Maxwell's Demon

Maxwell's Demon

Real Name - James Clerk
Code Name - Maxwell's Demon
Sex - Male
Age (11-18) - 17

Mutations/Powers - A form of Molecukinesis: he can control entropy and probability to a limited degree. Like the theoretical Demon, he can cause a varied number of effects (causing all of the air in a small room to spontaneously move under a table, or cause half of a liquid to freeze and the other half to boil). However, he cannot violate the second law of thermodynamics, and therefore generates excess heat when he uses his powers. The more complex the task, the more heat he generates. His mutation grants him some resistance to extremes in temperature, so in most cases, his powers do not cause him any adverse effects. However, should he use his powers for too long, or for too complicated a task, he will eventually begin to suffer from the temperature as any person would (dehydration, heat stroke, etc). He has trouble affecting already highly ordered substances directly with his powers. He also is unable to transmute anything with his powers, and has great difficulty affecting something he cannot precisely locate.

Look - James is of somewhat above-average height, standing at about 6'4''. His hair, which tends to stand messily at various angles (due to his somewhat stereotypical teenage sense of hygiene), is the dark brown of coffee dregs (perhaps also due to his teenage sense of hygiene). He also has green eyes, though they are often obscured by his dirty eyeglasses. He is rather on the large side - although he is not out of shape, he does not often exercise for the sake of exercising. Still having been in high school before being recruited by the New Mutants, he tends to wear pants, sneakers, a t-shirt, and a somewhat ragged green canvas jacket. What clothing he does wear, however, tends to have a large number of pockets (too many, some would say), since as James puts it "You never know what you'll need. Besides, I'd probably lose all of this stuff otherwise"

Personality -James, to put it bluntly, is a geek. He is the sort to read textbooks for fun, and to watch "Jeopardy!" every night. His knowledge of the sciences does help him better understand his powers, but he has only a high school education, thus making his knowledge somewhat incomplete and faulty. James is actually somewhat of an extrovert, warming to others quickly, even if they do not warm to him. He is quite intelligent, but can be very childish (he is, for example, still afraid of the dark, secretly scared that nobody likes him, and although he is loath to admit it, is still a tiny bit afraid that the toilet monster will eat him when he flushes), and has a temper. He also tends to look for the best in people, and is fiercely loyal to those he believes to be his friends. He also has a somewhat irritating penchant for humor (especially puns), and will tend to repeat his jokes until someone either laughs of hits him.

History - James grew up in a well-to-do suburb in New Jersey, and although his parents tried their best, he was a brat of a child. As he grew into adolescence, he began to excel in school, and to begin mature emotionally (albeit slowly). Everything was going well for James, until his powers appeared, and then everything began going even better. His powers first surfaced, oddly enough, in his sleep. He was having a very nice dream (the details of which he refuses to this day to disclose), when he was suddenly awakened by the realization that his bed was gone, and that there was nothing holding him off the floor. He did not realize this immediately - it was only after he came crashing down that he was able to do so. James was, naturally, shocked to discover that his bed was gone. He was even more shocked to discover his bed, intact, in the hallway outside his room.

Such strange occurrences continued for several weeks before he was able to determine their cause - himself. By that point, he had destroyed several plates, a table, a microwave oven, and several feet of sausage (which were suddenly found several yards away on the railroad tracks as a train was coming through). Having discovered his strange abilities, James took the most logical course of action - he began to teach himself how to use them, since they were "cool".

He managed to gain no small amount of popularity in his town through his "parlor tricks", and might never have joined the New Mutants, were it not for a derailed passenger train. James was at the scene when the train skipped off the tracks, and he instinctively reacted. When James woke up the next day, he was in a hospital room. He was first told that he had caused the train to spontaneously jump back on to the tracks. He was next told that there was a large group of anti-mutant protesters outside of his hospital room. Very few of them were from his town, but fearing for the safety of himself, his family, and friends, and with an interest in being able to use his powers more, he ventured to the X-Mansion to seek guidance and tutelage.

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