab me in the back!” Chi mutters as he enters the alley. It is a dead end alleyway, but no Klaw. Chi turns to Tangle, “I think he got away.”

Tangle’s shrugs, “What a shame. All right. I’ve got someplace I have to be…”

Chi’s eyes dart around the alleyway. He doesn’t see anything. He walks a little further in. Tangle suddenly spots some movement overhead. He’s tempted to just step back and let Chi get himself killed, but something stops him last minute. “GET DOWN!”

Chi ducks as a sonic blast just misses him. It pulverizes the concrete wall behind him. If that blast had hit him, it probably would have shredded his force field. Tangle reaches up with his tendrils, wrapping around Klaw, and pulling him off the fire escape he was crouched on. Klaw is surprised by the speed of Tangle’s attack. He falls to the ground, to find Chi waiting for him. Chi lands a heavy kick to Klaw’s gut, doubling him over. Tangle holds him down with his tendrils.

Klaw laughes, “Nice try, kids. But how do you hold a soundwave?” Klaw’s body starts to slip through Tangle’s grasp.

At that moment, a loud commanding voice rang out from the front of the alleyway, “It’s easy. You just need the right type of cage!” A blur of black moved past Chi and Tangle, and Klaw was enclosed in a container of some strange type of metal before either of them could react. Black Panther nodded at the two of them, “Not bad, not bad at all. I’ve never seen either of you before. But, you have some potential as a team.”

Tangle sniffs, “We are not together. It was just wrong place, wrong time.” Tangle leaves the alley without another word.

Chi smiles at Black Panther, “It is so cool to meet you!! I’m Chi. I’m a New Mutant!”

Black Panther nods, “Cap mentioned you guys in his briefing a few days ago. I didn’t know Xavier had started up a new class.”

Chi nods. Suddenly, his smile turned to a frown, “MY BOOK!!” Chi darts from the alley, looking under cars. Black Panther watched him for a few minutes before Chi emerged from under a car with a beat up Virgin Megastore bag. Chi smiles at Black Panther, “It’s a gift for a friend.”

Black Panther nods, “Understood. All right, I’d better get Klaw back to the Vault.”

Chi pulls the book out. He looks at Black Panther, “Hey! Could you sign this? My teammates will never believe I met you!”

Black Panther smiles underneath his mask and reaches to take the book.

Several blocks away, Tangle arrives for his important meeting. His clothes are shredded, and his limp is more pronounced, but he refused to stop running. He finds his mother standing in front of a small restaurant looking at her watch. She’s actually surprised to see him, “I thought you wouldn’t come. I figured after everything…”

Chris smiles, cutting her off, “Hey, have I ever missed our annual lunch? No matter what, that was my promise, right? Happy birthday, mom!”

Chris’s mom takes him by the arm and leads him inside.

Re: New Mutants/Hellions Crossover #3
Post by Amelia "Heaven" Chow on Jan 19, 2007, 1:09pm

I like how T'Challa signs a book that has nothing to do with him. "Alright kid, whatever."

Re: New Mutants/Hellions Crossover #3
Post by Last Hero on Jan 19, 2007, 1:19pm

Actually, that is why I ended it like I did. You never do see Black Panther sign the book ;)

Re: New Mutants/Hellions Crossover #3
Post by Kelly Alecia "Star Girl" Lisa on Jan 19, 2007, 1:56pm

Chi glances at Chi, “Don’t they teach you anything at Baby Badguy Camp? That’s Klaw. He’s a super-villain, body’s made of sonics. Dazzler managed to beat up on him.”


Might want to fix that :).

Re: New Mutants/Hellions Crossover #3
Post by Last Hero on Jan 19, 2007, 2:06pm

Thanks! Told you it was a first draft ;)

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