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Mortimer Khan Meets His Destiny
Post by Jesse "Masstress" Buchanon on Apr 7, 2007, 12:33am

The following takes place around ten years ago.

Cover: In the foreground, Mortimer looks despondent as he wears a black crown while sitting on a throne of skulls. In the background, he operates a McDonald's deep fryer with contentment.

Mortimer Khan angrily walks the path to his Mephisto's throne. "Father! Father I mutht thpeak with you!"

Mephisto doesn't answer for a few moments, until he absent-mindedly responds, "I'm busy son, what do you need?"

As Mortimer enters the throneroom, he is perplexed by the sight of his father sitting on his throne and staring intently at a box on the floor. "Father, what are you doing that'th so important?"

Mephisto lifts his finger to his lips in a shushing way, and waves Mortimer over to look inside the box. Inside, Mortimer sees what looks like a mime trying to teach communication skills to a room full of quadriplegics. After a moment of excruciating silence, Mortimer closes the box. "Father, thith ith important to me! You never lithen to what I have to thay! It'th fruthtrating!"

Mephisto looks at his son with a relaxed gaze. "Son…" He sighs, "You know I do the best I can with you and your brother. You know how hard I have to work keeping Hell in order, and do you know why?"

Rolling his eyes, Mortimer begs "Pleathe father, not thith again…"

"I do it so you can rule it one day, so you can be somebody." Mephisto looks hurt when he says, "Why must you fight me on this when I'm just trying to help you?"

"I'm thorry Father, but I don't…"

"What? Say it, tell me what I can do! I try and I try but you're always shutting me out when I just want to provide for you!"

"But that'th jutht it… I'd like to thtand on my own for onthe, like thothe humanth have to. I want to go out into their world and thee if I can make it on my own, without any help."

Mephisto puts his head in his hands and chuckles sadly. "You know, if only Blackheart had your ambition… That headstrong boy can't get his mind off ruling here, and you can't get your mind on it." He looks at his son and sees the resolve in Mortimer's eyes. "You really mean it, don't you? It's not just a passing dream with you, is it?"

Mortimer lowers his eyes to the floor. "No Father… I'm thorry. Thith ith what I truly want. But… I will need you for thomething…"

"You need to get to Earth… I was waiting for you to ask me," he says sadly.

"I know it'th a lot to athk, but—"

Fire fills Mephisto's eyes. "A lot to ask? Let's forget the fact that I can only open the portal once every few years, just forget about that, that's a lot to ask. Do you realize you'll never be able to get back on your own? I know you do, you're not stupid… Yet you ask me to do a stupid thing for you. Once you're there, you're gone from this realm forever… You'll be another child I've lost from this realm."

"I… I know… I'm thorry, but thith ith thomething I mutht do. If I don't go out there and do thomething I can be proud of, I'll jutht live the retht of eternity regretting my choitheth."

"Hmph. Eternity, huh? I can imagine how you might feel. Mortimer, this is tougher than that pineapple I shoved up Hitler's urethra, but if it's a choice between my legacy and your happiness, then I guess I have no choice."

Summoning a great deal of strength, Mephisto manages to open a one way portal to Earth. "My boy, Hell without you will be Hannibal without his teeth. If this is what you want, you just have to take it and it's yours."

"Thank you Father. I won't forget." Mortimer Khan gives his father what will likely be a final hug, then advances through the portal to his destiny.

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