Meisha Valvalla Muse Aisha

Real Name – Meisha 'Bibby' Aisha
Code Name – Valvalla (Muse)
Sex - Female
Age (11-18) - 26
Mutations/Powers – Sonic scream. There are different aspects of this scream. One is an ultrasonic or infrasonic scream (she can control the frequency and pitch of her scream and her voice. Modulation of her voice can produce a calming effect on others when she wishes it). The other is a soundless scream that releases a wave of hypersonic energy. She can do either one, or both at the same time, which tends to be more strenuous.

The screams can have a variety of effects. The ultrasonic scream alternates the pressure in the air and the water vapour in the air also, quickly causing pockets in the air to form, which then collapse violently, producing vacuums where the pockets had been. This has a violent, almost explosive effect.

An infrasonic scream has the effect of a concussive wave of the same sort as those caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. An infrasonic emission can cause feelings of fear and awe, that isn’t perceived as a direct result of the emission. Other feelings it can cause are anxiety, uneasiness, extreme sorrow, nervousness and revulsion, as well as disorientation, and may be thought by the recipient to be a result of the supernatural (depending on the recipient – there is a long history of infrasonic emission causing people to believe there was some level of supernatural occurrence in the area).

The hypersonic energy is an energy that can be released as an explosive or concussive wave, and travels at speeds greatly in excess of sound – Mach 5 at the slowest. She can surround herself with this energy as a buffer, and to simulate the striking force of up to five tons of force as well as use it to attack. However, it does not increase her actual strength, but it does brace her body to greater masses, up to two tons.

This ability isn’t restricted to her vocal chords, though it is easiest to produce it from them. The hypersonic energy can be used to surround her body or others as a buffer. She can vibrate her body and select parts of her body at levels equal to the speed of the hypersonic energy, and can do the same to almost the same level to inorganic substances through contact. If she meets its structural resonance, it will shatter.

Look – Lebanese/Pakistani. Long brown hair died black, though it tends to be a different colour every couple of days. 5’8’’. Sharp, blue eyes with one of them coming closer to grey. Always wears a silver ankh around her neck. Her uniform consists of a dark blue and black full body suit, with a hooded cloak that goes over it. Wearing the hood most of the time, it obscures the majority of her face. She can consciously cause her eyes to emit hypersonic or ultrasonic

Personality – She is quite simply, very odd, and despite the world they live in, she tends to be upbeat most of the time. It takes quite a bit to put her down (mood-wise). She is 'gifted' with near photographic memory, but this tortures her greatly, as it means that she can never forget anything that happened at the camp or the images of the more traumatic events of the past - and the sight of her mother being shot is forever etched into her memory.

She has done her best to use this ability to hone all of her skills and her personal knowledge, to better serve the team. Though aggressive in most situations, she has spent most of the past ten years in the background when she wasn’t needed at the forefront, learning from everything around her, and the experiences the world bestowed upon her. This (allowing her to read people's movements, their body language and their moves, as well as mirror them), when combined to her experiences and times in the camp, made her a superb hand to hand combatant - something which she prides herself on greatly - and also makes her a reservoir for information.

When she can, she tends to rely on hand to hand combat, favouring the clipeus that is usually strapped to her back heavily.

History – From a young age, Meisha knew oppression and poverty. Worse than poverty, even, she knew slavery. When passing through the Gaza strip with her family, they were captured and enslaved in an illegal Israeli trade and slavery camp. They lived and served there for years, years that, when not being forced into serving (sometimes even while being forced into certain labours) she spent learning from the elders who had been enslaved by the same camp as well. They taught her many things. They passed their wisdom to her as well as they could. They taught her the lore of all of the nearby lands and many beyond. They taught her how to fight and how to defend herself, incase an opportunity ever arose. In fact, several of them were masters of forms of combat. Unfortunately, such mastery does little when faced with hundreds of guns. One of the only children at the camp, she was a gem in the eyes of many of the older ‘slaves’ who were being kept there. They tried to pass as much as they could on to her. It was this treatment that made that life bearable for her. And all the time that she was there, it was probably this treatment that kept the life from breaking her spirit. It is probably that treatment that kept her a happy child.

Her life hit another turning point when her father was killed in a beating when he decided to stand up to their captors after years of slavery. A single tear left her eye when she heard the news, and then a cry from her mouth… followed by the hut they were in collapsing. She didn’t stop crying. Anyone who came near her was blown away, and she continued crying for almost two hours, destroying anything that came near her. Their captors came to a simple conclusion. Shoot her. Her mother refused to allow this, and struggled with the captor who was about to shoot Meisha. In the struggle, her mother was shot. This set a riot off very quickly. In the riot, many of the prisoners died, but some of them managed to escape. Screaming at anyone who was in the way, a group with her commandeered a vehicle from the camp and escaped back to Lebanon. Once there, she slipped away from them. The ordeal cost her the use of her voice for the next couple of days.

Lost in a country that she didn’t recognise, as she had been enslaved at the age of six, every step, every street and every alley frightened her. She wanted to get out. She wanted to get away from that place. The country conjured some vague memories in her. The fact that it did that scared her even more. After a few days of pickpocketing and traveling, she managed to make her way to an airport. She remembered hearing promises of a new land in the west when she was still enslaved… hopes that had seemed a lifetime away at the time, but hopes that she always kept strong in her heart. With the money that she had stolen from picking the pockets of tourists, she bought a ticket to the first plane that she could.

«Blank spot, dependent on the present.»

Since she joined Generation X, she watched the world go to hell in a hand basket for the better part of a decade, unable to do anything about it. She left Generation X for a short while to work as a doctor in the war torn Gaza strip, trying to do her best to help. She did her best to contribute for almost a year before the camp was attacked by militants, having heard that there was a relatively powerful metahuman there, and wishing to use the person as a weapon. She surrendered peacefully in hopes that the rest of the camp – the children, the women and the injured – would be left unharmed. She hoped in vain. The entire camp was slaughtered before her tear filled eyes.

When she was brought before the militant leader, she had been beaten quite savagely. Her vocal chords swollen and her general state quite poor, she was unable to use her powers. He made her an offer – to use her powers in his service and earn her freedom again – and to stand by his side in his efforts. Naturally, she refused. And quite colourfully; despite her state, despite the absence of her powers, despite her pacifism and despite the fact that she was being restrained by a dozen well built, well trained guards, she refused by breaking his arm, his jaw and his leg in three strikes. Understandably displeased, he had her tortured for months – almost a good half a year – just for his entertainment.

After those long six months, she was finally freed when Generation X came looking for her – she had stayed in constant contact with her old friends and team-mates while working at the camp, and it had been very unlike her to just go off the radar. The managed to track her down and free her, shutting the militants down swiftly at the same time.

The damage had already been done.

Helplessness was not a trait that Meisha ever appreciated. Not since the slave camps, and especially not in the torture camp – most of all, not when she saw her entire hospital camp slaughtered before her as she was helpless to do anything. As a result, when she was given an opportunity to actually make a difference, to change the world, she jumped at it.

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