Lisa Incarnadine Olson

Real Name – Lisa Olson (Maiden name: Nephrahim.)
Code Name - Incarnadine
Sex - Female
Age - 25
Mutations/Powers – Hemokenisis. Lisa continues to manipulate blood, and in truth her power has not much changed, simply refined more. Besides being able to lift much more with it, she has overcome the limitation of needing to see blood, now able to sense it without use of any other sense. This has obvious applications to combat, as she is now able to instantly stop bloods’ motion in a body, killing them, or even simply restricting it so they are unable to move. She can also project herself by jerking her own body around by the veins and artererys, but doing so is a great strain, so she only does so when unable to move on her own power. It’s also described as most who see at as “Very creepy, even for her” because of it making Nephy look a great deal like a doll.

After one two many close calls, her heart was given cybernetic modifications to aid in its pumping. It beats four times as fast as the average human heart, and twice as strong. Despite not needing too, Lisa still moves the blood along herself. Between the two, her super- oxygenated blood has boosted her physical merits to absurd levels. She’s a genius at almost all biological sciences and practices, and could probably do more, but has never found the time too. Capable of lifting 400 pounds without her powers, and capable of running at Olympic speeds for days without tiring.

Look - 6 feet and still overweight, the latter problem has become worse. Not at all because she’s fat, Lisa has grown very shapely as time went on. However, at this point she eats much more regularly then she used to, giving her a normal weight without her powers. All the extra food as gone straight to her curves, giving her a very appealing appearance, though she continues to dress relatively conservatively. Her hair is still dyed black, not because she cares that much but others still associate her Red hair with Alyssa and the time when she attacked her own team, and she already has enough negative imagery. Since releaseing direct control of her blood, her eyes have become permenetly red.

Personality – Outwardly, Nephy’s personality has not changed much. She is still very nice on first meetings, and sweet towards people. But inwardly it’s a very different story. She gave in to her urges a long time ago, and barely bothers to keep them in check. While she is very careful around a few people, mostly Joseph, others tend to steer clear for fear she’ll just suddenly attack, though she does make sure she never KILLS anyone, if it is any consolation.

History – Lisa was largely unaffected by the base being destroyed by nuclear explosion, but more worrisome was how she reacted to the reavers. Confused by demonic possession and sudden outbursts, she was forced to accept what she was. Despite her best efforts otherwise, which led her to isolate herself from the team, she never managed to control it. While others went their own ways to prepare themselves for something like this to be avoided, bossting their resolve or powers, Lisa largely retreated back into herself and went to brooding, thinking about what SHE could do. It was then she found managed to isolate how to sense blood mentally, though she did not even care at the time.

After the Onslaught incident, she was roped into the mainstream of heroics again. Not so much because she wanted to, but because all the others wanted to help. This was short-lived however, as on a routine mission with backup, she ended up torturing the entire team assigned to aid her, almost ending her carrier as a Super Hero. Joe was the one who pleaded to give her another chance, having gained a deal of favor from Nicolette and other important members of the coming new order. Lisa then began teaming up with Joseph on his missions, where they would leave the public and peruse isolated targets, reducing the chance of Nephy harming anyone. She did injure Joseph a few times, and some suspected, but he always insisted it had nothing to do with her, knowing her to be on Thin Ice already.

After a string of excellent missions, destroying entire enemy compounds without losing anything, Lisa has again become accepted into the mainstream mutants. Joe is responsible for her, which is the only thing at this point which stays her hand. Despite this, she still has a reputation, and almost everyone who did not know her from Gen-X or before regards her with a great deal of fear.

Lisa gladly accepted Joe’s marriage proposal after returning from a mission. They remain infatuated with each other. Lisa just recently learned that she is pregnant, and has told nobody but Joe. It’s still way too early to be showing.

Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood

Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather

The multitudinous seas incarnadine,

Making the green one red.

—Macbeth, II.ii

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